How To Win Friends And Influence People In 15 Ways

How To Win Friends And Influence People: 15 Ways To Win Friends And Influence People

how to win friends and influence people

Humans are said to be social beings, we always want to interact with other people and there can be several challenges along the way. It’s important to know what to do and what not to do to help build friendship and also to be able to influence people around us.

To stand out and influence people, your attitude, mindset as well as lifestyle has to capture the mind and heart of people. People in an attempt to influence people makes the mistake of doing things in the pattern that works for them.

In order to influence others, you have to have strategies on how to get through people and communicate your ideas and beliefs to them.In this article, we are going to give some practical steps on how to win friends and also influence people.

Rea below to know how to win friends and influence people in the digital age.

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The Don’ts when trying to win friends and influence people

  1. Don’t force your decisions on others: People love being heard than compelled to do anything. You cannot make people believe but suggestion works better than making demands. Allow them to make their choices from personal will.
  2. Don’t give negative criticism or condemn: Majority of psychologists agree that criticism doesn’t make people change their ways. Instead it makes the person angry and defensive.
  3. Don’t make people feel unimportant: People like to feel valued and respected. Don’t make people feel invisible, like their words and opinions don’t matter in a conversation or by your action towards them.
  4. Don’t blame others for your own mistake: When you make others take the fault for your own mistakes people will end up disliking you, creating enmity and an unhealthy relationship.
  5. Don’t speak rudely to others: Your attitude towards people determine the extent to which your relationship with them goes. Bad attitude keeps people away from you and unhealthy for any kind of relationship.

The Dos when trying to win friends and influence people

  1. Give positive Criticism: A constructive criticism highlights an area of something that is being overlooked or given little consideration. It could only be possible for people to see the negative aspects of something, thus it is important to emphasize the positive aspects.
  2. Give compliments as often as you can: There is considerable evidence that making others better whether through giving of compliments or showing appreciation, improves mood and helps for well being. Giving compliments doesn’t only help boost people confidence but also yours and make you find the good side of others.
  3. Remember people’s name: People hold their names dear because it’s their first identity. When you remember people’s name they feel valued, special and important. Even though remembering people’s name can be difficult because we meet different people each day but trying to keep track of people’s name makes them feel important.
  4. Own up to your mistakes: People becomes less defensive when you humble yourself and accept your fault. In personal and professional relationship depends on your taking responsibility for your actions especially accepting mistakes. Nothing can calm a argument like a sincere apology for ones fault.
  5. Listening to other people’s opinions and thoughts: When you listen to other people opinions and their point of view you are open to thoughts that don’t exist in your mind. You may not agree with what you hear but listening exposes your mind to new thoughts and perspective. When people know you are listening to them, it builds their confidence in you.
  6. Find a common ground: When you are in an argument with someone and unable to settle the problem, find a common ground where the both parties can agree on and ensure a peaceful and understanding agreement.
  7. Make people feel Important: People has an innate desire to feel valued, when people feel important it makes them feel connected and confident about the other person’s intentions. You can make people feel important by appreciating their efforts, caring for their opinions and thoughts. Ensuring that people around you feel important also make you achieve better opportunities and attain your goals together.
  8. Be Charming: When dealing with people charm is a key factor. Being sincere in your words. A charming person attracts people towards themselves and this enables you to get along with people. Being patient, confident and open minded makes others to feel confident around you. When you speak to people politely, positively and kindly people feel at ease around you.
  9. Be truly interested in other people: To be truly interested in other people, you start by remembering their names, ask questions that shows concern and encourages them to talk to you about their interests and likes. Through these conversations you can find a common ground of interest and help build a good foundation for a better relationship.
  10. Smile: Smiling can elevate your mood and also change the mood of others as well. Smiling triggers positive thoughts and helps you to relax. Smiling at others makes them feel comfortable and connected to you. Smile is contagious and when you smile at someone it’s hard for the person not to return that smile as well. Smile is seen as a universal language of showing Kindness.
  11. Be confident: When you are confident people feel more valued when communicating with you. Self confidence helps people to trust you and your ideas more easily. And when you are confident people tend to get positive energy that makes the trust your perspective and intentions.
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Friendship is not forced but it’s built over time through consistent communication. Some friendships starts with a simple “hello” but has influenced both lives in different ways. It often takes time and effort to grow healthy friendships. Having people around you helps you focus on goals and gives you the motivation you need to see through it.

Influencing people has to do with affecting people’s actions, decisions, opinions or thinking. When you can present an argument and you can appeal to their minds and opinion through the steps stated above in this article you can easily influence people.

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