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How to Write An Application Letter For A Job (With Samples)

How to Write An Application Letter For A Job With Samples. Explore The Practical Steps To Follow For Best Application Letter for Job Vacancy.

How to Write An Application Letter

A formal application letter for job explains your qualifications and indicates your interest in a position. Making a good impression is vital since it regularly serves as the first impression a prospective employer has of a job candidate.

In this article, we will discuss the key components for a successful application letter in Nigeria, including tips on how to tailor your letter to the position and organization. We are going to give you useful tips and steps for you to right an outstanding application letter and increasing your chance of landing a job appointment.

What is an Application Letter?

A formal letter known as an application letter or a cover letter is typically enclosed with a resume or curriculum vitae (CV). It is meant to indicate your interest in a position and provide more information about your qualifications. An application letter serves as your introduction to a prospective employer, appealing with them to review your resume and considering you for the position.

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Components Of A Simple Job Application Letter

An application letter typically consists of the following components:

  1. The header: All application letters consist of your contact details and date. As well as the company information.
  2. Salutation or greeting: The salutation appears on the first line following your contact information. Greet the recruitring officer with ” dear ma/ sir” depending on the gender of the recruiter.
  3. The title: This indicates the reason for writing and position you are writing for.
  4. The opening paragraph:

 This addresses two issues:

  • The job for which you are applying
  • Describe your professional background briefly

The reader should know the job opening you’re interested in as well as your professional abilities or achievements after reading this particular paragraph.

  1. Main body: The main body of 1 to 3 paragraphs make up the major body. The primary body of each paragraph focuses on a few of the following:
  • Achievements
  • Pertinent expertise
  • Soft skills
  • Hard skills

A large part of your application letter pays attention to this, by illustrating how your work experience matches with the job description. You will be able to prove that you are a strong candidate.

  1. Closing paragraph and signature: Your application should be summarized, a call to action should be made, and a formal closure should be used in the last paragraph, including a formal signature.

Things You Must Include in Your Cover or Application Letter

We are going to give a precise review of things that are essential to state when writing an application letter. They are:

Reasons for your interest in the job

Your cover letter should begin with a statement that informs the reader of the position you are looking for. This is frequently followed by a sentence that explains why you are interested in the position. For application letters, this step is essential when declaring the job opportunity you’re interested in and why you choose the job. This section explains why you decided to work for this particular company and what about the job opportunity most interests you.

Explain why you are the best candidate for the job

In few sentences a brief overview of why you’re the ideal candidate for the position. Give specific information about your background, qualifications, training, and education.

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A professional closing should be added in your application letter

In regards to your resume and any other documents you have included, thank the reader for reading your letter. Offer to supply more information if necessary. Say that you are looking forward to the following phases in the employment process and end with “Faithfully” as a conclusion.

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Why is An Application Letter Important When Applying for a Job?

An application letter is important for the following reasons, which includes:

  • A means of introduction to the employer: your application letter is standing as a means for the employer to know you, giving then am overview of your personality, professional background and experiences as well as qualifications which is useful for the position you are applying for.
  • It gives highlights to your credentials: An application letter is a means to show the employer that you are qualified for the position through highlights of your qualifications.
  • It shows efficiency in communication: A well written application letter can demonstrate your skillfulness in communication, which is a needed skill for most jobs.
  • It distinguishes you from other applicants: Through an application letter you can showcase your distinctive personality and qualities from other applicants who may have the same qualifications as you.

When You Should Write an Application Letter

Immediately you find the ideal job posting, put the relevant paperwork together and apply for the job right away.There are different types of employers. Some employers only choose potential applicants after the application deadline. Others choose a candidate as soon as they receive the necessary materials, like a CV and cover letter. Once you find a job that interests you write your application letter with your CV attached with it.

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How to Write An Application Letter

Writing a successful application letter in Nigeria, as in many other countries, requires careful attention to detail and a professional tone. Here are the practical steps you can follow to write an effective application letter:

1. Addressing the Letter:

  • Begin with your contact information at the top of the letter: your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Below your contact information, write the date.
  • Skip a line and then write the recipient’s name, their job title, the company’s name, and the company’s address.

2. Salutation:

  • If you know the recipient’s name, use “Dear Mr. [Last Name]” or “Dear Ms. [Last Name]”. If you don’t know the name, use a generic salutation like “To Whom It May Concern”.

3. Opening Paragraph:

  • Clearly state the purpose of your letter. Mention the specific position you are applying for and how you learned about the job opening.
  • If you were referred by someone, mention their name and your connection to them.

4. Body of the Letter:

  • In the next few paragraphs, elaborate on your qualifications. Highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements that are relevant to the job.
  • Mention why you are interested in the position and the company. Show that you have researched the company and explain how you can contribute to their goals.

5. Closing Paragraph:

  • Express your enthusiasm for the position and the company.
  • Mention that you have enclosed your resume or other documents if required.
  • Politely request an interview or meeting to discuss your application further.
  • Thank the recipient for considering your application.

6. Closing and Signature:

  • Use a professional closing such as “Sincerely” or “Yours faithfully”.
  • Skip a few lines and type your full name. Sign your name in the space above your typed name if you are sending a hard copy of the letter.

7. Proofreading:

  • Carefully proofread your letter for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Errors can make a negative impression on the employer.

8. Formatting:

  • Use a professional font and keep the formatting consistent.
  • Make sure the letter is well-organized and easy to read.

9. Enclosures:

  • If you are sending any documents with the application (like a resume or certificates), mention them in the letter.
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10. Follow-Up:

  • If you don’t hear back within a reasonable time, consider following up with a polite email or phone call to inquire about the status of your application.

A Sample of An Application Letter in Nigeria

                                                                       No 5 Avenue close,

First view estate, Lekki,


0ctober 18, 2023.

Human Resource Manager,

Ocean high Inc,

Meredith way Lekki,

Lagos state.


Dear sir/ma

An application letter for the position of [ the name of the post]

When a friend told me about the position for a customer service intern in your establishment, I was overjoyed. I got my degree in mass communication from the University of Lagos. I am thrilled about this role because I have a strong passion for providing excellent customer service.

As a Mass Communication graduate with honors and as a former student union public relations officer. I know how to interact and manage relationships with diverse personalities and attitudes.

Apart from my degree program, I underwent some certification programs and received training in public relations and customer care service techniques. I have just completed a three – weeks course on customer service where o learnt ethics on customer service, telephone service and email writing as well.

I have been able to learn the following skills from my education, trainings and experiences: excellent communication skills, People management skills, excellent listening skills and problem solving skills. I also have good knowledge on the use of computer such as MS word, excel, PowerPoint and other more. I believe my skill will make me efficient as an intern in your establishment.

I am confident that this organization will be an excellent place for me to expand my career and contribute to the success of the organization given the significant achievements your company has reached through the test of time.

I look forward to hear from you, where we may talk about my qualifications for the internship. Thanks for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Sign[if possible]

Your full name.

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Application Letter for Teaching Job

Below is a sample application letter for a teaching job. Please note that you should customize the letter to fit your own experiences, qualifications, and the specific teaching position you are applying for.

Your name

Your Address

City, State, ZIP Code

Your Email Address

Today’s Date

Principal’s Name

School’s Name

School’s Address

City, State, ZIP Code

Dear Principal’s Name,

I am writing to express my strong interest in the (specific teaching position) position at (School’s Name) as advertised on (where you found the job posting). With a Bachelor’s degree in [Your Degree] and (number of years) years of teaching experience, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to your school community.

In my previous role as a (Your Previous Job Title) at (Previous School’s Name), I developed and implemented engaging lesson plans tailored to diverse learning styles. My commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment led to measurable improvements in my students’ academic performance. I am experienced in integrating technology into the classroom, promoting interactive learning, and fostering a positive classroom atmosphere.

I am particularly drawn to (School’s Name) because of its reputation for academic excellence and its commitment to nurturing students both academically and personally. I am impressed by the school’s dedication to creating a stimulating and enriching environment that encourages students to reach their full potential. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills and enthusiasm to your esteemed institution.

Enclosed is my resume, which provides additional details about my professional background. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss how my qualifications align with the needs of [School’s Name]. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience and can be reached via email at (Your Email Address) or by phone at (Your Phone Number).

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of working with the dedicated team at (School’s Name) to continue fostering a love for learning in students.


Your Name.


Don’t forget to structure the letter according to your specific qualifications, experiences, and the details of the position you are applying for. Also, make sure to proofread the letter carefully before sending it to ensure there are no errors. I wish you all the best!


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