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Union Bank Transfer Code | How To Send Money Using Union Bank USSD Code

Union Bank Transfer Code | You can now send money to Union Bank and other banks easily with just a code, Here is How To Send Money Using Union Bank USSD Code.

Union Bank Transfer Code

Do you know that with Union Bank USSD Code, you can Open a Union Bank account, transfer funds, buy airtime for yourself, family & friends, pay your bills, pay for your flights and check your account balance all on your mobile phone.

Have you been looking for the Union Bank transfer code? there are lots of ways to transfer money from Union Bank to other banks or another Union Bank account, but the mobile uba transfer code is the fastest and easiest to use.

Union Bank Transfer Code

The Union Bank Transfer Code is *826#.

Union Bank opened this easy banking code *826# for all their customers to benefit without stress like Buying airtime, making cardless withdrawal transactions, sending money from Union Bank to other financial institutions, sending money to your account, checking your account balance, opening a new account, and paying bills.

If you want to access the Union Bank code, you need to first have an account with the bank. If you have a registered account with the bank, kindly dial this code *826# on your phone to enjoy Union Bank services.

In this post, I will show you how you can transfer money using the Union Bank USSD code to a union bank account and another bank account.

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Union Bank USSD Banking Codes

Transfer money to the account *826*1*Amount*Account No#
Transfer to other banks *826*2*Amount*Account no#
Check account balance *826*4#
Request for loan *826*41#
Buy airtime *826*Amount#
Buy airtime for others *826*Amount*3rd party mobile Number#
Purchase data *826*9#
Data capture after enrollment *826*3*account number#
To block an account on your phone number *826*6#
To block accounts on other person’s phone line *826*6*mobile number#
Pay merchant (mCash) *826*22*merchantcode*amount#
Request for ATM card *826*21#
Cardless withdrawal *826*7*amount#
Card management (Block or Unblock) *826*21#
Limit increase *826*8#
Locate Union direct agent *826*19#

About The Transfer Code

The Union Bank USSD Code is a financial transaction shortcode for a faster and easier flow of banking services. The Union Bank USSD Code is *826#. This code can be accessed from all your mobile networks such as MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile as long the phone number is used to open your account or connected to your Union bank account.

It is not a shortcode that will stop working after a period of time. It is available to use at any time. 24-hour service.

If you want to activate your Union bank, you must have an active phone number linked to your account, an active account, and an active credit and debit card. Here, are the possible ways to activate your account.

On the caller app, click the keypad to dial *826#. You will be requested to enter your account number into the space given. Then, Input your 6-digit debit/credit card. Enter your 4-digit transfer PIN to authorize the procedure.

Note: You will be charged for activating your Union bank account.

Complete the requirement needed to activate.

You have successfully activated your Union bank code on your mobile phone.

Function of The Union Bank Code (*826#)

Here are things you can do with Union Bank Code:

Request loan

Check account balance

Buy airtime

Purchase data

Transfer money to your account

Transfer money to other accounts

Checking BVN

How To Transfer Money Using The USSD Code

Kindly, dial *826*1*amount*account number#. Wait to follow the next instruction that is given

Verify, by entering your transfer PIN.

How To Transfer Money To Other Banks

  • On your phone, dial *826#
  • Menu of Banks: Choose from any of the banks listed

Access Bank

Fidelity Bank

Union Bank

First Bank.

  • Confirm the name of the receiver’s name to check whether the account number is correct and whether it is the right person to transfer the money to.
  • Enter your transfer pin.
  • Successful transfer.
  • A message will be sent to you that you have been debited. OR
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Dial *826*2*Amount*Account number# eg *826*2*5000*2234232311# then, enter your 4-digit pin.

How To Check Account Balance On Union Bank

See how you can check your account balance without going to the bank to verify it:

Kindly dial *826*4# then, enter your transfer pin. Your union bank account balance will display on the screen and also on your SMS message.

Note: You will be charged N 6.98 from your account

You can bank with Union Bank today to enjoy this amazing offer, by using the USSD code or transfer code. To make use of easy banking like recharging airtime and buying data, checking your account balance, and so on.

Union Bank Transfer Code – FAQs

Q3: What transactions can I perform using Union Bank transfer code?

A3: You can perform various transactions using Union Bank transfer code, including:

  • Money transfers to Union Bank accounts and other banks in Nigeria.
  • Airtime purchase for yourself and others.
  • Bill payments for services like electricity, cable TV, and internet subscriptions.
  • Balance inquiry to check your account balance.
  • Mini statement to view your recent transactions.
  • Cardless withdrawal for cash pickup at Union Bank ATMs without a physical debit card.

Q4: Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer using Union Bank transfer code?

A4: Yes, there are limits to the amount you can transfer using Union Bank code. These limits vary based on the type of transaction and the customer’s account status.

Q5: Is Union Bank transfer code available 24/7?

A5: Yes, Union Bank code is available 24/7, allowing you to perform transactions at any time, including weekends and holidays.

Q6: What do I do if I forget my Union Bank transfer PIN?

A6: If you forget your Union Bank transfer PIN, you can reset it by dialing *919#, selecting the appropriate option for PIN reset, and following the prompts. You may need to provide some security information to verify your identity before resetting the PIN.

Q7: Is there a charge for using Union Bank code?

A7: Yes, there are charges associated with some Union Bank code transactions. The fees vary depending on the type and amount of transaction.


Using Union Bank Code is fastest and easiest way to comfortably send money to friends, family, and even business partners, pay bills, buy airtime and data.

I hope this guide on how to transfer money from Union Bank to another bank or other banks and the code to transfer money from Union Bank to Union Bank was helpful to you, I believe you’ve known how to activate and use the Union Bank code for sending money.

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