100+ Current Affairs Questions And Answers 2023 (Up To Date)

100+ Current Affairs Questions And Answers 2023 (Up To Date). Get Updated On The Society With Current Affairs Questions In This Post.

Current Affairs Questions And Answers


100+ Current Affairs Questions And Answers 2023 (Up To Date): Are you looking for up to date current affairs questions? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the current affairs you should be familiar with. If you are interested in this, let’s get started!

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Current Affairs Questions And Answers 2023

1. Who Is The President If The Federal Republic Of Nigeria?

Answer: President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

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2. Who Is The Founder Of The First Political Party In Nigeria?

Answer: Herbert Macaulay

3. What Political Party Was The First Political Party In Nigeria?

Answer: Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP)

4. What Does The White Color In The Nigeria Flag Represent?

Answer: Peace

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5. How Many Geopolitical Zones Is Nigeria Divided Into?

Answer: Six (6) geopolitical zones

6. What Is The Capital Of Lagos?

Answer: Ikeja

7. What Is The Capital Of Nigeria?

Answer: Abuja

8. How Many States Are In Nigeria?

Answer: 36 states

9. What name Is Given To The Men’s Senior Football Team Of Nigeria?

Answer: Super eagles

10. Who Gave Nigeria Its Name?

Answer: Flora Shaw

11. What Year Did Nigeria Gain Independence?

Answer: 1960

12. What Year Did Nigeria Become A Republic?

Answer: 1963

13. Who Designed The Nigerian Flag?

Answer: Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi

14. Who Is The First Man To Buy A Car In Nigeria?

Answer: Bob Jensen

15. What State Was Crude Oil First Discovered in Nigeria?

Answer: Bayelsa state

16. Which University Is The First In Nigeria?

Answer: University of Ibadan

17. How Many Local Governments Do We Have In Nigeria?

Answer: 774

18. Who Was The First President Of Nigeria?

Answer: Nnamdi Azikiwe

19. Who Was The First Prime Minister In Nigeria?

Answer: Abubakar Tafawa Balewa

20. What Is The Deepest Ocean In The World?

Answer: The Pacific Ocean is the deepest in the world

21. What Is The Name Of Current INEC Chairman?

Answer: Mahmood Yakubu

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22. What Country Hosted The 2022 World Cup?

Answer: Qatar

23. Who Was The First Woman To Become A Pilot In Nigeria?

Answer: Mrs Chinyere Onyemucheya

24. What Does The Eagle In The Nigeria Coat Of Arm Represent?

Answer: Strength

25. When Was the Local Government Reform In Nigeria?

Answer: 1976

26. When Is Nigeria’s Democracy Day?

Answer: June 12th

27. What the Most Populous Country In The World?

Answer: China

28. What Is The Second Largest Continent In The World?

Answer: Africa

29. How Many Continents Do We Have In The World?

Answer: Seven

30. What Continent Is The Same Name As A Country?

Answer: Australia

31. What African Country Was The First To Declare Independence?

Answer: Liberia

32. Who Was The First Arch Bishop In Africa?

Answer: Benson Andrew Idahosa

33. Who Was The First Inspector General Of Police In Nigeria?

Answer: Mr C. W. Duncan

34. What Is The Tallest Mountain In Africa?

Answer: Kilimanjaro

35. Who Was The Founder Of The Nigerian Council?

Answer: Fredrick Lord Lugard

36. What Is The World’s Smallest Continent?

Answer: Australia

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37. Who Was The First Senate President In Nigeria?

Answer: Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

38. Who Was The First Colonial Governor General In Nigeria?

Answer: Fredrick Lord Lugard

39. When Did Nigeria Start Using Paper Money?

Answer: 1918

40. What State Has The Most Local Government In Nigeria?

Answer: Kano

41. What Is The Biggest City In Nigeria?

Answer: Ibadan

42. What is The Most Populated City In Nigeria?

Answer: Lagos

43. What Year Was Facebook Launched?

Answer: 2004

44. Who was Nigeria’s Longest Serving Senate President?

Answer: David Mark

45. Which State Has The Least Number Of Local Governments In Nigeria?

Answer:  Abuja

46. Who Was The First Female Brigadier In Nigeria?

Answer: Ronke Kale

47. How Many Days Does The Earth Need To Rotate Once?

Answer: 365 years

48. When was The First Refinery Built In Nigeria?

Answer: 1965

49. Who was The First Military Ruler In Nigeria?

Answer: General Yakubu Gowon

50. Who Is The King Of Afro Beat?

Answer: Fela Anikulapo Kuti

51. When Did United Nations Organization Begin?

Answer: 1945

52. When Was The Central Bank of Nigeria Established?

Answer: 1958

53. Who was The First Sultan Of Sokoto?

Answer: Shehu Usman Danfodio

54. When Was The Nigerian Airforce Founded?

Answer: 1964

55. Who Was The Last Governor Of Nigeria Before Independence?

Answer: Sir, James Robertson

56. When was The First World War?

Answer: 1914- 1919

57. What Is The Second World Most Populous Country?

Answer: India

58. What Did The Civil War In Nigeria Break Out?

Answer: 1967

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59. What Is The Nigeria Police Force Motto?

Answer: Police is your friend

60. When Was the Second World War?

Answer: 1939- 1945

61. What Is The Nigerian Man’s average Life Expectancy?

Answer: 52 years

62. What Country Colonized Nigeria?

Answer: Great Britain

63. What Is The Official Language of Nigeria?

Answer: English Language

64. Who Was The First Secretary General Of UN?

Answer: Tryg Velie

65. How Many Senate Districts Are There In The 36 States?

Answer: Three

66. Who Was The First Member Of The House Of Representatives?

Answer: Sir Fredric Metcalfe

67. What Is The Tallest Mountain In the World?

Answer: Mount Everest

68. Who Was The First President Of The United States Of America?

Answer: George Washington

69. Where Is The Kanji Dam?

Answer: Niger state

70. How Many States Make Up The Six Geo Political Zones?

Answer: Six states

71. Who Was The First Female Chairman Of NAFDAC?

Answer: Prof. Dora Akunyili

72. Who Was The First To Invent The Light Bulb?

Answer: Thoma Edison

73. Who Was The First To Explore The African Continent?

Answer: Prince Henry

74. Who Was The First To Invent The Automobile?

Answer: Karl Benz

75. What Is The Coldest Planet?

Answer: Neptune

76. What Is The Highest Court Of Law In Nigeria?

Answer: Supreme court

77. Who Is The First Female Professor In Nigeria?

Answer: Elfrida Adeho

78. When Did GSM Get To Nigeria?

Answer: 2001

79. Who Was The First Vice President In Nigeria?

Answer: Alex Ekwueme

80. How Many Days Does It Take Mars To Turn Once?

Answer: 687 days

81. What Is The Official Currency Of Nigeria?

Answer: Naira and kobo

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82. Who Is The Fastest man In The World?

Answer: Usain Bolt

83. What Is The Most Common Natural Resource In The World?

Answer: Petroleum

84. When Was The First Coup In Nigeria?

Answer: 1966

85. Who Was the First Millionaire In Nigeria?

Answer: Candido Da Rocha

86. What Does Lagos Mean?

Answer: Lakes

87. What Is Lagos Motto?

Answer: Lagos state

88. Who Is The First Oba Of Lagos?

Answer: Prince Ado

89. What Is The Full Meaning Of UBE?

Answer: Universal Basic Education

90. How Many Tribes are In Abuja?

Answer: nine

91. What Is The Largest City In Nigeria?

Answer: Lagos

92. Who Established UBE?

Answer: President Olusegun Obasanjo

93. Which LGA Is The Largest In Nigeria?

Answer: Toro

94. Where Is Awori From?

Answer: Lagos state

95. Where Is Kanji Dam?

Answer: Niger state

96. Who Created The Nigerian Council?

Answer: Fredrick Lugard

97. What Is The Smallest Continent In Nigeria?

Answer: Australia

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98. What Is The Full Meaning Of UNO?

Answer: United Nations organizations

99. How Many Countries Are In ECOWAS?

Answer: 16

100. What System Of Government Is Political Power Inherited?

Answer: Monarchy

101. How Many States Was Created In May 1967?

Answer: 12 states

102. Who Was The First Woman To Become A Governor In Nigeria?

Answer: Mrs Virginia Etiaba.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Old Is Nigeria Now?

Nigeria will be 63 years by 1st October 2023.

2. Who Named Nigeria?

Flora Shaw

3. What Was Nigeria’s Original Name?

The northern and southern protectorate.

4. Who Was The First Woman To Own Car In Nigeria?

Madam Efunroye Tinubu

5. What Is The Motto Of Nigeria?

Unity and faith, peace and progress.

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