MIS Web Login – UG Portal | University of Ghana – Legon

MIS Web is an online academic portal for students of the University of Ghana. The University of Ghana MIS Web is a self Help iEnabler where prospective,continuous students, and alumni login with their credentials,reset forget Pin, Change Pin,Reset Pin,and Retrieved Forgotten Student Number.

MIS Web Portal

You can Access the UG MIS Web and login with your Student Number and PIN here as a students of the University of Ghana – Legon. Besides, apply for UG admission, register for courses, change personal information, get academic and other information and make payments. Also, Login UG Sakai Portal to submit your assignment.

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University of Ghana – UG Legon MIS Web Portal

The UG MIS Web is a Self Help iEnabler Portal where both students and alumni login with their credentials, Reset forget Pin, Change Pin, Request Pin, and retrieved Forgotten Student Number.

MIS Web Login

UG MIS Web Login

  1. Visit UG website: ug.edu.gh
  2. Navigate to the top right corner and tap on Student
  3. Select MIS Web
  4. Login here MIS Web Portal – Self Help iEnabler
  5. Click on the appropriate radio button to choose your status (Personnel or Student)
  6. Provide your personal or Student number and PIN
  7. Tap on the login button
  8. Tap on Forgotten Pin button and your PIN will be sent to your UG assigned email address. (My first time login)
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How to Change MIS Web Page Password

For your first-time login attempt you will be directed to another screen, here temporary password will be sent to your official UG assigned email address.

  1. Enter the temporary password to complete the next steps
  2. Retrieve your temporary password from your email.
  3. Enter it in the Temporary Password field.
  4. Create and input your new password which should be a combination of uppercase letters, lower case letters, special characters, and numbers. The chosen password must be at least eight (8) characters long and should be different from any previous passwords you have used for the MIS Web
  5. Click on the login in button to log into your MIS Web home screen
  6. This completes your first-time login for the new MIS Web

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MIS Web Login Portal Features

features such as:

  1. Student Information Management: This module handles student records, registration, attendance, academic performance, and other related data.
  2. Course and Curriculum Management: This section allows administrators and faculty to manage courses, curricula, and related information.
  3. Enrollment and Registration: It facilitates the process of enrolling students into courses and managing their schedules.
  4. Faculty Information: This module deals with faculty profiles, teaching assignments, and other faculty-related data.
  5. Academic Performance and Grading: It tracks and manages students’ grades, GPA, and academic progress.
  6. Financial Aid and Fee Management: This section handles student financial aid, fee payments, and related financial matters.
  7. Reporting and Analytics: The system may offer reporting and analytics tools to help administrators and faculty gain insights into various aspects of the university’s operations.
  8. Communication and Notifications: MIS Web applications may include features for internal communication, student alerts, and important notifications.
  9. Library and Resource Management: It may have functionality to manage the university’s library resources and availability.
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I hope you found this article helpful? This is all the information regarding MIS Web Login – UG Portal | University of Ghana – Legon, If you have any question, feel free to comment using the comment box below or contact the university via their contact details.

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