Oliver Shane Hawkins Age, Net Worth, My Hero, Mom, Instagram

Oliver Shane Hawkins Age, Net Worth, My Hero, Mom, Instagram. Get Everything You Need To Know About Taylor Hawkins Son. 

Oliver Shane Hawkins

Oliver Shane Hawkins Age, Net Worth, My Hero, Mom, Instagram: Have you ever wondered who Oliver Shane is? Do you know that the talented drummer is the son of the former foo fighter drummer? Sounds interesting right? In this article, you are going to get reliable and valid information on Oliver Shane Hawkins as well other interesting things you might want to know about the young drummer!

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Oliver Shane Hawkins Profile

Full Name Oliver Shane Hawkins
Age 17 years (2023)
Date of birth 4th August 2006
Occupation Drummer
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Father Taylor Hawkins
Mother Alison Hawkins
Zodiac sign Leo

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Oliver Shane Hawkins Biography

Oliver Shane Hawkins was born on 4th August 2006 in the United States of America. He is the son of the popular Taylor Hawkins who was a drummer for Foo Fighters before he died. Oliver Shane Hawkins also happens to be a drummer that walked in his father’s footsteps. Reports have it that he began playing the drums when he was just about 10 years old. Presently, Oliver is member of The Alive which is a band.

However, we do not have any information about any of Oliver Shane’s educational background. This is because he does not seem to bring any of that information to the public. He became very famous for his talent in the musical industry. Oliver Shane is very promising in the musical industry and a lot of his fans are expecting a lot from him in the nearest future.

After Oliver Shane performed at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert, he was nominated for the Drumeo drum performance of the year award. His outstanding performance during his father’s tribute concert gave him a standing ovation of the crowd that were present.

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Oliver Shane Hawkins Net Worth

Oliver Shane is quite young and it is believed that is why he has not made any information about what he earns or how much he is worth. However, it is rumored that Oliver Shane Hawkins has a net worth of $1 million. According to our source, Oliver Shane Hawkins makes most of his money from the musical industry and drumming. As Oliver gets deeply rooted in the world of music, his net worth would keep increasing and we are on the look out for that period.

Oliver Shane Hawkins Father

Oliver Shane Hawkins Father

We have already mentioned that Oliver Shane Hawkins is the son of the legendary drummer who was a member of foo fighters. This band happens to be an award-winning band and has reportedly won 12 grammy awards. With the band, Taylor Hawkins released beautiful music that shook the world.

Taylor Hawkins got married to Oliver’s mother in 2005 and they stayed together until the day he took his last breath. Taylor Hawkins life was cut short on 25th march 2022. It is reported that Taylor Hawkins has suffered chest pain and was already dead before medical attention got to his reach.

However, the real cause of Taylor Hawkins death was not disclosed to the public but it was stated that he died from extreme exhaustion.

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Oliver Shane Hawkins Mom

Oliver Shane Hawkins Mom

Olive Shane Hawkins Mom’s name is Alison Hawkins. Oliver seems to be very close to his mother being the first son of the family. He was raised by both parents in love. Currently Alison Hawkins is an entrepreneur who does not really like public life.

Oliver Shane Hawkins Family

We have already mentioned in the earlier part of this article that Oliver Shane Hawkins is the son of Taylor Hawkins while his mother is Alison Hawkins. Oliver Shane Hawkins is not the only child, he has two younger sisters who are Annabelle Hawkins and Eveleigh Hawkins

Oliver Shane Hawkins My Hero

Oliver Shane Hawkins attracted so many fans in 2022 when he performed with foo fighters for “the hero” for Taylor Hawkins tribute concert. According to people, it was a very emotional one and he got a standing ovation. Since that time up on till now, people have always wanted to find out more about Oliver Shane Hawkins.

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Oliver Shane Hawkins Instagram

Oliver Shane Hawkins Instagram handle is @oliver_hawkins

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Oliver Shane Hawkins Have Any Nomination And Award?

Yes, the young and promising drummer has bagged a number of notable nominations and awards. Some of the awards are: Drumeo Drum performance of the year award (2022), Rolling stone’s best music moments of 2022, NME’s best music moments (2022), Consequence of sound’s best music moments (2022), Pitchfork’s best music moments (2022).

2. What Inspires Oliver Shane Hawkins?

Oliver is deeply inspired by his father; he claims he wants to be like his father and he is also walking towards that part as his career in music has begun. We hope to see more of Oliver Shane Hawkins as time goes on.

3. Does Oliver Shane Hawkins Have A Girlfriend?

No, Oliver Shane Hawkins does not have a girlfriend yet, he is not yet up to the legal age of going into a romantic relationship. For now, he is deeply rooted in his passion for music. We would keep you updated on this platform if he begins a romantic relationship in the future.

4. How Old Is Oliver Shane Hawkins?

Oliver Shane Hawkins is currently 17 years old (2023).

5. Is Oliver Shane Hawkins A Good Drummer?

Yes, Oliver Shane Hawkins is a very talented drummer that is walking in his father’s footsteps.


We have examined everything that concerns Oliver Shane Hawkins that seems to e disclosed to the public. We hope to see more of him in the coming years. What do you thin about Oliver Shane Hawkins? Do you think he would continue in the footsteps of his father? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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