Best Places To Go On A Date In Lagos

Discover The Most Beautiful Places To Take The One You Love On A Date In Lagos. 

Places To Go On A Date In Lagos

Places To Go On A Date In Lagos: Looking for a nice and decent place to take your lovely partner to? You are in the right place because in this article we will give a run down of the best places to go on a date in Lagos. If you find your self reading this article is means you are putting efforts to spice up your relationship and there’s nothing wrong with that.

As a person looking to go on a date, you would want a place that within what your bank account can handle most importantly. The good news is Lagos is filled with so many locations you can can have lots of fun for incase you have a tight budget or you’re trying to impress someone you like so much, or moreover, a business date.

To some people the only ideal place to go to for a date is a restaurant, but in this article we will open your eye more to other options along sides restaurant too. Keep reading this article as we will discuss the best places to go on a date in Lagos.

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Best Places To Go On A Date In Lagos

There are numerous places to go on a date in Lagos, keep on reading as we discuss on a few of them.

1. Bheerhugz Café

Looking for a romantic settings for your date? Beerhugz Café has got you covered with that. It’s it located in Ikeja City Mall, ICM. Music and sports lovers cherish this spot a lot as lots of activities for different minded people are done here. Bheerhugz is known for their wide variety of drinks and their red hugz menu – chicken, fish and goat red hugz, The ‘Pork chops’ is a favorite. Consider this location for your next dates location and you won’t ever regret this choice.

2. Cactus Restaurant

Another topping place to go on a date is the Cactus Restaurant, it is a great choice for both daytime or evening dates as it offers a cozy atmosphere and delicious menu with a wide range of continental dishes and ice cream flavours. The Cactus Restaurant is located at 20/24 Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos. They have their Opening Hours at: 7:30 p.m – 10 p.m Sunday to Thursday, 7:30 p.m – 10:30 p.m Friday to Saturday. Cactus Restaurant is a date spot that is definitely worth considering in Lagos.

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3. The Place

The Place is another of the best places you can take your date to, It is located on the island in Lekki phase 1. It has varieties of food, drinks and refreshments with a calm tempo music that suits the mood for you on your perfect date. If you’re looking for a place you can get more closure a have a feeling of being alone with your date, the place is the perfect place for you.

4. IMAX Cinemas

Cinemas is also another perfect location for a date and the IMAX Cinemas is that one cinema that is perfect for you. It is located at Bisola Durosimi Etti Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. With a cinema like IMAX film house, you can enjoy hyper-realistic movie screenings in 3D, 4D, and IMAX format to ensure proper and maximum movie-watching experience. At the IMAX Film house Cinemas, you can book a private movie screening which comes with popcorn, snacks, wines etc.

5. Kalakuta Museum

The Kalakuta Museum is another top notch place for experiencing a fun date. It was opened in October 2012 in what used to be Fela’s house, located at 7, Gbemisola St, Allen 100281, Ikeja. If you or your date is fascinated by historical store is and moments, this is a perfect place to settle for a perfect date. It is  a replica of what the great Legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s life and home was like, used to mark Fela’s birthday yearly which makes it a really cool place to hangout with your date  and take nice pictures.

The Museum filled with his albums, musical instruments, furniture, shoes, clothes and so many things he used in his days which have remained untouched till this day.

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6. The Good Beach

The Good Beach is another top place to pick for your dates. It is a romantic spot with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, the sound of waves crashing, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the feeling of sand between your toes create a relaxing and romantic ambiance. The Good Beach is located at Plot 10B, Water Corporation Road, Trinity Avenue, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos and opened 24/7.

7. XOVAR Lounge 4

The XOVAR Lounge 4 is one beautiful location for dates located in Lekki. It has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, foods, drinks and refreshments. It is safe to say that  nobody can hate the impeccable service this lounge offers its customers, with its architectural piece perfectly crafted to suit customers of all class. Do not miss out this experience in your dating experiences.

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8. Jazzhole

The last discussed top place to go to get a great date experience is the Jaxzzhole, it has a breathtaking cafe’s collection of vintage books, music record and art. Jazzhole is located off Awolowo way in Ikoyi, if you are a lover of art, books and good music, it is a perfect place to go for a date as it is quiet and calm for the reserved mind.

Other Nice Places To Go On A Date In Lagos

We can’t discuss all the best places in Lagos to go out and have a lovely Date in Lagos so here are some other un-discussed locations in Lagos to have a fun filled date:

  • Taruwa
  • Apapa Amuzement Park
  • Ember Creek
  • R CAFÉ
  • Yellow Chilli Restaurant and Bar
  • ZEN Garden
  • La Mango Restaurant And Bar
  • Melting Moments
  • Barcelos
  • Domino’s Pizza

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Can I Do For A First Date?

There are so many ideas for a first date, choose from the following;

  • Have a coffee date at a bookstore.
  • Pick something from a farm.
  • Engage in friendly competition.
  • Go to an arcade.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Opt for a hike.

2. Can We Kiss On First Date?

A kiss on a first date is always considered magical. It is a sign that everything went great and that there’s chemistry between you. It’s natural if you’re wondering whether you’re going to lock lips after the date, but the thought should not overwhelm you or make you anxious.

3. How Long Should A First Date Last?

On average, a first date should last a little less than three hours, and it takes respondents about four dates to feel comfortable with that person. Though it could be less in some cases.

4. How Do You Know If A Date Went Well?

If you want to look critically at a first date and figure out if it went well, try looking at these five signs.

  • You Hug Or Kiss At The End Of The Night.
  • Your Conversation Flows.
  • He Wants To Know More About You.
  • You Have The Same Values

5. Who Should Text First After First Kiss?

Old dating norms said the man should always lead. But today’s empowered women can make the first move if they want to. If the connection feels right, text him first after your first kiss


In this article, we have talked about the best places to go on a date in Lagos, these locations will give you maximum worth of your money spent so book a place om your next date.

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