10 Best Resorts In Lagos Nigeria

Need A Resort In Lagos? Find Out the Best Resorts You Can Visit In Lagos With Your Loved Ones. 

Resorts In Lagos

Resorts In Lagos: Do you need a place for a perfect getaway? You’re in the right place as we will be discussing 10 best resorts in Lagos Nigeria for you ranging from action-packed adventure or luxurious comfort, we have made a list for you that you can use to choose your next location in Lagos for a date, causal hangout, self-treat and other reasons.

10 Best Resorts In Lagos Nigeria

Here are the 10 best resorts in Lagos in no particular order;

1. La Manga Luxury Beach Villas

The first on our list in the La Manga Luxury beach villa located on the picturesque Ilashe Island Lagos. This center being close by to the Atlantic Ocean is a retreat that tourists from near and far are drawn to as it leaves you with an unforgettable experience. This centre has really cool features including four beautifully furnished bedrooms, each adorned with sliding doors leading to private balconies, guests can enjoy uninterrupted views of the good surroundings views, Jacuzzi, massage room and a private lounge. In addition, the villa provides a fully equipped kitchen as guests can cook their favorite meals. If you are in search of having one of the best times in a resort, you should definitely try the La manga Luxury Beach Villa.

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2. Whispering Palms

Another resort on the list is the Whispering Palms located in Badagary, Lagos state. This is a must see resort location in Lagos which gives visitors and tourist an excellent experience especially with their attractive features like a mini zoo, on-site hotel accommodations, featuring standard rooms, spacious lounges, and a refreshing swimming pool. If you are looking to relax and have a fun filled day, take put time to visit the Whispering Palms resort.

3. Kamp Ikare Luxury Beach Resort

Another resort considered as one of the best 10 in Lagos is Kamp Ikare Luxury Beach Resort Located in the tranquil town of Ikare in Lagos state. Whether you are in search of an abundance of fun and memorable activities or a couple seeking a romantic escape, or individuals in search of relaxation amidst serene surroundings, the Kamp Ikare Luxury Beach Resort is one of the top choices for you. The resort offers a beach house which has a six duplex cabin in which reservations are to be made early due to limited accommodation, they also offer thrilling activities such as skiing and boat rides and a kitchen to ensure guests are well fed.

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4. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

This is another of the 10 best resorts in Lagos which is found along the Lekki/Epe expressway. This resort is no doubt one of the top spots in Africa known for its natural aesthetics. In this resort, there are various activities you can engage in such as hiking, hunting, horse riding, water sports, beach volleyball & football await guests. Luxurious accommodations, spa treatments, massage therapy, a fully equipped gym, and a 27-hole golf course. If you need a perfect getaway from work or stress, this center should be top on your list.

5. Epe Resort and Spa

Another resort we consider as one of the best in Lagos is Epe Resort and Spa Situated on Itoikin Road in Epe, Lagos. This center is best known for offering top notch service and solace to those that are weary or need an escape. They also offer captivating and exquisite cuisine of both international and local dishes. The Epe Resort and Spa offers facilities such as swimming sessions, spacious rooms, excellent spa experiences and a range of outdoor and indoor games  and many more. If you need a luxurious and perfect escape you should try this resort out.

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6. Atican Beach Resort

This is an resort that counts as top 10 in Lagos. The resort is located in lekki, Lagos and it stands out among the many resorts, in this resort one thing that is sure is you will have an unforgettable stay and experience as they offer a perfect blend of natural and modern amenities. There are series of activities you can partake in including thrilling water games and beach volleyball, a barbecue grill, nightclub, bar, Asun spot and resort’s restaurant that offers both local and international cuisines. This resort provides guests with accommodation featuring well furnished rooms, daily newspaper delivery. Do you want to have a good time by yourself or with company? This is one if the spots that should be considered.

7. Lighthouse Beach House

Another resort considered as the top 10 resort centers is the Lighthouse Beach House which is about a 10-minute boat ride away from Victoria Island, Lagos. In this resort, you have access to a unique beach house, a pool, sundeck and cabanas. If you want to have access to the beach, the beachfront is a mere 5-minute walk from the hotel. If you looking for a vacation or an escape, the Lighthouse Beach House is one of the places you should try our.

8. Jara Beach Resort

This resort is located  in the charming locale of Museyo, Eleko – Lagos, and can boast as one of the best resort in Lagos. You can get a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and also an array of activities that meets your needs including thrilling outdoor water sports to delightful indoor entertainment as it is equipped its facilities that must catch the eye and lodges. Whether you are  out on a family vacation or a self treat or couples retreat, this resort center is one o try out.

9. Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure

Located along Snake Island, off the Lagos coast, is the Inagbe Grand Resort and leisure which gives a delightful fusion of high aesthetics views, nature and culture. There are various activities for guests of all ages including boat rides, soothing spa treatments, thrilling water sports and beach soccer, gym, horse rides, jungle tours and many others. This resort offers accommodation ranging from single rooms to a six bedroom villa th are fully furnished to provide high comfort. You can also satisfy your cravings at the resort restaurant with different served dishes.

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10. White Deck Beach Resort

The last best resort we will be discussing is the White Deck Beach Resort located at 4 white deck close, off okun Ajah road. This resort is perfect for families and individuals who need an escape or special retreat. At this resort, you can engage in various activities including water sports and other adventurous games/sport. They also offer fully furnished rooms for individual, couples and family, this Beach Resort provides a well-rounded and memorable vacation for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Is The Finest Beach In Lagos?

These places are best for beaches in Lagos:

Tarkwa Bay Beach, Elegushi Beach, Oniru Private Beach, Landmark Beach, Redline Leisure Beach Resorts Ajah and others.

2. Which Beach Is The Biggest In Lagos?

Meia Praia, also called Praia de São Roque, is the largest beach in Lagos. Technically speaking, Praia de São Roque is separated from Meia Praia by a long-absent stream.

3. Can I Sleep On The Beach Overnight?

It’s not a good idea to spend the night at the beach in a sleeping bag. It can be risky due to potential weather conditions, dangerous wildlife, and other safety hazards. Plus, many beaches have camping regulations that you should be aware of before planning to camp there.

4. What Is The Best Part Of Lagos To Stay In?

The main areas to look for accommodation in Lagos are; Lagos Old Town, Lagos Marina, Dona Ana Beach Area, and Porto de Mos Beach Area. The beautiful Ponta Piedade is a nice walk from Lagos town. Lagos Old Town -very central, everything within walking distance.

5. Which Beach Is Best To Relax In Lagos?

La Campagne Tropicana can take the title of the best beach in Lagos Nigeria. This Beach Resort is not just one of the best beaches in Lagos, but in the whole African continent as well. It spans up to 60 acres on the Atlantic Ocean coast and is surrounded by coconut trees bordered by a lagoon and mangrove forest.


In this article, we have discussed the 10 best resort centers in Lagos. Looking for a perfect getaway from work and stress? pick from this list and have one of the most amazing times of your life.

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