What’s My Name? “My Name Is” Or “My Names Are” Which Is Correct? Answered

The Way You Present Yourself When Delivering A Speech is Important. Find Out The Right Way to Answer when You Are Asked What’s Your Name. 

What’s My Name

What’s My Name: Are you looking for information about the correct answer to “what is your name”? then you have come to the right place for this information. In this article, you are going to find out what exactly to answer when asked your name. If this is the information you are looking for, I would advise that you keep reading this article!

Most times, it is very difficult to answer when asked “what is your name”. Is it correct to say “My name is” or “My names are”? it gets worse when you are in an official setting and you need to speak or write. The answer to this question is in this article, Let’s find out together!

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What Does Name Mean

Name is a word or set of words which a person or thing is known to reffered to. Generally, every human being has their own unique names. When you are asked “What’s my name” what do you answer? Let’s find out!

“My Name Is” Or “My Names Are” Which Is Correct?

English can be very confusing especially the fact that the general rule is a singular noun and a singular verb match in a sentence, the same goes for a plural noun and a plural verb. This is the actually confusion in this statement. When you are addressing a group of people and you need to say your names (More than one name), do you use the singular form of the phrase or the plural form?

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Most people use these two phrases interchangeably. However, the correct way to answer the question “What is your name”? is using “My name is” whether you have more than one name or not. The reason you need to use the singular form is because you are talking about your own name (singular) and not any one else’s name.

The only way the plural form would have been correct is if you have more than one different name (as in different personalities attached to different names) which is not possible. Therefore, the phrase “My name is” is the correct phrase to use when you are asked for your name or when addressing the public.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Your Full Names?

Your full names refer to your first name, middle names (if any) as well as your surname.

2. What Is The Plural Form Of Name?

The plural form of name is names

3. Is It Right To Say What Are Your Names?

It is correct to say “what is your name?” if you are talking to a single person. However, if you are referring to a group of people, you can say “What are your names?”.

4. How Do You Address Someone With Their Full Name?

You can use titles such as “Mr and Mrs”. However, if you are not sure of their gender, you can use “Dear” as in “Dear Olive… ”.

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5. What Are The Three Rules Of Apostrophe?

Generally, apostrophes are used to show possession, to show omission of letters as well as to form plural of letter, numbers and symbols.


In this article, we have been able to establish that no matter how long your name may be, it is very wrong to say “My names are”. If you have been doing that, now you have learnt the right way to answer. If you have any question concerning this topic, please let us know in the comment section down below.

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