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Abuja Postal Code [900001] | Complete List Of Abuja Zip Code

Abuja Postal Code 900001, Complete List Of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Zip Code. This is the correct Abuja Postal Code with other areas in Abuja. The information is accurate and comprehensive.

Abuja Postal Code

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What Is Abuja Postal Code?

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, has postal codes that are used to facilitate the efficient delivery of mail and packages within the city. Postal codes are alphanumeric codes assigned to specific geographical areas, helping to identify and sort mail during the mailing process.

In Abuja, the postal code system follows a six-digit format, represented as “900001.” The first digit represents the region, while the remaining five digits provide more specific information about the particular area within that region.

Complete full list of Abuja postal code, the correct list of Federal Capital Territory zip code with the details of the postal code. This list shows the code for each area in Abuja.

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Abuja Postal Code 900001, Garki Postal head office

For the exact postal code that applies for each area in Abuja, kindly scroll down.

The postal code is made up of 6 numbers which is for the regions (9 regions), dispatch district and the delivery.
Please note that in Nigeria, Postal code applies for Zip code and Postcode

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Area: Asokoro Postal Code – 900231

Area: Central Business District Postal Code – 900211

Area: Garki Area 2 Postal Code – 900242

Area: Garki Area 3 Postal Code – 900243

Area: Garki Area 7 Postal Code – 900244

Area: Garki Area 8 Postal Code – 900245

Area: Garki Area 10 Postal Code – 900246

Area: Garki Area 11 Postal Code – 900247

Area: GWARINPA Postal Code – 900108

Area: Maitama Postal Code – 900271

Area: KARU POSTAL CODE – 900110

Area: NYANYA Postal Code – 900103

Area: Three Arms Zone Postal Code – 900221

Area: Wuse Zone 1 Postal Code – 900281

Area: Wuse Zone 2 Postal Code – 900281

Area: Wuse Zone 3 Postal Code – 900281

Area: Wuse Zone 4 Postal Code – 900281

Area: Wuse Zone 5 Postal Code – 900285

Area: Wuse Zone 6 Postal Code – 900286

Area: Wuse Zone 7 Postal Code – 900287

Area: Wuse II Postal Code – 900288

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Abuja Postal Code Detailed Explanation

Here’s a breakdown of how the Abuja postal codes are structured:

  • The first digit: This digit corresponds to one of the nine administrative regions in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Each region is assigned a specific number, ranging from 9 to 9. For example, the Garki region has a postal code starting with 9, while Wuse uses a postal code starting with 9 as well.
  • The remaining five digits: These digits further narrow down the location within the region. They can represent specific areas, streets, or even individual buildings. However, it’s important to note that not every location within a region will have a unique postal code. Sometimes, a postal code may be shared by multiple areas or streets within the same region.

To give you an example, the postal code for the Central Business District (CBD) in Abuja is typically represented as “900001.” The first digit, 9, indicates that it falls within the Garki region, which is the administrative region for the CBD. The following five digits provide more specific details about the area within the CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Abuja Postal Code

1. What is FCT Abuja postal code?

FCT Abuja Postal Codes is 900211 to 900288 and Facility code is 900001 – 900002. The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Abuja does not have a single postal code that covers the entire region. Instead, different areas within the FCT have their own specific postal codes as listed above in this article. Each area within Abuja has its own postal code based on the regional and local divisions.

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2. What is the postal code for Kaura district Abuja?

Kaura Postal Codes is 801117 to 801157. This local government area is located in Kaduna State, North West Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria. Just bear in mind that the postal code for Kaura district in Abuja can vary depending on the specific location within the district.

3. What is my postal code in Nigeria?

To determine your specific postal code in Nigeria, you would need to provide your complete address, including the state, town or city, and the area or street where you reside. Postal codes are assigned based on specific locations, so without those details, it’s not possible to provide an accurate postal code.

4. What is the postal code for Gwarinpa Abuja?

The postal code for Gwarinpa in Abuja typically starts with “900108.” However, it’s important to note that Gwarinpa is a large district with several sectors and streets. Different areas within Gwarinpa may have additional digits to further specify the location.

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Postal codes play a crucial role in facilitating the efficient delivery of mail and packages within Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. Abuja follows a six-digit postal code format, with the first digit indicating the administrative region and the remaining digits providing more specific information about the area. Feel free to drop your comment using the comment box down below.

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