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Lagos Postal Code – Lagos Zip Code Town Area (Complete List)

Lagos Postal Code – Lagos Zip Code Town Area (Complete List). You are here because you asked; what is lagos postal code? Below is the full list of correct Lagos Postal Code (L.G.A & Town Areas)

Lagos Postal Code

Lagos Postal Code: Lagos is a major city and the economic hub of Nigeria, located in the southwestern part of the country. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and is known for its vibrant culture, bustling markets, and lively nightlife. Lagos is situated on the Atlantic coast, making it an important port city for international trade.

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Full List of Lagos Postal Code (L.G.A And Town Areas)

Agege L.G. A. Postal Code / Zip Codes

  • Agege: 100283
  • Oko Oba Agege: 100284
  • Ifako Agege: 100215

Ajeromi Ifelodun LGA

  • District: Ajeromi 102103
  • Alimosho, Lagos: 100275

Amuwo Odofin L.G.A.

  • District: Amuwo odofin 102102
  • District: Trade fair complex 102101

Badargry Town

  • District: Badagry 103101
  • Area: Ajara Agamathem Vetho/ Ibereko 103211
  • Area: Asago Sango 103241
  • Area: Ascon 103242
  • Area: Bereks/ Surulere 103251
  • Area: Seme Badagry 103261

Epe L.G.A Postal Code / Zip Codes

  • District: Agbowa 106104
  • District: Ejinrin 106102
  • District: Epe 106101
  • District: Erodo 106103

Eti Osa L.G A Postal Code Zip Codes 101233

Ibeju L.G.A Postal Code / Zip Codes

  • District: Ibeju 105101

Ikeja L.G A Postal code / Zip Codes 100001

Ikorodu L.G.A Postal code / Zip Codes

  • District: Ikorodu rural 104101
  • District: Irepodun 104102

Kosofe L.G A Postal code / Zip Codes 105102

Ojo L.G.A. 

  • District: Ajangbadi Ikemba house 102107
  • District: Alaba 102115
  • District: Iba town new site 102112
  • District: Igbede 102109
  • District: Ilemba Awori 102108
  • District: Ilogbo 102110
  • District: Ira 102114
  • District: Ojo 102101
  • District: Okokomaiko ppl Cassidy 102105
  • District: Olojo 102113
  • District: Shibiri Ekune 102111
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Oshodi Isolo LGA

  • All street and district under Oshodi-Isolo local government Shomolu has 101224 has their postal, zip top

Lagos Postal Code / Zip Code is 100001, Ikeja Postal Code head office

Full list of Ikeja Postal Code: Ikeja Postal Code | Complete List Of Lagos Ikeja Postal Code

Lagos State Town Area Postal Codes

Below is the list of Lagos postal codes, differentiated in an area, arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Area: Abarenji 100269
  • Area: Abule Egba 100276
  • Area: Abule Ijesha 100213
  • Area: Abule Okuta 100223
  • Area: Adeniran Ogunsanya 101211
  • Area: Agbelekale 100324
  • Area: Agege 100283
  • Area: Akesan 100268
  • Area: Ajao Estate 100263
  • Area: Ajegunle Boundry 102211
  • Area: Alagbado 100314
  • Area: Alapere Ketu 100244
  • Area: Allen 100281
  • Area: Alimosho 100275
  • Area: Anthony 100232
  • Area: Balogun 100267
  • Area: Broad St. 100221
  • Area: Bungalow Estate 100264
  • Area: C2 Sari Iganmu Orile North 102232
  • Area: Ebute Meta West 101211
  • Area: Egan 100268
  • Area: Egbe 100265
  • Area: Dolphin Estate 101222
  • Area: Dopemu 100273
  • Area: Epe Tedo 101224
  • Area: Fadeyi 100252
  • Area: Festac Community II 102312
  • Area: Festac Community III 102313
  • Area: Festac Community IV 102314
  • Area: Idumota 101227
  • Area: Idumu 100276
  • Area: Ifako Agege 100215
  • Area: Igando 100267
  • Area: Ijedodo 100269
  • Area: Ijeshatedo 101282
  • Area: Isale Eko 101226
  • Area: Isheri Ofin 100214
  • Area: Isheri Oke 100214
  • Area: Isheri Osun 100266
  • Area: Isolo 100263
  • Area: Iju Isaga 100216
  • Area: Ikotun 100265
  • Area: Ikosi 100246
  • Area: Ikoyi 101233
  • Area: Itire 100281
  • Area: Ketu 100243
  • Area: Kirikiri Industrial 102272
  • Area: Lafiaji 101223
  • Area: Lawanson 100254
  • Area: Makoko Extension 101244
  • Area: Marina 100221
  • Area: Maryland 100211
  • Area: Magodo 100248
  • Area: Mende 100211
  • Area: Murtala Muhammed Airport 100272
  • Area: Mushin 100253
  • Area: Obalende 101232
  • Area: Ogudu 100242
  • Area: Ojokoro 100313
  • Area: Oko Oba Agege 100284
  • Area: Olute/ Navy Town 102341
  • Area: Onikan 101231
  • Area: Olowogbowo 101227
  • Area: Opebi 100281
  • Area: Oregun 100212
  • Area: Oremeji Ifako 100241
  • Area: Orile Igamu 101271
  • Area: Oworosoki L and K 100222
  • Area: Ogba Aguda 100218
  • Area: Ojodu 100213
  • Area: Olodi Apapa 102241
  • Area: Onike 100213
  • Area: Onipanu 100252
  • Area: Oshodi 100261
  • Area: Oya Estate 100274
  • Area: Satelite Town 102361
  • Area: Shogunle 100261
  • Area: Shomolu Central 100231
  • Area: Suberu Oje 100351
  • Area: Surulere Central 101283
  • Area: Victoria Island 101241
  • Area: Yaba/ Ebute Meta East 101212

Some Interesting Features And Facts About Lagos State

Here are some key features and facts about Lagos:

  1. Population: Lagos is one of the most populous cities in Africa, with an estimated population of over 14 million people as of early 2022. The greater Lagos metropolitan area, which includes surrounding cities and suburbs, has a population of over 21 million.
  2. Economy: Lagos has a diverse and rapidly growing economy. It is a major financial center in Africa, home to the Nigerian Stock Exchange and numerous local and international banks. The city is known for its thriving industries in banking, finance, telecommunications, media, entertainment, and real estate.
  3. Transportation: Lagos faces significant traffic congestion due to its growing population and limited infrastructure. The city is served by a network of roads, bridges, and expressways. Public transportation includes buses, minivans (known as “danfos“), and ferries. The Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos is the busiest airport in Nigeria.
  4. Attractions: Lagos offers a wide range of attractions and landmarks for visitors. Some popular places to explore include the National Museum of Nigeria, Lekki Conservation Centre, Nike Art Gallery, Tafawa Balewa Square, and Freedom Park. The city is also known for its beautiful beaches like Tarkwa Bay and Elegushi Beach.
  5. Culture and Entertainment: Lagos has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. It is home to Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, which produces a large number of movies each year. The city also hosts various cultural festivals, music concerts, and events. Nightlife in Lagos is lively, with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants offering diverse cuisines.
  6. Challenges: Lagos faces some challenges due to its rapid growth, including inadequate infrastructure, traffic congestion, and a large informal sector. The city is working on various urban development projects to address these issues and improve the quality of life for its residents.
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Lagos Postal Code

1. what is lagos postal code?

Lagos Postal Codes is 100001 to 112005

2. lagos postal code for ikeja

For full list of lagos postal code for ikeja, check here

3. lagos postal code for lekki

lagos postal code for lekki is 105102.

4. What is the postal code for Lagos, Nigeria?

Lagos, Nigeria, does not have a single postal code. Instead, it is divided into different areas, and each area has its own postal code. The postal codes in Lagos usually consist of six digits, which help in the proper sorting and delivery of mail within the city.

5. Are there any common postal codes for specific areas in Lagos?

Yes, there are some common postal codes for specific areas in Lagos. For example, the postal code for the Lagos Island area is usually 101001, while the postal code for Victoria Island is typically 101241.

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