Top 10 Best NYSC Camp And Their Address 2024

Are You Prospective Corp Member? Find Out The Best States For Your NYSC Orientation Program Across The Country. 

Best NYSC Camp

Best NYSC Camp: Are you looking for to serve your country? Would you like to know the best NYSC Camps you can go and have a thrilling experience of the NYSC Scheme? You are in the right place as this article is focused on the top 10 best Best NYSC Camps and their Addresses.

The NYSC program was created for young citizens of Nigeria to serve their country and at the same time have an opportunity to explore the country as most times you would be posted to an unknown state to you. Once you have completed your undergraduate degree either in a Polytechnic or University and still under the age of thirty five, you are eligible to register for the NYSC program. This scheme also fosters unity amongst the country people by encouraging Corps members deployed across the nation to value and embrace Nigeria’s diversity, customs and traditions of their host communities.

Some see this as a one-time opportunity to explore the country, some others do not see it this way, so we have compiled this list so you can know some of the orientation camps that are best options for you. Keep reading this article as we discuss the top 10 best NYSC Camp And Their Addresses.

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Top 10 Best NYSC Camp

The following are the top 10 best NYSC camp arranged in no particular order;

1. Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Permanent Orientation Camp

Abuja is one of the best States for prospective corpers, due to the fact it is the Capital of Nigeria having excellent roads, power, and security, and it offers its corps members numerous career options in NGOs, ministries, private enterprises, and many more. The camps are spacious that over 20 people can comfortably stay in a room together, the buildings are clean also and for sure you can trust the security too. Though it is one of the pricey places to live but prospective corpers dream about serving in this state as it is peaceful surroundings and great infrastructure. It is easy to make a new network of people as the social life here is top notch.

Address: Kubwa, Bwari Area Council, FCT, Abuja.

2. Ogun State Permanent Orientation Camp

Another state to consider as one of the best NYSC camp is in Ogun state. This state is popularly known for the industrialization andbits economy growth. It is easy to adapt in this state as its cost of living is quite low which gives prospective corpers chance to save some money. The buildings, environment and rooms are clean with capability to house over 40 corpers. Most corpers that serve here decide to settle down in this state as it has numerous job opportunities and features various lovely houses at low rates, amazingly cheap meals, fair transportation fares, and strict security.

Address: Ikenne Road, Sagamu LGA, Sagamu, Ogun State

3. Lagos State Permanent Orientation Camp

Lagos state is another of the best NYSC Camps as it is the country’s biggest commercial centre, people rush towards this state for opportunities as it has a high amount of firms and industries and most likely pay enough. The camp centre is always kept in a clean condition, it’s rooms can house about 32 members with about 15 plus bunks per room. Serving in Lagos helps you move faster and smarter as it is too populated with people of different backgrounds. Though cost of living in Lagos is on the high side, prospective corpers still prefer to serve in this state because of the opportunities filled in the state, in Lagos you can literally do anything and make some money out of it.

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Address: Iyana Ipaja, Agege, Lagos State.

4. Osun State Permanent Orientation Camp

Another NYSC camp considered as one of the best is that of Osun State. Osun State is well-known for its rich cultural legacy as well as its tourism attractions. If you are the fun having type, Osun State is a very good option you should consider as you have access to a swimming pool, sometimes halls organise camp parties and corpers pay to use the pool. In Osun State camp, the rooms can accommodate over 20 corpers comfortably. Serving in this state, you have an opportunity to learn its culture and enjoy the low cost of living also.

Address: Aisu College Hospital Road, Ede North Local Government Area, Ede, Osun State

5. Rivers State Permanent Orientation Camp

Rivers state is another State considered as one of the top NYSC camps. The State is known popularly for its vast oil deposits and busy port cities. Prospective corpers look forward to serving here because of broad cultural experience and opportunity to explore the magnificent natural appearance as there are also job opportunities in the oil and gas industry. The cost of living in this state depends on the area you find yourself as it is not consistent in all LGAs. The NYSC camp can accommodate over 25 corpers and you can be sure of your safety too as the security guards keep an eye out for you and full time operational clinic centre. Another thing to enjoy while camping here is the high social spirit of the people living here making it easy for corpers to adapt and not feel left out.

Address: Nonwa-Gbam Tai LGA in Rivers State

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6. Akwa Ibom Permanent Orientation Camp

Another best place to camp during NYSC is Akwa Ibom which is known as one of the richest States in Nigeria and one of the oil producing States. As a corper in this state, you will learn a lot including the culture of Akwa Ibom. This is a state with low cost of living and minimal crime rate which makes it one of the best place to camp as a corper. The camp has large rooms with also running water in the bathrooms,  trustworthy security and other authorities that make sure everything is in perfect order. This state has a high demand for teachers which makes it a good place for corpers especially those who studied education courses in school to find a teaching position. On camp, there are open areas for sports and other socializing activities. Akwa Ibom is a lovely place to serve as a corper as they have top notch foods and peaceful environment.

Address: Ikot Itie Udung, Nsit Atai LGA, Akwa Ibom State

7. Cross River State Permanent Orientation Camp

Cross River is another top best NYSC Camp as they have good roads and security, serving here, you enjoy some of Nigeria’s native food and learn the efik culture. The State is also well known for its rich culture, kind people and beautiful environment, as they have one of the largest festivals called The Calabar Festival. The camp features well spaced rooms and environment and tight security to ensure your safety during your camp stay. The State has opportunity especially for those who studied nautical or transportation-related courses.

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Address: Obubra, Obubra LGA Cross River.

8. Plateau State Permanent Orientation Camp

Another top camp site is that of Plateau State. Plateau State has a relatively low cost of living, you can get food at a really low price. The camp has top facilities such as fully tiled rooms, large rooms that can occupy over 35 corpers at once comfortably, working speakers and fans. After three weeks of camping, you can visit some of the historical and recreational sites in the state, like the  Panyam fish farm in Mangu LGA, the Ampidong crater lake, and the Kerang volcanic rock.

Address: Mangu, Plateau State’s Mangu Local Government Area.

9. Niger State Permanent Orientation Camp

Niger state is another place you can get the best NYSC camp,  as the Kanji Dam provides excellent water and electrical supplies all day long. You can enjoy power supplies during social meetings. The camp has large rooms and a clean environment, soldiers that ensure the safety of corpers, clinic centre and other equipment in good working condition. Corpers host a little get-together in their various rooms and also sometimes outside.

Address: Paiko, Niger State.

10. Anambra State Permanent Orientation Camp

Lastly, Anambra is another State that is considered as one of the best NYSC Camps. The camp features large building of over 120 rooms with each room housing over 20 corpers comfortably, bathrooms, security guards and much more. In this state you get to enjoy some of Nigeria’s Igbo native foods and learn some of the Igbo culture and much more while at your service.

Address: Mbaukwu/Umuawulu, Awka South LGA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best NYSC Camp In Nigeria?

Federal Capital Territory Orientation Camp

It does not come as a surprise that Abuja has the best NYSC camp in Nigeria. The buildings at the Federal Capital Territory Orientation Camp are massive and in great condition, plus the camp is secured by a trustworthy security team.

2. What Is The Best Group To Join In NYSC Camp?

Some of the best groups to join in NYSC Camp

  • Red Cross/Man O’ War.
  • Drama and Cultural Troupe.
  • Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED)
  • Editorial and Press.
  • Medical and Sanitation CDS Group.

3. Can Someone Visit You In NYSC Camp?

You cannot receive visitors in the camp except on Saturdays, Sundays and public Holidays.

4. Which State Pays The Highest NYSC Allowance?

From our research, we’ve discovered that Oyo State is the highest paying state in Nigeria, they pay ₦15,000 monthly to corpers serving in public establishments, minus the usual #33,000 paid by Federal government. Closing following Oyo state in terms of paying corpers extra allowances is Anambra State.

5. What To Do If Your PPA Rejects You?

If your PPA rejects you, NYSC through your LI or ZI would give you another posting letter to a different PPA. To reduce the chances of rejection, it is important you go to firms that require the services of a corp member. Corp members are given one-week intervals to report to their PPA.


In this article, we have discussed the top 10 best NYSC Camps alongside with their Addresses for readers, especially prospective corpers. Note that the list was not created in another particular order of arrangement. Not like other NYSC camp sites are not good enough but from reviews, these listed states have the top best reviews.

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