10 Best Supermarkets In Lagos And Their Location

Check Out The Best Supermarkets In Lagos With Quality And Affordable Products As Well As Their Location. 

Best Supermarkets In Lagos

Best Supermarkets In Lagos: There are tons of supermarkets around Lagos that allows you buy regular grocery items, house hold items and others. However, some stand out in giving you the absolute best in terms of varieties, location, customer service, availability of products and so on.

Do you wish to know the best supermarkets available in Lagos? Then you have come to the right place for this information. The aim of this article is to give you the best experience while shopping for quality products in the heart of Lagos. Without wasting your time, let’s get right into it.

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Best Supermarkets In Lagos And Their Location

1. Shoprite

At the top of our list, we have shoprite. This is absolutely the best supermarket you can find in Lagos and Nigeria at large. It would interest you to know that Shoprite has almost three thousand (3,000) branches across Africa. It is a South African company that sells almost everything you need to buy as a consumer. There are several branches of shoprite in Lagos.

2. Enel Supermarket Solutions

Next on our list, we have Enel supermarket solutions. This supermarket is a subsidiary of Enel group which deals with trade, infrastructure and corporate services. They have a variety of consumer items that you need for your home. Enel supermarket is located at Isolo, Lagos state.

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3. Prince Ebeano Supermarket

If you are a resident of Lagos, you must have heard of the famous prince Ebeano supermarket. This list would be incomplete without mentioning Ebeano supermarket as one of the best in Lagos. There are about five branches of Prince Ebeano supermarket in Lagos and Abuja respectively. If you live on the Island, you can get Prince Ebeano supermarket at number 10 chevron drive in Lekki, Lagos.

4. Spar Supermarket

Spar supermarket is also one of the best supermarkets we have in Lagos. There are about eight branches of spar supermarket in Lagos state and they sell all kinds of consumer items ranging from food stuff to household items and more. One thing I love about this supermarket is the customer relationship.

5. Market Square

The fifth best supermarket on our list is market square. This is a chain supermarket that can be found across the country. If you are looking for where to get fresh grocery items, this is definitely the supermarket you should be shopping in. You can also get electronics for your office and house at a very reasonable price. In Lagos, this supermarket is located at Ago palace.

6. Addas Mall

Next on our list, we have Addas mall. If you are familiar with Ikeja, Lagos, you will know that this is one of the biggest supermarkets that you can find there. In this supermarket, it is very easy to find goods as they are properly lined up. You can also get everything you have bought delivered to your house easily. This supermarket is located at Agidinbi, Ikeja Lagos.

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7. Game Stores

Game stores also made it to the list of the best supermarkets in Lagos. This is a very popular chain supermarket with branches in many parts of the country. You can get the best gadgets and other items in this supermarket and it is located on the Island in Lagos with two stores.

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8. Foodco

Next up, we have foodco. It is also a chain supermarket that has branches all over Western Nigeria. This supermarket is best for grocery and other food and house hold items. This supermarket can be found in Lekki Pennisula, Lagos.

9. CCD Super Stores

Ninth on our list, we have CCD super stores. If you are looking for an affordable super market, then this is the one for you. If you are Lagos, considering the high rate of living, it is advisable to shop at CCB super stores.

10. Twins Faja

Lastly, we have Twins Faja supermarket. This supermarket is concerned with selling everything you need in your home. Ranging from food items, clothes, shoes and so on. There are several branches of Twins Faja super market across Lagos but it can be found within Ikotun axis, Lagos state.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Largest Supermarket In Nigeria?

The largest retail supermarket in Nigeria presently is Shoprite.

2. Is Spar Bigger Than Shoprite?

No, shoprite is a more bigger retail supermarket than Spar. However, these two supermarkets sell quality and affordable products.

3. What Is The Full Name Of Shoprite?

Shoprite Holdings Limited.


Many people look for where to shop in Lagos for quality and affordable products. Although, there are many great supermarkets around Lagos, the supermarkets on our list absolutely stands out and is worth a try. Have you shopped in any of these listed supermarkets? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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