How Much Is Fair And White Cream In Nigeria? Side Effect (Picture Of Original)

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Fair And White Cream

Fair And White Cream: Do you want to know more about the fair and white cream in Nigeria? If you are a lady in the skincare business, this article is here to help your cream choices as we will be discussing the most used creams for skin care, the Fair and White so white cream. In this article we will be talking on the price of the Fair and white so white cream, the side effects, the types and others.

Before choosing a cream for your face or body, it is important you know these information attached to it to make the best choice for your skin. Keep reading this article to see this information.

Fair And White Cream

The fair and white cream is a known for its clearing and evening skin tone capability. This product is made to improve the skin appearance and texture and helps customers get a vibrant and even skin tone. It also a good moisturizing cream which protects skin from harmful elements plus its beauty benefits. The fast popularity of this cream has led to the manufacture of a lot of Fakes which is why it is important to know how to identify an original product before purchasing.

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Side Effect Of Fair And White Cream

There are read reports that skin-lightening products like the Fair and White cream can cause a very serious side effect on your body. It is said that the ointments can cause horrible acne and also give you a less tough skin, meaning it can easily be bruised at the slightest touch.

Price Of Fair And White Cream

You can get the Fair and white cream from various online stores like jumia and also at physical supermarkets in your area for the price of N12,000 only.

Types Of Fair And White Cream Skincare

The Fair and White cream comes in various types including the following;

  • Fair and White Original Glutathion
  • Fair and White Exclusive Whitenizer
  • Fair and White Exclusive Vitamin C
  • Fair and White Gold Ultimate
  • Fair and White So White
  • Fair and White So Carrot
  • Fair and White Miss White

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Other Fair And White Products

  • Brightening Lotion. All Skin Type.
  • Brightening Serum. All Skin Type.
  • Skin Perfector Cream. All Skin Type.
  • Skin Perfector Gel. All Skin Type.
  • Skin Brightening Soap. All Skin Type.

How To Tell Original Fair And White Cream

The following are easy steps to use to tell the original Fair and White Cream:

  • Check the Packaging and Label of the Fair and White Cream
  • Check the Content of the Fair and White Cream
  • Check the Ingredients
  • Check the Batch Number
  • Look for a Manufacture Date
  • Test the Cream

Picture Of Original Fair And A White Cream And Soap

Original Fair And A White Cream

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can A Dark Person Use Fair And White Cream?

Fair and White Paris offer a range of skincare products including exfoliating soap, body lotion, serum gel, lightening, lightening, and whitening cream. specially designed for dark skin. The Fair and White Cream is enriched with very effective ingredients.

2. Does Fair And White Bleach?

No, fair and white cream doesn’t bleach the skin. So white doesn’t contain any bleaching ingredients.

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3. What Happens If We Stop Using Whitening Cream?

For my part, I tried several times to stop depigmenting my skin because I knew very well that these lightening products were destroying my skin. However, I didn’t know that each time I stopped, my skin would go through a transition phase. My complexion would darken and hyperpigmentation spots would appear.

4. Can Fair And White Make Me Darker?

Some whitening creams can cause irritation or inflammation of the skin, which can lead to darkening or discoloration. Sun sensitivity: Some whitening creams can make the skin more sensitive to the sun, which can lead to darkening or discoloration if the skin is exposed to UV rays.

5. Which Lightening Cream Is Safe to Use?

Doctors often recommend skin-lightening products containing active ingredients like vitamin C, retinoids, hydroquinone, tranexamic acid, and kojic acid. Patients should use caution when using skin-lightening products that contain certain ingredients, such as mercury.


In this article we have discussed on the Fair and White so white cream, its side effect, types and others. Before you use this product make sure you have seen the side effect and ensure to get the original to get the full benefit of the cream safeguarding your skin’s health as you achieve your desired complexion.

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