Best Cream For Fairness And Glowing Skin In Nigeria

Select The Best Cream To Give You A Natural Fair And Glowing Skin From Our List. 

Best Cream For Fairness And Glowing Skin

Best Cream For Fairness And Glowing Skin: Looking for some of the best creams for a fair and glowing skin in Nigeria? Look no further as in this article we will be talking on the best creams for Fairness and glowing skin in Nigeria. Maintaining a fair skin in Nigeria could be tough due to to its high effect of the sunny weather and other factors which is why most of the beauty and moisturizing creams are made.

When purchasing a cream as a fair skin person, there is a whole lot to fear in order not buy a fake product or some that contains chemicals harmful to your skin. Keep reading this article to see the top 10 best creams for fair skin in Nigeria.

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Best Creams For Fairness In Nigeria

In this article we will talk about the top 10 best creams for Fairness and glowing skin as they as follows;

1. Ambi Fade Cream

This 4 star rated cream is one of the best creams for Fairness and glowing skin in Nigeria. Its qualities are targeted you customers with uneven skin tone and acne scars and it its made to blend the skins with the dark spot to give an even tone. You can purpose this cream in so many online stores and physical stores at a price range of N4000-5500.

2. Nivea Even And Radiant Body Lotion For Fair Skin

One of the best nivea cream for light skin in Nigeria is The Nivea Even and Radiant Body Lotion. Nivea even and radiant body lotion contains ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter which gives the skin the nourishment and maintain skin tone. This cream is recommended for all types of skin from oily, dry or normal skin. The skin absorbs this lotion rapidly due to its ultra-lightweight, allowing the skin to feel silky with a glow and gives the skin a shield from the sun. Its is currently sold at ₦4,815 at different stores both online and physical.

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3. Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Milk

Another cream on our list of top best creams for light skin in Nigeria is the Palmer’s. This popular cream works as a correcting lotion for areas of the skin that suffers sun burn and other skin imperfections. You can purchase this great cream at big supermarkets or online stores too like Jumia or Konga so as to avoid purchasing a fake.

4. Nivea Natural Fairness

This is one of the most popular Nivea cream in the country, the brand has one of the best creams in the country due to its availability and affordability as it helps maintain your skin complexion. You would enjoy this cream more especially if you’re the type with a natural oily skin. You can get this purchase the cream for about N2000 at various physical stores and online stores.

5. Nivea Perfect And Radiant Lotion For Fair Skin

The Nivea Perfect and radiant lotion,  currently sold at ₦4,500 is one of the best creams for fairness and glowing skin in Nigeria. It contains important ingredients such as; Liquorice & Berry Extracts, UVA & UVB filters, Glycerin And Vitamin E. Liquorice & Berry Extracts helps facilitate even toned skin by acting on the melanin producing enzyme, tyrosinase which reduces or inhibits overall skin pigmentation. The UVA & UVB FILTERS actively protect your skin from hyperpigmentation.

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6. Fair and White Gold Revitalizing Lotion

The fair and elite gold Revitalizing Lotion body cream is one of the most popular creams for fair skin in Nigeria. The cream gives good moisturizing sense to the skin and even the skin complexion. You can purchase the cream nation wide from a price range of N5000 to N7000 at different physical and online stores now.

7. Nivea  Radiant Beauty Even Glow Lotion For Fair Skin

Another of the best cream for Fairness and glowing skin in Nigeria is the Nivea Radiant Beauty Even Glow for fair skin which is sold for ₦3,850. The cream contains Turmeric, 95% Pure Vitamin C and Pearl Extract which helps maintain a clear and fair complexion, and to reduce the appearance of dark marks.

This cream is known to help combat skin-damaging free radicals with its antioxidant properties. The formula helps smooth and even out areas that require extra special care, including elbows, knees and knuckles. Your skin is in good hands with nivea radiant beauty even glow lotion as it cares for your skin and helps repair and reduce dark spots (dark spots due to pigmentation).

8. Carrot Glow Intense Toning Cream

This is another popular and one of the best creams for Fairness and glowing skin in Nigeria, it is made specifically to enhance skin tone and texture. The Carrot Glow Intense Toning Cream has a 5 star rating on Amazon. You can purchase this cream for about N17000 online via either Amazon, Jumia, Jiji and BargainMasterNg or from most physical beauty stores in Nigeria. It is important to buy from a well renowned retailer to avoid purchasing a fake product.

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9. Bismid Snow White Cream

This is a Nigerian made cream from a Nigerian company, Bismid. The Bismid Snow white Cream is also considered as one of the best creams for fairness and glowing skin in Nigeria. To get the price you can contact the Bismid Website and to purchase also, you can also purchase from other stores both online and physical.

10. Nivea Naturally Glow Body Lotion

Another top nivea cream In Nigeria and one of th3 best for Fairness and glowing skin is the Nivea Naturally Glow Body Lotion which is sold at NGN7,500. Just like the name, this nivea cream gives the skin the appearance of a natural shine while also moisturizing and nourishing. It is enhanced with Ginkgo biloba and  UV filters, which is known to assist in enhancing the complexion and texture of the skin, and shield the epidermis from harmful radiation respectively. If your trying to achieve a nice skin glow and maintain your skin tone, this cream is for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Simple Tips To Attain A Bright, Even Complexion?

Some simple tips to Attain A fair and even complexion are;

  • Eat Nutritious Food.
  • Drink Plenty Of Water.
  • Use Sunscreen.
  • Sleep Well.
  • Routine Cleansing Detox.
  • Nourishing Night Creams.
  • Relaxing Oil Massage.

2. How To Know Your Skin Type?

If your skin appears shiny throughout, you likely have oily skin. If it feels tight and is flaky or scaly, you likely have dry skin. If the shine is only in your T-zone, you probably have combination skin. If your skin feels hydrated and comfortable, but not oily, you likely have normal skin.

3. Which Oil Is The Best For Glowing Skin?

If you have dry skin, look for oils that are rich in fatty acids and antioxidants such as argan oil, rosehip oil, or marula oil. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, look for lightweight oils that won’t clog pores such as jojoba oil or grapeseed oil.

4. How Do I Know A Bleaching Cream?

Bleaching products usually include common names that tell you what to expect. These include white or whitening, light or lightening, bright or brightening and some of them will even directly tell you that this is a bleaching cream.

5. What Is The Difference Between Lightening Cream And Whitening Cream?

Skin Lightening creams reduce discoloration and make skin even tone. whitening creams are more about restoring vibrancy to the skin and are chemically bleaching our skin beyond its natural skin tone.


In this article we have discussed the best creams for Fairness and glowing skin in Nigeria. After reading this article, you will options that would suit your skin type, do well to purchase from renowned stores to avoid the purchase of a fake product.

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