Hardest Math Problems Ever: Top 10 Toughest

Math Is One Of The Most Important Courses In The World. Find Out What The Hardest Math Problems Might Be. 

Hardest Math Problems

Hardest Math Problems: Are you searching for the hardest math problems ever? Then you have come to the right place for this information. In this article, I am going to show you some very tough mathematical problems that would leave you speechless. These topics are very complicated and tricky, I would advise you pay proper attention to the details of this article as we move on.

Many people find Mathematics interesting while others find it quite difficult and challenging to understand. Whether mathematics is interesting or difficult to you, there are still some very difficult and tough math problems that you most likely would not be able to solve. If you think you are a very good mathematician and you can solve these problems, then keep reading this article to find more about them.

Hardest Math Problems Ever

Here are some of the most difficult math problems in the world:

1. The Poincarè Conjecture

One of the hardest math problems to ever exist is the Poincarè conjecture. This problem was invented in 1904 by Henri Poincarè. This problem is basically on the topology of three-dimensional spaces. A space volume with three dimensions which are length, breadth and height is a three-dimensional space.

According to the inventor, a three sphere or the collection of points in four dimensions that are all at a fixed distance from a given point, is topological identical to every simply connected, closed, three-dimensional space. This problem took more than 100 years to get the conjecture thoroughly.

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2. The Prime Number Theorem

Next on our list is the prime number theorem. This problem deals with how prime numbers asymptotically distribute among positive integers. It also indicates how fast prime numbers become less common just as numbers get bigger. This problem has been proved by two mathematics who are Jacques Hadamard and Charles Jean de la Vallèe Poussin in 1896.

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3. Fermat’s Last Theorem

One of the hardest math theories to ever exist is the Fermat’s last theorem which was introduced by Pierre de Fermat a French lawyer who lived in the 17th century. Even years after Pierre de Fermat had existed, this has become one of the toughest theorems for mathematicians till date.

Fermat claims that there are no positive integers a, b and c that satisfy the equation an + bn = cn for any integer value of n greater than 2.

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4. The Reimann Hypothesis

Next on our list, we have the Reimann Hypothesis. This math problem has been very difficult for mathematics for more than 150 years. It was introduced by the German mathematician Bernhard Riemann in 1859. Riemann claims states that Every Riemann zeta function nontrivial zero has a real component of ½ .

He claims that there is a link between the way prime number spread out as welk as how the zeros of the Reimann zeta function are set up. The claims put forward by Reimann has not been proven till date.

5. Classification Of Finite Simple Groups

Next on our list, we have the classification of finite simple groups. Mathematicians want to have a complete list of all feasible groups for every given size. This math problem was the most significant mathematical undertaking of the 20th century.

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6. Four Color Theorem

We also have the four-color theorem as one of the hardest math problems ever. This states that any map in a plane can be given a four-color coloring utilizing the rule that no two regions sharing a border (aside from a single point) should have the same color.

7. Goldbach’s Conjecture

Next on our list, we have the Goldbach’s conjecture. This states that every even number which is higher than 2 is the sum of two primes. This is invested by Christian Goldbach in 1742. However, this claim cannot yet be proved even though there are several mathematicians working tirelessly to attempt proving it.

8. Inscribed Square Problem

Inscribed square problem is also one of the hardest math problems ever. This problem is also known as the square peg problem. This problem asks that does every simple closed curve have an inscribed square? It also states that for any curve, you could draw on a flat page whose ends meet (closed) but lines never cross, we can fit a square whose four corners touch the curve somewhere. This problem remains unsolved in geometry.

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9. Twin Prime Conjecture

Next in our list is the twin prime conjecture. This concept covers the fact that twin prime numbers are two prime numbers that differ from each other by two. The difficulty of this problem is that there are several and unlimited number of prime numbers and it would be an endless number of twin prime numbers. The twin prime conjecture remains unsolved till date.

10. The Continuum Hypothesis

Lastly on our list, we have the continuum hypothesis. This problem claims that there must be a set of number whose magnitude strictly falls between countably infinite and uncountably infinite. This math problem has not been solved till date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has 3X 1 Been Solved?

No, the 3X + 1 math problem has not yet been solved.

2. What Is The Longest Math Equation?

The Boolean Pythagorean triples issue is the longest math equation and it was first introduced by Ronald Graham in the 1980s. It has about 200 gigabytes of text.

3. Who Created 3x 1?

This mathematical problem was discovered by B. Thwaites I 1952.

4. Who Invented BODMAS?

BODMAS was invented by a mathematician named Achilles Reselfelt.

5. Who Is The Father Of Mathematics?

Archimedes is known as the father of mathematics.


We have given you a run down of the most difficult math problems you can ever come across. It is important to note that some money has been placed on some of these unsolved problems for whoever can solve them. If you think you are smart enough, then you can give it a trial. I hope this article was very helpful to you.

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