Top 10 Ebuka Songs? (I Will Pray By Ebuka)

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Ebuka Songs

Ebuka Songs: Are you a fan of Ebuka Songs and want to know some of his top songs? You are reading the right article, as we have compiled a list of our top 10 songs of the Nigerian gospel artist Ebuka Songs. Different people have their different taste in music and it’s genres, if you are a fan of chants and vocals in a song you would definitely like Ebuka Songs.

Ebuka Songs is one of the upcoming Nigerian gospel musicians. He studied Theatre Arts in Imo State University and started his music career journey immediately after he finished with his studies. Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary is popularly known with his stage name Ebuka Songs under the spotlight Nation record label. He has touched a lots of young life’s with his voice and he is know to be a role model to many youths in the country today.

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A lot of songs Ebuka Songs has released are currently sung in christain gatherings and churches today. Keep reading this article as we delve into the top 10 Ebuka Songs.

Top 10 Ebuka Songs

Ebuka Songs has a lot of songs put out, but in this article we will discuss the top 10 which are selected based on their popularity.

1. I Will Pray

The first on our list goes to “I Will Pray” released in 2023. It is the most popular song released by the singer which has gotten him an award atvthe CLIMA African Awards. The song is call for believers to remember to pray to fight against their enemies.if you need a song to charge you into prayers, this is one for you.

2. Jesus Christ Is Seen

Another song on our top 10 list is “Jesus Christ is Seen” which was also released in the year 2023. The singer/songwriter wrote this song to encourage believers that God is always with us as we are in Christ, a Christ will also be in us, as he helps us in every situation we find ourselves. From its release date till now, it is one ofbthe Ebuka Songs most power song.

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3. Midnight Cry (vol 1)

Another song you will see toping in this list is the Midnight Cry. It has a duration of about an hour as it contains a mix of various songs including “Jesu My Love” and ” I am the Presence of God.” This volume has an intention of lifting the spirit of the listener connected with God which will put you in a prayer mood

4. Midnight Cry (vol 2)

Following the volume one is the volume two of his Midnight Cry mix which is similar to the first in terms of sloe instrumentation and his deep vocalizations. This mix intends to connect the spirit of the listener to God as it speaks of the arrival of Jesus Christ, the difficulties, trials, and temptations  we face in keeping holy on our time on Earth. This second volume of Midnight Cry is about 30 minutes long.

5. What I Preach

Another song we have on our list is “What I Preach” released in 2021. It speaks about Christians pleading to God to help them do what they preach such as lying, stealing, fornication and so on and yet still engage in the act that they preach against. Listening to this song is a reminder for Christians act of the things that they preach on.

6. Jesu My Love

This is another top song by Ebuka Songs on our list that was released in 2021. The song is a deep love expression for our love of Jesus Christ showing our deep hunger and thirst to know more about Jesus Christ.

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7. Oji Oku Eri Ajah (Consuming Fire)

This is another song by Ebuka Songs which portrays the mighty power of God. With a combination of the lyrics, vocals and instruments, the song energizes the spirit of its listeners to put all their faith and trust in the ultimate power of God.

8. Calling

Calling is another of Ebuka Songs top 10 music which was releasedbin the year 2023. This song portrays the willingness and zeal to answer God’s call and being sincerely ever ready to answer the call of God and go wherever he leads without doubting or second guessing. Just like a solider on the battle field.

9. Total Submission

Another song we have on our top 10 list of Ebuka Songs is “Total Submission.” It is an 11 minutes track which says Christains cannot do anything or achieve anything without submitting totally to God as so his perfect will can be fulfilled in their lives.

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10. Jesus Oh

Finally on this list we have Jesus Oh, in which they singer teamed up with another gospel artist Moses Bliss. It is an appreciation song which speaks on the never failing love of God and our gratitude to him because despite we go against the command of God he still comes through for us in outer times of trouble when we call on him sincerely. You can use this song when you want to give a testimony or be in a grateful feeling and want to express it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Download Ebuka Songs?

If you want to download Ebuka songs MP3, use the Boomplay App to download the Ebuka songs for free. Discover Ebuka’s latest songs, popular songs, trending songs all on Boomplay.

2. What Are The Latest Gospel Songs Now?

Some of the new gospel releases in Nigeria are:

Amaram Onyewem (Live) ft. Pastor Jerry Eze. Mercy Chinwo.

Ope Ye Jesu. Tope Alabi.

Jesuferanmi ft. Emmaomg. Henrisoul.

ADONAI ft. Bunmi Oshin. Taiwo Oshin.

Break Forth (Live) Havivah.

More Than Enough. Mike Aremu.

EVERYDAY. David Obas.

The Fire Is Burning. Jude Osobase.

3. What Is The Best Worship Song In Nigeria?

Out of the the 100 top worship songs in Nigeria, these are a few;

Hallelujah No Go Finish.

MIMO. Sola Allyson – ÌRÌ

Eze Nara Ekele. Steve Crown – Faith Is Rising.

You Are Worthy. Tope Alabi – Yes And Amen.

Mighty God ft. Nathaniel Bassey. …

Yes And Amen. Tope Alabi – Yes And Amen.

Omemma. Sinach – Omemma.

You Are Yahweh. Steve Crown – You Are Yahweh.

4. Who Is The Father Of Gospel Music In Nigeria?

Today, Ransome-Kuti is regarded as the father of Nigerian gospel music and is credited as the first Nigerian to record an album.

5. Who Is The Best Gospel Singer In Nigeria?

Out of so many verg talented artists in Nigeria, these are the top 10 so far;

  1. Sinach
  2. Frank Edwards
  3. Nathaniel Bassey
  4. Mercy Chinwo
  5. Eben
  6. Tope Alabi
  7. Lara George
  8. Samsong
  9. Sammie Okposo
  10. Joe Praize


In this article, we have compiled a list of our too 10 best Ebuka songs which we listed in order or popularity. Ebuka Songs music are invitations to focus on God more and remain focus of their primary assignment on earth.

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