How To Be Funny: 15 Tips On How To Be Funnier (Improve Your Humor)

Humor Is What Keeps Us Going When Dealing With Life Situations. Improve Your Sense Of Humor When You Use Our Tips.

How To Be Funny

How To Be Funny: Laughter, they say is the best medicine. Do you think it is too? Most people love funny people because it helps them forget their sorrows. Research also has it that funnier people get to make more friends than people who are not. For this reason, I have put this article together for you to help have a better emotional quotient which also involves relating with people on the basis of how they feel.

This article would also make you learn how to hold better conversations with people without getting boring. Without wasting much of your time, Let’s get right into it!

Importance Of Humor

You might be wondering what use it is to be funny, well, there are a lot of benefits of humor. Here are some of them listed below:

  1. It improves psychological well being
  2. It relieves stress
  3. It makes you feel good
  4. It helps in dealing with life stress

How To Be Funny: 15 Tips On How To Be Funnier

Here are 15 things to help you get funnier:

1. Don’t Be Too Serious

One tip that would be very helpful on being funnier is loosening up. Some people get very serious with life that they no longer look approachable. Being funny also depends on your looks, have you ever noticed that some serious people might try to crack a joe and nobody ends up laughing? That is what I mean. You need to look funny to be funny. Try smiling more often to improve your humor.

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2. Don’t Take Things To Heart Too Much

Another helpful tip on how to be funny is that you do not need to take things to hear too much. When people say things that you may not be comfortable with or things that are hurtful, try to make a joke out of it. This way, you would allow people laugh much while you don’t get angry because you did not take it to heart. You can start by learning to accept people’s opinion first.

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3. For Everything That Happens, Find Humor In It

Next, you need to find humor in everything that happens. I always say this, for everything that happens, there is a reason. Whether it is good or bad, it would have happened anyway. We do not have power over the past and one good way to ease your stress is finding the fun in anything that happens to you.

4. Surround Yourself With Funny People

Another way to be funnier is by surrounding yourself with people that are really funny as well. If you want to achieve a goal, you need to be surrounded with people of like mind or people that have achieved such goal before. Being with funny people can improve your sense of humor greatly.

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5. Read Funny Books

Next, you can get funnier by reading funny books. Humor is not limited to just verbal words; you can be funny when writing too. Reading more comedy books would help you understand how you need to sound when writing funny pieces. Additionally, reading books generally tend to improve the way we reason.

6. Follow Famous Funny People

You can also get funnier when you follow famous funny people. Some people are naturally funnier, while other learn to be funnier. When you follow famous funny people, you would find out how they tend to wrap their heads around their jokes, your eyes would also open to how you can crack a joke in different ways.

7. Practice Being Funny

Another way to get funnier is by practicing being funny. This may sound a bit weird because you may say “How can one practice being funny?”, the truth is you can actually practice but you need to practice with people that are ready to listen to you and give you honest feedbacks. When you think of a joke, you can ask a close friend if you sound funny or not.

8. Be Conscious Of Your Audience

This tip needs to be taken seriously because not everybody can take a specific type of humor. For instance, not many people can deal with dark humor, before you crack a joke, you need to be aware of the kind of audience you are telling it to so that it would not be tagged as insensitive.

9. Watch Funny Videos

You can also improve your humor by watching funny videos. Whether it is a short comedy or even a movie, it would help you on how to act funnier. If you are confused on what to watch, you can ask people for recommendations.

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10. Know The Appropriate Time To Tell A Joke

This is another tip you need to take if you want to be funnier, read the room. Always know the right time to tell a joke especially when it is a tensed situation like an argument, telling a joke can ease things up but when you make a joke about everything, you can be tagged as an unserious person.

11. Be Creative

Another helpful tip in becoming funnier is being creative. You need to think outside the box to be able to crack better jokes. For me, I love intellectual jokes that involves high IQ level to think about and understand.

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12. Find Relationships Between Two Things

This tip also balls down to being creative, when you are looking for a joke to tell, you can easier find the relationship between two things and then make a joke out of it.

13. Don’t Retell A Joke

Another tip you need to take note of is avoiding retelling a joke. I don’t find stolen jokes funny personally, do not steal someone else’s joke and tell it as yours, it might be funny but it would not open your mind to creativity.

14. Have Funny Mentor But Be Original

Another tip you need to know is finding a funny mentor but stay original. You may like the way a person expresses his or herself but trying to mimic the person can be very boring. Just do you! Tell your joke in your own way, you do need to be like a particular person before you are funny.

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15. Be Careful Of Humor At Your Workplace

Lastly, the workplace is a sensitive environment, if you must make jokes at the workplace, you need to be very careful of the kind of jokes you are making.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fun Good For The Brain?

Yes, it improves memory and concentration

2. How Do I Allow Myself To Have Fun?

Take out time for yourself and do what you love.

3. Can I Make Jokes At The Workplace?

Mild jokes can be okay at the workplace but you need to be careful not to make insensitive jokes.

4. How Can I Be More Entertaining?

Be original

5. Can I make A Joke Without Talking?

Yes, you can make jokes with just expressions.

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