How To Write A Permission Letter To Be Absent From Work

How To Write A Permission Letter To Be Absent From Work. Learn How To Write A Convincing Letter Of Permission To Be Away From Work.

Permission Letter To Be Absent From Work

Permission Letter To Be Absent From Work: Life happens to people and no one can tell when life would happen to them, people are absent from work most time due to situations that are beyond their control. Every work place would demand that one submits a letter of permission before a leave a granted. Are you in need of the format for a permission letter to be absent from work? You have come to the right place for this information.

In this article, we are going to break down the essentials of a good letter of permission. Let’s get started!

What To Include In A Permission Letter To Be Absent From Work

Here are the important things you need to include in your permission letter to be absent from work:

  1. Include your personal contact information
  2. Add date to your letter
  3. The receiver’s contact information
  4. Subject of the letter
  5. Add Salutation
  6. Body
  7. closing

How To Write A Permission Letter To Be Absent From Work

Here are tips on how to write a permission letter to be absent from work:

1. It Must Be A Formal Letter

One of the things you need to keep in mind when writing any letter of permission is that it must be a formal letter. The fact that you need to write a letter of permission before you are absent from work makes it a formal letter. Formal letters are official letters, whether you are asked to submit the hard copy or you are asked to send it digitally, it must be official.

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Additionally, you need to go straight to the point, you do not need to add anything that is not related to your permission to be absent.

2. You Must Have Strong Reasons To Be Absent From Work

Next, you also need to include the reason or reasons you are going to be away from work. If you want to be granted permission, be careful to make sure you have strong reasons, you do not need to lie though, just make sure that your reasons are convincing enough.

3. You Date Of Departure And Return Date

A good letter of permission will also have a departure date and a return date. Your departure and return date should be very clear in that it includes the date, month and year. For instance, if you are going to take a letter of permission to be absent from the 15th day of June 2023 for five days, you should write it as 15th June 2023 – 20th June 2023.

4. Your Permission Letter Must Be Professional

You also need to make your letter of absence professional. Since you are writing it as an official letter, it should be professional. You need to be careful not to include short forms of words, casual words and any other thing that would make it look unprofessional.

Additionally, since it is a professional letter, you need to proof read it to be able to get rid of mistakes, grammatical errors and punctuation errors.

5. Include An Offer To Provide Assistance

Lastly, you can ask for an offer of assistance. This is optional and should be included in your letter of absence if you need some money for what you need to attend to. You never can tell; you might be lucky to get an assistance from your employer.

Format For A Permission Letter To Be Absent From Work

1. Your Address

The first thing you need to include in a permission letter is your address. This is usually at the right hand of your paper if you are sending it through a paper.

2. The Organization’s Address

Next, you need to include the organization or company’s address. This should be your company’s box address.

3. Your Contacts

This is optional but it is advisable in case your company needs to reach you by phone.

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4. Date

Next, include your date. The date that should be on the letter is the date you are writing it.

5. The Recipient

Who are you writing the letter to? You need to write the recipient’s title. For example; The Human Resource Department or The Managing director. This depends on the person you are reporting to.

6. Opening Salutation

Next, you would include the opening salutation. Here, you need to use a formal getting in addressing like “Dear Sir/Ma”. You can also choose to use the recipient’s name.

7. Body Of The Letter

It is at this point you would be able to express yourself and write the reason(s) you would be absent from work. Do not also forget to include the date you would leave and the date of return.

8. Signature

After you have written the body of your letter, you need to append your signature on the letter.

9. Your Name

The next thing that should follow is your name. You need to write your full name.

10. Your Job Description

Lastly, you need to include your job description underneath your name. This makes the letter clear enough and very professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Write An Absence Letter For Work?

Your absence letter must have the details of the following: Reason for the absence, the duration of time you would be away from work and when you would return to work.

2. How Do I Take A Leave Of Absence From Work Due To Stress?

You can easily get a leave of absence from work due to any reason when you visit the human resource department while you let them know why you want to be away from work.

3. Can I Tell My Boss I Need Stress Leave?

Yes, talk to your employer.

4. Must I Include The Reason For My Absence In My Letter Of Absence From Work?

Yes you must, if you want your wish to be granted.

5. Who Do I Give My Letter Of Absence Of Work To?

You should submit your letter of absence to your employer.


Every official letter does not need to be too long since you just need to go straight to the point especially a letter of permission to be absent from work. Also, if you wish to be absent from work for many days or for long weeks, you need to send your letter to your boss early enough to enable them prepare well for it.

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