How To Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria | 3 Easy Methods

How To Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria (Complete Guide). Learn How To Recover Your Stolen Or Lost Devices When You Use Our Guide. 

How To Track A Stolen Phone

How To Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria: Losing a phone can be very heart breaking, it could be as a result of theft or even carelessness. Most people lose important contacts, documents and other media when they lose a phone and this is what makes it really sad.

Has your phone been stolen? Do you know it can be recovered? Yes! You heard right. In this article, I am going to show you how to track a stolen phone whether it was stolen or you lost it. If you are interested, then keep reading.

4 Steps On How To Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria

One can never be able to tell when they would lose their phones or when it would be stolen from them. Hence, you need to put these measures in place to make tracking your phone much easier when it is stolen or lost:

1. Step 1- Creating A Google Account

Create a google account on your phone. If you have done that already, you need to skip this step.

2. Step 2- Getting Your IMEI Number

Copy and store your phone’s IMEI (International mobile equipment identity) from your phone’s package box. You can also simply dial *#06# to get your IMEI instantly on your phone (in case you no longer have the box of your phone).

3. Step 3- Turn On Your Location

Next, you need to turn on your phone’s location or GPS

4. Step 4- Download An Anti- Theft App

The last step is to download an anti-theft app and then set it up.

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How To Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria (Complete Guide)

There are different ways to track a stolen phone in Nigeria. Let’s explore some of them:

1. Tracking Using Find My Device Utility

The first method you can use to track your device is using find my device utility. Smart phones in recent times have been built is such a way that it has “find my phone” feature. This feature is also called Android device manager (ADM).

You can use the find my device utility to find, track as well as recover a stolen or lost phone, tablets and watch that are linked to your google account. You cannot use this feature if the device has not been liked to your google account. You also need to have your internet connection tuned on.

You can enable this feature by:

  • Go to settings, choose google and the security
  • Choose the find my device utility

Note: this feature comes with your phone.

Once you have completed the following steps, your phone would be located on a map.

When you phone has been stolen and you wish to track your phone, you can sign in with your Gmail account on any phone or computer (must be the same you used on the stolen phone). You would then go to the find my device website and then search for your stolen gadget. It would show you the last time your gadget was seen online.

You can also choose to make your stolen device play sound from wherever it might be. Yu can also choose to erase all the data on the phone to avoid access to them by the person that has stolen it. However, you would not be able to track the phone afterwards.

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2. Tracking Using International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)

Another way to successfully track a stolen or lost device is tracking using international mobile equipment identity. The international mobile equipment identity is a 15-digit number that comes with every device. This allows network operators or other legal bodies track a stolen or lost device.

When a phone is used in communicating, the device would send the IMEI number to the network operator station. This method is very reliable especially when your phone has been stolen and has been turned off or been reset.

Using International mobile equipment identity is the best way to track your stolen or lost phone. However, if you did not have your IMEI number before your phone was stolen, tracking you phone with this method would not be possible. If you have not done that, you can simply get it by dialing *#06# on your device. Now that you know, why not do it?

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3. Tracking Using Stolen Phone Tracker Application

Another alternative to tracking lost or stolen phone is by using phone tracker application. One of the reasons this method is not so reliable is the fact that the phone tracker application must be installed on the phone before it gets stolen or lost. This means, you cannot use this method if you have not previously installed the app before you lose your phone.

However, if you already installed a phone tracker application on your device before it gets stolen, the app would help you locate, lock as well as delete data from your lost or stolen phone. There are different phone tracker application that works great for phones. One thing you need to note is that some of them are free, however, some come with a price.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding How To Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria

1. Can A Stolen Phone Be Tracked In Nigeria?

Yes, it is very possible to track a stolen phone in Nigeria

2. Can Google Track My IMEI Number?

No, google cannot track your IMEI number directly but if your device has its location on, google can track its location.

3. Can You Track A Mobile Number Location When It Is Switched Off?

Yes, it is possible.

4. Is It Possible To Track A Stolen Phone?

Yes, it is very possible to track a stolen phone. You can use the guide we have highlighted above.

5. Can IMEI Number Be Tracked Without Sim?

Yes, every device have their own inbuilt tracking features that makes you track your phone if it has been lost or stolen.


Over all, this a call for you to be very vigilant and cautious when handling your devices because whether we like it or not, nobody wants to go through the stress of having to recover a stolen or lost device. We have also highlighted reliable ways of getting your device back if it was stolen or lost. We really hope that this article helps you recover your stolen or lost device.

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