Netnaija Movie Download | Top 10 Sites To Download Nollywood Movies Online

Are You A Lover Of Nollywood? Check Out The Top Sites To Download Nollywood Movies Online. 

Netnaija Movie Download

Netnaija Movie Download: Are you a movie lover? Have you been searching for legit sites to download movies from? Worry no more, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I am going to show you some of the best sites to download Nollywood movies from for absolutely no cost! If this is the information you are looking for, them, keep reading this article.

One of the best forms of entertainment has to be movie. It helps passing down a whole lot of cultural, societal and family values. Getting movies for free from legit sites can be very difficult if you do not know your way around. I have written this article to help you download Nollywood movies online without hassles. Let’s find out the top 10 sites to download Nollywood movies from.

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Netnaija Movie Download | Top 10 Sites To Download Nollywood Movies Online

Here is a list of the top 10 best sites you can get your Nollywood movies from:

1. Netnaija

The first site we have on our list of sites to download Nollywood movies from is Netnaija. This website happens to be one of the best and the popular sites for downloading free movies online. On Netnaija, you can get both old and new Nollywood movies. You can also get a wide range of Hollywood movies.

Other interesting categories you can find on Netnaija are: comedy, music, holly movies, Bollywood movies, football highlights and many more.


Another website to get Nigerian movies for free is On this website, you can easily get the latest Nollywood movies. To download movies, you would need to search for the name or just browse through the recently uploaded movies.

Apart from Nollywood movies, this site also allows you download several other types of movies including Hollywood, Bollywood, African, Tv series. The good thing about this site is that you do not need to sign up to be able to use it for a first time, you also do not need to pay to access.

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3. Naijapals

Next on our list, we have Naijapals. When looking for specific language Nollywood movies, Naijapals is absolutely a go to plug. You can download both old and new Nollywood movies from this website. All you need to do is search the movie category and then download the movie of your choice. Just like other platforms that allows you download Nollywood movies, Naijapals also has other categories like music, holly wood movies, comedy, football highlights, news, chat with people and many more.

4. Nollyland

Next on our list, we have Nollyland. On Nollyland, you have the opportunity to go through a wide range of African movies. Apart from downloading, you also get the chance to stream any movies of your choice on this platform. The interface is also very user friendly.

5. IbakaTv

Next on our list, we have IbakaTv. It would interest you to know that this platform started as a YouTube channel and rapidly grew to become a website on it own where people can download all sorts of movies. To start using this platform, you would need to subscribe to the channel to access all available movies.

6. Wapbaze

Next on our list, we have Wapbaze. This website allows you download Nollywood movies for free. You can also get other contents like music videos and so much more. Just like other platforms, it allows you download holly wood movies, chat with people and even read the latest news. One good feature on this site is the newsletter which allows you get informed when there is a new or trending content on the website. Wapbaze also has some channels dedicated to football, Nat geo wild, skits and so on.

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7. YouTube

Next on our list, we have YouTube. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms in the world where you can get movies. On YouTube, you can also watch and download different kinds of Nollywood movies. There are several channels that you can search from.

8. Irokotv

Next on our list, we have Irokotv. If you are looking for a substitute for Netflix without having to pay, then Irokotv is the website for you. On Irokotv, you can get access to any Nollywood movie of your choice, you can also choose to either stream or download movies.

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9. 123 Movies

Next on our list, we have 123 Movies. On this platform, you can get any kind of Nigerian movie you like. You can also get other kinds of movies if you are not really a Nollywood movies fan. If you want to get movie updates, then you can subscribe to the platform to stay updated.

10. RealNollyTv

Lastly on our list, we have RealNollyTv. This site allows you download Nigerian movies for free or paid. There are so many Nollywood movies to pick from on this website. It also has a very friendly user interface that allows you navigate round the site easily. However, to download moves on this site, you would first need to register, you can also request a movie you want if you cannot find it on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I stream Movies Without Data?

No, it is impossible to stream movies without data. You need data to be able to stay online and stream movies.

2. What is Movies 123 Called Now?

3. Can I Stream Movies On My Phone?

Yes, it is possible to stream movies on both phone and laptop.


Day by day, the love for Nollywood movies has increased tremendously because of how entertaining it is. However, not everyone seems to be a fan of Nollywood movies. If you are in this category, be rest assured that these platforms offer you other kinds of movies. If you have any questions related to this topic, please let us know in the comment section down below.

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