PhD Scholarships at Australian National University for International Students, 2023

The Australian National University ANU PhD Scholarship is presently accepting applications. It is advised that interested candidates submit their applications before the deadline.

Regarding Scholarships and Australian National University (ANU)

Canberra, the capital of Australia, is home to the public research institution Australian National institution (ANU), a member of the Group of Eight. ANU has been the sole organization recognized by the Australian Parliament since its foundation in 1946. Canberra University College, which opened its doors in 1929 and joined ANU in 1960, may be where it all started. At ANU, there are 4,517 staff members, 11,021 graduate students, and 13,329 undergraduate students. As of 2018, the university’s endowment was A$1.8 billion.

Among the faculty members, there are six Nobel laureates and 49 Rhodes scholars. Among the university’s alumni are more than a dozen department heads from the present Australian government, including two prime ministers. ANU Press offers online access to the most recent editions of ANU’s scholarly publications.

The ANU decreased its budget and employment levels in the School of Music from 2011 to 2015 and in the School of Culture, History, and Language starting in 2016. Only ANU has ever received numerous international (state) honors in the humanities and social sciences. Today, certain courses can be taken online.

With numerous international universities, especially those in the Asia-Pacific area, such as the National University of Singapore, the University of Tokyo, the University of Hong Kong, and Peking University, ANU has exchange arrangements in place for its students in Seoul National University, Tsinghua University, and  University of Texas, the University of California, and the George Washington University are a few further prestigious institutions. The University of Copenhagen, Bocconi University, Sciences Po, Imperial College London, King’s College London, and Trinity College Dublin are just a few of the renowned universities in Europe.

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Chinese hackers may have compromised the Australian National University’s work on national security in 2017 by breaking into the institution’s computers. The Acton district of Canberra is home to the Australian National University’s (ANU) main campus, which encompasses 358 acres (1.45 km2) of mostly parkland with academic buildings inside.

ANU received a global recognition award from the in 2011 and was ranked as the second-greenest university campus in Australia.2009 saw the university’s more than 10,000 trees contribute to a sustainable campus network.

ANU Colleges may offer a PhD Scholarship (stipend) to students. Awardees typically pursue their education full-time. To be awarded for part-time study, however, the scholarship must adhere to very strict criteria. International scholars must enroll in full-time coursework.

Information about the PhD Scholarship at Australian National University:

  • Sponsor of the scholarship: Australian National University
  • Value of the Scholarship: “Check Below”
  • Awards given: N/A
  • PhD level of study
  • Australian National University (ANU) is one of the host institution(s)


3.5 years of financial aid;

Reimbursements for travel and relocation for students moving to Canberra to begin their research program;

Thesis funding;

  • Dependent child stipend (only for international students);
  • Paid parental and medical leave
  • ANU PhD Scholarship at Australian National University

Eligibility requirements

  • The following prerequisites must be satisfied by applicants in order to be considered for the Australian National University PhD Scholarship:
  • Domestic or foreign students?
  • Have submitted a PhD or professional doctorate via research application;
  • Hold a first-class bachelor’s degree from an authorized university (but some universities will take applicants with upper-second-class honors into consideration).
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How to Apply for a PhD Scholarship at Australian National University

All eligible applicants will be considered, thus there is no need to submit a separate application for this award. For more information, you can also check out the ANU website.

  • The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2023.
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