33 Modern POP Designs In Nigeria In 2024 (Pictures)

Your Ceiling Is The First Impression Your Visitor Would Have Of Your House. Give Your House The Finest Touch When You Use Our Designs. Check Out The Finest POP Designs In This Post. 

POP Designs In Nigeria

POP Designs In Nigeria: Are you someone that really loves interior designs? Are you looking for ways to make your house look better? Do you know using POP in your house gives it a very nice decorative finish? Well now you know. POP is one of the modern ceilings people use these days. In this article, I am going to show you some of the best POP designs out there. I would advise that you pay attention to all parts of this article.

Wooden ceilings are no longer in vogue. Even though doing a POP can cost quite a lot of money, it is very much worth it because it is absolutely beautiful. In fact, if you have a good POP design in your home, that would be the first thing any visitor would notice. Let us find out what exactly POP is made of and why you should use a POP.

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What Is POP?

POP is simply the short form for plaster of Paris. This is a kind of dropped ceiling that hangs below the main ceiling of a house. In modern times, people have found a better way of beautifying their houses with the use of POP which is basically made of gypsum or calcium sulfate. With the use of POP, you can make different architectural designs in your house.

Before POP is used, it is mixed with water to form a paste. Apart from the fact that POP beautifies your house, there are also many advantages attached to using it. Let us now explore some of these advantages of POP.

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POP Designs In Nigeria

Here are some of the best POP designs you can use in your houses in Nigeria:

Latest POP Designs

POP Designs For Sitting Room

POP Designs For Bedroom

Latest POP Designs For Roof Catalog

Modern POP Designs

POP Designs For Windows

POP Designs For Master Bedroom Ceiling

Pictures Of POP Designs For Wall

Window POP Designs In Nigeria

Bedroom POP Designs Luxury

POP Designs For Office



POP Design For Living Room

Here are pictures of POP designs you can use for your living room:

House POP Designs

Nigeria POP Designs

POP Designs For Parlour

POP Designs For Ceiling Residential Building

POP Designs

Living Room POP Designs

Trending POP Designs


POP Designs For Kitchen

Here are pictures of POP designs you can use for your kitchen to make it look very beautiful:

POP Designs For Kitchen

Beautiful POP Designs

POP Designs Sample

Wall POP Designs

Simple POP Designs For Living Room

If you do not like too much drama when it comes to designs, here are some simple POP designs for your living room that you would love:

Simple POP Designs

Plain POP Designs

Pictures Of POP Designs

Ceiling POP Designs

Simple POP Designs For Roof

Interior POP Designs For Living Room


POP Designs For TV Stand

Here are some POP designs that would look great for TV stand:

TV POP Designs

POP Designs For TV Stand

Home POP Designs

Unique POP Designs

Dubai POP Designs

Advantages Of Using POP Designs

Here are some of the advantages of POP:

  1. It is not heavy at all and it is more durable than the regular ceiling
  2. POP is resistant to fire
  3. It can easily mix up with water and it is quite easy to spread to any level
  4. It has low thermal conductivity
  5. You can mound your POP to any shape and design that you want.
  6. It is quite easy to remove an already fixed POP unlike other ceilings that can easily come off.
  7. POP gives a firm surface on which the colors can settle.

Types Of POP Designs

  1. Wooden POP Design
  2. Carved POP Ceiling Design
  3. 3D POP Ceiling Design
  4. Double-Layered POP Ceiling Design
  5. Circle POP Ceiling Design
  6. Rectangular POP Ceiling Design
  7. Multi-layered POP Ceiling Design
  8. Glass POP Ceiling Design
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Full Name Of POP Design?

POP simply means Plaster of Paris

2. What Is POP Design Made Of?

POP design is a powdered form of low moisture gypsum or calcium sulfate

3. Can I Use POP For The Living Room?

Yes, POPs are very beautiful when they are used in living rooms.

4. Is The POP Ceiling Safe?

Yes, if your POP has been installed and maintained properly, it is generally considered safe.

5. How Many Years Can A POP Ceiling Last?

Generally, POP ceiling is expected to last about 10 to 20 years with proper cleaning and maintenance practice.


Overall, it is advisable that you choose a good decorator when doing any POP design. You might have a great design but the beauty is highly dependent on your decorator’s expertise. If you need more information on this topic, let us know in the comment section below.

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