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A Good Bed Frame Is Key To Having The Best Sleep. Find Out The Best Bed Frame Designs That Fits Your Style As Well As What It Costs To Have One. 

Bed Frame Designs

Bed Frame Designs: A good bed frame provides maximum support for your bed, it is the foundation where your bed lies, if you do not invest in quality bed frames, you may get that comfort you are looking for when you lie in your bed. Are you searching for information about bed frames? Do you want to know the best kind of bed frames to invest in? then, you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, we are going to talk about different types of bed frames and well as how to pick the best bed frame for your space.

Have you ever slept and woke up with body pains? It could be as a result of sleeping on low quality bed frames. When these bed frames start deteriorating, you can cause pains when you sleep on them for too long. Sadly, a lot of people are in this condition. To save you all the pains, I have put this article together for you. Let’s get started with pictures of some of the best bed frame designs.

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Bed Frame Designs Pictures

Here are some of the best designs you can adopt for your bed frames:

bed frame designs

Bed Frame

Bed Frame Designs In Nigeria

Wood Bed Frame Designs

Wood Bed Frame

4 by6 Bed Frame Price In Nigeria

Simple Bed Frame Design

Wooden Bed Frame Designs In Nigeria

Latest Bed Frame Designs

New Bed Frame Designs In Nigeria

Padded Bed Frame

Bed Frame In Nigeria

Simple Bed Frame

Furniture Bed Frame

Bed Frame Designs For Ladies

White Bed Frame

Student Bed Frame

Modern Bed Frame

Bed Frame With Storage

DIY Bed Frame With Storage

Samples Of Bed Frame

Pink Bed Frame

Bed Frame With Headboard

Padded Bed Frame Designs

Purple Bed Frame

High Bed Frame

Luxury Bed Frame

Simple Bed Frame Design In Nigeria

Wooden Pallet Bed Frame

White Bed Frame Designs

What Is Bed Frame?

Bed frame is simply a part of a bed usually used to position the base of the bed. In simpler terms, it can also be called the railings of the bed. Although, there can be head or foot railing.  Bed frame can also be called Bedstead. Most bed frames are built with different types of wood even though metal materials can be used to construct a more solid type of bed.

Having a good bed frame can improve the quality of your sleep. If you do not also invest in a good bed frame, you bed can get very shaky and uncomfortable with time.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing A Bed Frame In Nigeria

We have spoken about choosing quality bed frames in the earlier part of this article; however, the material of the bed frame is not the only thing to look out for when picking a bed frame. Below are the things you need to consider before choosing a bed frame:

1. The Size Of The Bed Frame

The first thing you need to consider before choosing a bed frame is the size of the bed frame. There are different sizes your bed frame can come in depending on its purpose and the mattress. For instance, a couple bed would be bigger than a little child’s bed. If you are going to be sharing you bed with someone else, you should consider picking a bigger bed and frame.

Make sure the frame you have picked matches with the size of your mattress if not, it is as good as useless. One good way to be sure about the size you are picking is taking measurement of your mattress first.

Additionally, if you want to picking a bigger kind of bed frame, consider your space, you might need other things like furniture in your room, a dressing mirror, a bed side cupboard. If you space is too small and you wish to accommodate all these things, it is advisable to pick a smaller kind of bed frame.

2. The Height Of The Bed Frame

Another thing you need to consider before picking a bed frame is the height of the bed frame. Bed frames come in different height. Some people prefer their bed higher while others do not. Whichever way, it is important you go for the height that is most comfortable for you to get in and out of.

3. The Material Of The Bed Frame

Also, you need to consider the kind of material used for the bed frame. Most times, the prices of bed frames differ because of the material of the bed frame. The better the material, the higher the price. If you are going to be using your bed for a long time, it is advisable that you pick a bed frame with good material. If you are unsure of the materials used, you can ask questions.

4. The Style of The Bed Frame

Lastly, it is important to consider the style of the bed frame. How exactly you want your bed room to look is dependent on the bed you pick. Pick a bed frame that fits your style. For instance, a young girl may want to a small cute pink bed frame, this is because it gives a princess look. Do not be in a hurry, take you time so that you can pick the right style.

Bed Frame Designs In Nigeria: Material

I have mentioned earlier that your bed frame ca be made from different materials such as iron, aluminum, steel, brass for metal frames. For wooden frames, they can be made from oak, mahogany and so on. You can also get leather bed frames which are made in faux and genuine leather.

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Although, leather bed frames usually have wooden skeleton that supports the leather but it is absolutely beautiful and very comfortable to lie on. Overall, the strongest kind of frame you can use for your bed frame is metal. If you are unsure about the material to use for your bed frame, you can talk to an expert to guide you.

Bed Frame Price

The bed frame price is highly dependent on the material you are going to pick for making the bed frame. You can negotiate with your designer so that you can get a quality bed frame for a reasonable price.

Bed Frame Sizes In Nigeria

Bed frames come in different sizes to fit the size of your room as well as the number of people that would be sleeping on the bed. The kind of bed frame you would be picking depends on the size of your mattress. I have put together a guide to help you pick the right size of bed frame with the sizes of mattresses available. Here are the sizes of mattress we have in Nigeria:

Length x Width Height
52” x 28” 4”| 6”| 8”
75” x 30” 3”| 4”| 6”
75” x 36” 4”| 6”| 8”
75” x 42” 4”| 6”| 8”
75” x 48” 6”| 8”| 10”
75” x 54” 6”| 8”| 10”
75” x 60” 8”| 10”| 12”
75” x 72” 8”| 10”| 12”
75” x 84” 8”| 10”| 12”


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much Does It Cost To Set Up A Bed Frame?

How much you would be needing to set up a bed frame for yourself is highly dependent on the material you choose to use. Speak to your designer and let him or her know what exactly you want.

2. How Do I Know If My Bed Frame Is Good Quality?

When you get a new bed frame, always check what hardware and joinery system used. No matter how beautiful the bed frame may look, if you do not check what was used in making it, it might not be a great quality.

3. What Makes A Bed Look Bigger?

A bed can look bigger if you use a head board.

4. What Is The Strongest Type Of Bed Frame?

Using a bed frame made up of hardwood and metal would give you a very strong bed frame.

5. How Do I Choose A Bed Design?

If you are considering picking a bed design, there are factors you need to consider such as the size of the bed, the height of the bed, the material of the bed, headboard options and so on. These would help you pick out the right design for your bedroom.

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