TB Joshua Documentary, Confession, Controversy And More

Find Out The Shocking Story Released By BBC About Late Pastor Tb Joshua And The Controversy Surrounding The Story.  

TB Joshua Documentary

TB Joshua Documentary: There has been a video circulating online on allegations about late Pastor TB Joshua and his church Synagogue Church of all Nations. Recount that the pastor died in 2021 and had a very huge member following his miracles online and offline. The video was published by BBC and it is very shocking and terrifying. Are these claims true or not? Keep reading this piece to get the summary of the whole documentary.

TB Joshua Documentary BBC

On Monday 8th January 2024, BBC released a controversial documentary about the late TB Joshua and his church. The documentary contains accusations of rape and other allegations by some of its former members against the late pastor.

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For over two years, BBC has engaged in deep investigation of the matter and came up with stories of eye witnesses on what has been going on in the church. According to some of the confessions made by the eye witnesses, the late Pastor had assaulted them in the church building where he stays on a floor. They mentioned that he was very powerful up until his death. This documentary has made wave on the media as people have been assuming how the late pastor got his powers.

One of the eye witnesses mentioned that the pastor has errand boys for everything he does around the property. These errand boys have to be present even when he has to use the restroom. It was also mentioned how the Emmanuel TV was created to make the whole world experience TB Joshua perform miracles of healing.

Rae, who claims to be a victim mentioned that she was only 21 when she left Brighton University to join the church as a disciple of the late pastor. She mentioned in the documentary that “we all thought we were in heaven, but we were in hell and in hell, terrible things happen”. She went on to say that she was sexually abused by the deceased pastor and she tried several times to kill herself while in the church premises due to how she was treated.

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The documentary also detailed that there were a lot of deep things that went on in the church premises while the pastor was alive. One witness mentioned that there was a praying mountain where the Synagogue church of all nations was initially started and how people think the name “praying mountain” was a place of prayer but other activities other than prayer happens there. He went on to say that there were several huts on the island. He also claimed that on one occasion, the late pastor had cut his beards and put in the mouth of a big fish that was caught and how it multiplied. He also went on to say that the Pastor went to this place every other week.

The documentary is comprised of more than 25 former “disciples” of the late pastor sharing deep stories from different countries of the world. The question of why these disciples never came out to speak about such before the demise of the late pastor is what is on the minds of almost everyone on the internet.

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According to BBC, when they tried to film the church premises in 2022 from the outside, the guards of the church got hold of them and held them down for hours. Later, BBC reached out to SCOAN with the accusations that were made against the late pastor and the church which were denied by the church but was not directly replied to BBC. The Synagogue church of all nations wrote “Making unfounded allegations against Prophet TB Joshua is not a new occurrence… None of the allegations was ever substantiated”

TB Joshua Daughter Confession

TB Joshua’s secret daughter “Ajoke” was among the people that spoke up in the BBC documentary. There are claims that TB Joshua had Ajoke outside of wedlock and she was constantly abused and tortured by her father. According to Ajoke, she never felt any fatherly love and affection from her father and he compelled her to be one of his disciples just to ruin her life.

She went on to say “It was very difficult to watch this man preach every Sunday. Topics about love and about mercy. They feel very strange coming from his lips. I stared myself in the mirror lots of times, so maybe I didn’t look like him. Maybe. For as long as I can remember, I had been raised as TB Joshua’s daughter.”

In Ajoke’s words, the disciples were both brainwashed and enablers. Everybody was just acting based on commands like zombies. Another disciple also testified that he knew Ajoke right from when she was a kid and she was TB Joshua’s biological daughter.

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Another female disciple said that Ajoke grew inside the Synagogue like an outcast and that the late pastor didn’t want anyone to know who she was.

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The Cult Of TB Joshua

The media has gone wild since the release of a lengthy video from BBC about the late pastor titled “The cult of TB Joshua”. It contains testimonies from former disciples of TB Joshua from the United States, the United Kingdom, Namibia and South Africa. The video is up and available on YouTube if intend to watch it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Months Was TB Joshua In The Womb?

According to the late pastor, he spent 15 months in his mother’s womb.

Is TB Joshua’s Wife A Prophetess?

Yes, the wife of the late pastor is a prophet and her name is Evelyn Joshua.

How Old Was Prophet Joshua?

The late prophet was 57years before his death in 2021.


This article contains the detailed summary of the documentary released by BBC about late pastor TB Joshua. However, we do not have information supporting if such claims made are true or not. What do you think about the TB Joshua documentary? We will love to know in the comment section down below.

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