Ummi Rahab Biography: Marriage, Age, Photos, Father, Wedding

Ummi Rahab Biography: Ummi Rahab Happens To Be One Of The Finest Kannywood Actresses. Find Our More Personal Information About The Young Actress. 

Ummi Rahab Biography

Ummi Rahab Biography: Are you searching for useful and valid information about Ummi Rahab? Do you want to know more about the Kannywood actress? Then you have definitely come to the right place for this information. In this article, I am going to provide you with the information you have just been looking for. If you are interested in finding more about Ummi Rahab, then keep reading this article.

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Ummi Rahab Profile

Full Name Rahab Saleh Ahmed
Date of birth 2nd February 2004
Age 19 years (as of 2023)
Place of birth Saudi Arabia
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Islamic
Relationship status Married
Occupation Actress


About Tarihin Ummi Rahab

Ummi Rahab real name is Rahab Saleh Ahmed. She was born in Saudi Arabia on 2nd February 2004. She is currently 19 years old (as of 2023). The young actress rose to stardom in 2018 after her first appearance in the movie “Kin Zamo Takwara Ummi”. It was from this movie she adopted the name “Ummi”. She has also been featured in several other movies.

Ummi Rahab had her primary and secondary education in Kaduna state, Nigeria. However, we do not have any information if she is pursing any higher education in any tertiary institution or not. Ummi Rahab also happens to be one of the most beautiful actresses Nigeria has been blessed with.

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Ummi Rahab Marriage

Ummi Rahab Marriage

Many people want to know if Ummi Rahab is married or not. The short answer to that is “yes”, the young actress is married. She got married on the 18th of June 2022. Her husband is Shu’aibu Ahmed Abbas who is also popularly known as Lilin Baba. He happens to be a professional Nigerian singer, Kannywood actor, record producer as well as entrepreneur. Many people were shocked as to why the actress married early; we also do not have any information on when Ummi Rahab began dating her husband.

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Ummi Rahab Photos

Here are some of the beautiful pictures of actress Ummi Rahab:


Ummi Rahab

Ummi Rahab Photos

Ummi Rahab Family Pictures

Ummi Rahab does not disclose any information about her family online. However, the only picture we have of her family is one they took after she was reunited with them. Here are the pictures of Ummi Rahab’s family:

Ummi Rahab Family Pictures

Ummi Rahab Age

Ummi Rahab was born on 2nd February 2004. This means she is currently 19 years old.

Ummi Rahab Father

Ummi Rahab’s father meet with her mother in Saudi Arabia where they got married before returning to Nigeria. Ummi Rahab’s father is late and apart from that, not much is known about the actress’s father as she does not bring the personal information of her family online.

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Ummi Rahab Social Media Handles

Ummi Rahab is active on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, twitter, youtube and tiktok. To find the actress account, all you need to do is type in her name on any of these apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Full Name Of Ummi Rahab?

Rahab Saleh Ahmed

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2. Who Is Ummi Rahab Married To?

Ummi Rahab is married to Shu’aibu Ahmed Abbas who is also popularly known as Lilin Baba

3. When Did Ummi Rahab Get Married?

Ummi Rahab got married to the love of her life on 18th June 2022.

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