Who Is Pedro Rivera’s Wife? Juana Ahumada Bio, Age, Net Worth

Who Is Pedro Rivera’s Wife? Find Out The Truth about The Mexican Singer’s Wife And More On Their Marriage. 

Juana Ahumada

Juana Ahumada: Have you ever wondered if Pedro Rivera is married or not? Do you want to find out more about his wife? Then you have come t the right place for this information, In this article, I am going to show you everything you need to know about Pedro Rivera’s wife. Keep reading this article if this is the information you are looking for.

Pedro Rivera is a Mexican celebrity who is well known for his music. Do you think his wife would be into the entertainment industry as well keep your fingers crossed while you find out!

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Juana Ahumada Profile

Full Name Juana Ahumada
Age Early 40s
Date of birth 1980
Marital status Married
Husband Pedro Rivera
Nationality Mexican-American
Occupation Assistant


Who Is Pedro Rivera’s Wife?

You must have heard of the popular Pedro Rivera who is a Mexican singer and wondered if he is married or not, well he is, his wife’s name is Juana Ahumada. Pedro Rivera’s wife gained popularity after she got married to him. Although not so much is know about Juana Ahumada, in fact, we do not have information about her real age. However, we believe she should be around her early 40s.

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Not so much is known about Juana Ahumada’s education but according to sources, she is well educated. Juana Ahumada used to work as an assistant to Pedro Rivera before she became his wife.

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What Is Pedro Rivera Famous For?

Pedro Rivera is Juana Ahumada husband and also the father of superstar (Jenni Rivera and Lupillo Rivera).  Pedro Rivera is popular for being a musician and taking the latin music to places around the world.

Does Pedro Rivera Have A Child?

Whether Pedro Rivera has children or not has become a question that people want answers to. The truth is, Pedro Rivera and Juana Ahumada do not have any biological children together. However, Pedro Rivera has six children from his previous marriage. Although, Pedro Rivera lost one of his children. We can say Juana Ahumada is a step mom to five step children.

Juana Ahumada Family Background

Most celebrities like to live a private life without disclosing so much about their families for reasons best known to them. The same goes for Juana Ahumada, she does not have any information on the internet concerning her family.

Juana Ahumada Education

I have mentioned earlier in this article that there is not so much information about Juana Ahumada’s education. According to sources, she attended a high school in Mexico and proceeded to Unity college to get a degree.

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Full Details About Juana Ahumada Marriage To Pedro Rivera

Juana Ahumada’s Husband

Juana Ahumada had worked for Pedro Rivera as his personal assistant for a period of 8 years before they got married. Juana Ahumada and Pedro Rivera got married on February 28th 2019 in Huntington Park, California. Their marriage was not known to any of their fans since it was a private wedding, it became public after Pedro announced it on a show (Un Nuevo Da) after they had been married for months.

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The announcement of their marriage left many fans in shock as they began to compare the singer’s wife with his ex-wife. Regardless of all the back lash the couples get because of their marriage, they seem to be a happy couple and enjoying marriage together.

Who Is Juana Ahumada Husband?

Juana Ahumada is married to Pedro Rivera who is a Mexican composer, singer, actor, performer as well as record producer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Juana Ahumada’s Net Worth?

It is believed that Juana Ahumada’s net worth is about $400,000. Her source of income remains being a assistant to her husband as well as other investments she had made early in her life.

2. How Long Have Juana Ahumada Been Married To Pedro Rivera?

The two love birds have been married for four years now.

3. Juana Ahumada Instagram Handle?

Juana Ahumada seems to be a private person and appears not to be on any social media platform.

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