What Does In Transit Mean Or On Transit? Which Is Correct? Answered

English Can Be Quite Challenging Especially When Dealing With Parts Of Speech. Find Out The Right Preposition To Go With “Transit”. 

What Does In Transit Mean

What Does In Transit Mean: When people are moving or going from one place to another, they love to use the word “Transit”. However, this word can also mean a product being carried from one location to another. The confusing part of using this word is the preposition it is supposed to go with; as in, “in” or “on”. In this article, we are going to find out which of the following prepositions is suitable.

I would advise that you read this article with rapt attention so that you do not miss details. Before we proceed, which of the prepositions do you think is correct? “in” or “on”? let’s find out if your choice is the correct use. Let’s go!

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What Does In Transit Mean?

When you hear “in transit”, what does it really mean? Well, it is used to refer to something that is being transported. Most times, this phrase is used by companies that deal with logistics and delivery. In the actual sense, it means that your package (what you have ordered) is on its way to being delivered.

It is also important to note that the use of this phrase is not just limited to logistics and delivery. It can mean that someone is on the way to a place.

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What Does On Transit Mean?

“On transit” is used when trying to refer to a person who is on their way or using a transportation system to get to a destination. Most times, this is proper when one is using a public transport system. You can refer to any public transport system as “transit”.

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What Does In Transit Mean Or On Transit?

There is just a slight difference between these two phrases and usually, people use the interchangeably. You can find how to use these phrases correctly below.

How To Use In Transit?

When you want to talk about a product or a package that is still on its way and yet to be delivered, you can simply say “In transit”. For instance, you can say “Your hair order is yet to arrive at its destination as it is still in transit”.

How To Use On Transit?

We have also mentioned that “on transit” can be used when talking about public transportation. For instance, you can say “We usually travel outside the state on transit”. It is important to use both in the right context especially if you are communicating through writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does In Transit Mean Out For Delivery?

Yes, it means what you have ordered is out for delivery.

2. Is It Correct To say I’m In Transit?

It is more appropriate to say I’m on transit if you are taking a public transport system.

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3. What Is Transit In English Grammar?

It simply means to pass through or across a place, area, country to another destination.


The actual difference between “in” and “On” transit is very little; in that, they can easily be used interchangeably. When you need to communicate about the delivery of a product, it is better you make use of transit with the preposition “in” while when you wish to communicate about public transportation, it is best you use the preposition “on”. I hope this article was very helpful. If you have any question, please let us know in the comment section down below!

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