When Will WAEC Withheld Result Be Out For 2023?

All WAEC Withheld Results For 2023 Have Now Been Released. Discover How To Check All WAEC Withheld Results. 

When Will WAEC Withheld Result Be Out

When Will WAEC Withheld Result Be Out: Are you part of those that had their results withheld after the WAEEC examination for 2023? Are you wondering when your withheld result will be out? Then this article is for you. There are so many people that have found themselves in the shoe of “withheld” result. If you have not engaged in ay form of malpractice, there is no need to panic, keep reading this article to find out the solution.

In this article, you are going to find information pertaining to WAEC withheld results and the release date for outstanding, cancelled and withheld results.

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Why Is My WAEC Result Withheld?

The most common reason for WAEC result being held is examination malpractice. It does not necessary mean you were involved, after investigation has been done and you did not engage in any form of examination malpractice, then your result will be released.

If you are also checking your result with incorrect information, then you may not be able to see your result. Make sure you crosscheck your information before you check your result.

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When Will WAEC Withheld Result Be Out 2023?

If your 2023 WAEC result was withheld, I have good news for you because withheld results have now been released. WAEC withheld result was release 9th October 2023. This means that you can now see your result from 9th October 2023 if you have any outstanding result.

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How To Check WAEC Withheld Result

If you wish to check your withheld result, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of WAEC waecdirect.org
  • Fill in your examination number as well as your examination year
  • Next, pick your examination type either May/June or Nov/Dec.
  • Input your card serial number and PIN of the result checker card that you have bought (If you have not purchased any result checker yet, you can do so at any cyber café from trusted online vendors).
  • Click on submit and you will now be able to view your result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if I Passed My WAEC Result?

You can check your WAEC result through the WAEC portal with your examination number and your exam result checker pin. You would then see your result if you have passed or not.

What Happens If Your Fail WAEC Exam?

If you have failed WAEC exam, you will not be able to further your education. You will need to posses at least a credit in your core subjects. You can retake the WAEC examination next year if you have failed this year.

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Can I Use Someone Else’s Scratch Card To Check My WAEC Result?

No, it is impossible to check your WAEC result with someone else’s scratch card. You will need to purchase your own unique pin.

Can I purchase WAEC Scratch Card Online?

Yes, it is now possible to purchase an e-PIN online to check your WAEC result. However, you need to be sure that you are buying from the right source to avoid scam.

What Is The Lowest Grade In WAEC?

The lowest possible grade one can get in the WAEC exam is an F9.


It is possible not to see your WAEC result after the release date of the withheld results if you engaged in any form of examination malpractice. However, all results will not be released same day, you can wait for some days and re check. If you have any issue trying to check your withheld result, do not hesitate to reach out to WAEC. I hope this article was quite helpful to you.

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