When Will NECO Withheld Result Be Out For 2023?

NECO Has Just released Her Result For The 2023 Examinations. If Your Result Has Been Withheld, Find Out Why And When It Will Be Out. 

When Will NECO Withheld Result Be Out

When Will NECO Withheld Result Be Out: Did you sit for the June/July NECO 2023 and your result was part of the withheld results? Do you want to know why and necessary steps to take in this case? In this article we shall discuss on the result date of the NECO Withheld results release date. If you are interested in knowing if NECO result is out, or when NECO result 2023 will be out, or the release date for withheld results and how to check NECO result online in 2023, keep reading this article to get these information.

There are a few reasons why you NECO 2023 results might be withheld, and these reasons are as follows:

Malpractice And Use of Exam Machineries

Examination malpractice is one of the most common if not the most common reason for the withholding of results for any exam which is also applied in NECO. if you are caught be am invigilator and you were made to fill out a form, in this case, your results would most likely be withheld.

In the case of using Exams Machinery, this means students hiring help to write the exams for them due to one reason or the other students might have, if you have done this during the exam and you notice your result was was withheld, know that this is the reason your result was withheld. And in this case you have to wait for the NECO board to decide if your results will be released.

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Did You Fill Exam Malpractice Form?

If you were caught committing an examination offense of what so ever and was handed a form to fill out, you should know that your results would not be available for you immediately.

When Will NECO Withheld Result Be Out 2023?

Candidates with withheld results should know that the Nigerian Examinations Committee (NEC) will first have to convene a conference meeting in order to discuss the results, after which it will consider the verdict of those candidates involved in misconduct. However, if you have not been involved in any misconduct, your results will be released soon.

Note that the NEC  will release the withheld result along with the next result to be released.

Candidates found guilty of misconduct during exams might not have their results uploaded online and might have to re sit for the NECO.

How To Check NECO Withheld Result

The first step to take for your NECO Withheld Result is to immediately contact the school in which the examination was taken and make a complaint and the school will take it from there. Once the result is resolved, follow these steps to check your NECO Withheld result:

You’ll need a token to check your NECO results.

Step 1: Go to NECO result checking portal at

Step 2: Pick your exam year. i.e. 2023

Step 4: Pick your exam type,

Step 5: Select SSCE Internal June/July

Step 6: Enter your Token Number and registration number in the appropriate columns. Step 7: Finally, click on check result button to access your NECO result.

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When Is NECO Result Coming Out

The National Examination Council (NECO) makes results available  about 45 days after the exams has been generally over. This was due in 10th of September 2023 but due to some delay, NECO has officially announced that NECO 2023 result will be released on Tuesday, 10th October 2023. Students can expect to access their NECO results for the 2023 academic year.

Is NECO Result Out For 2023

Yes, NECO result for 2023 is officially out and can be accessible via

As of now, The National Examination Council (NECO) 2023 results for school candidates have been released. Candidates and their parents anxiously awaiting the results are encouraged to check NECO result portal to access their grades.

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Why NECO Result Is Not Out Yet?

The National Examination Council (NECO)  has acknowledged that there were certain challenges that led to the delay in releasing the results. While apologizing for the delay, NECO has assured all candidates who participated in the examination that 98% of the SSCE results are ready and will be made available soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is NECO Results Out 2023?

YES, The NECO 2023 Result has been released as at 10th of October 2023.

2. What is A Token Number In NECO?

This is the number you will use to check your results.

3. Why Does NO CA3 Appear When You Check Your NECO 2023 Results?

It’s essential to be aware that some candidates might encounter a “NO CA3” message when checking their NECO results. This cryptic message signifies that the candidate’s CA3 was not uploaded. Unfortunately, if you receive this message, you won’t be able to view your results at the time.

4. What Does Seeing “Results Not Released Due To Debt” Mean?

If you see a “result not released due to debt” message. This message means that your result has not been released because your state government owes NECO money. Once the debt is settled, your result will become accessible.

5. How Much Is NECO Scratch Card And Token Number?

NECO scratch card can be sold are bookshops and some cyber café and it is sold at #1000 only. Which token number is sold at #1200 only.


If you have read this article you should have enough knowledge now on why NECO withhold results and what it takes to resolve issues, if NECO results 2023 is out and how to check.

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