Everything About Kevin Samuels Wife And Marriage

Want To Know If Kevin Samuels Was Married Before His Death? Find Answers To All The Questions You have About Kevin Samuels In This Post. 

About Kevin Samuels Wife

About Kevin Samuels Wife: Ever heard of Kevin Samuels? Want to have an idea of how he lived his life before his death? Then, you have come to the right place for this information. This article would give you useful and valid information on everything you need to know about Kevin Samuels. Let’s get right into it.

As a relationship coach and media personality, many people want to find out more about Kevin’s personal life, if he had a wife or a child. The fact remains that your relationship or personal lives do not need to be perfect as celebrity. Did Kevin Samuels have a perfect family? Let’s find out in as we go deeper into this article.

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Kevin Samuels Profile

Full Name Kevin Roshon Samuels
Date of birth March 13th 1965
Age 56 (As of death)
Date of death May 5th 2022
Gender Male
Place of birth Oklahoma, United states.
Nationality American
Marital status Divorced


Who Is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels is a popular Youtuber and a dating coach who was well known for his relationship advice. Kevin Samuels was born in the mid-60s in Atlanta, Georgia. Very little is known about Kevin Samuels as he does not disclose his personal information on the internet.

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Was Kevin Samuels Married?

Even though Kevin Samuels was a popular relationship coach, his relationship life was not the best. As at the time of Kevin’s death, he was not married to anyone. However, he had been previously married to two women. Sadly, we do not have any information as regards their names.

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Kevin Samuels Wife

Kevin Samuels was known to have been married twice in his lifetime and they all ended in a divorce. His first wife was his high school love. They divorced just a year after they had gotten married. They have a daughter together who was born in 2001. She is currently in her 20s but there is not much known about her as well.

Kevin Samuel remarried after about seven years after his first divorce. Nothing is known about his second wife. It will shock you to know that there is no picture of Kevin Samuels wife on the internet, whether they have online presence or not, it is not known.

How Many Children Kevin Samuels Had?

Kevin Samuels has a daughter from his first marriage to his high school love, His daughter is currently in her early 20s but not so much is known about her. We do not have any information as regard if Kevin Samuels had a child from his latter marriage or if he had a child outside marriage.

Who Was Kevin Samuels Girlfriend?

In 2020, there was a rumor that Kevin was dating an Instagram model @sixthegoddis and later linked to model Brittany Renner in 2021. However, we cannot verify if the information is true or false because Kevin Samuels kept his issues personal.

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What Happened To Kevin Samuels?

On May 5th 2022, Kevin Samuels died suddenly. He had complained of chest pain earlier and then he collapsed. According to sources, he was at his house when he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital but could not be brought back to life. The reported cause of his death was hypertension.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Did Kevin Samuels Pass Away?

Kevin Samuels died of hypertension.

2. How Many Wives Did Kevin Samuels Have?

Kevin Samuels was married twice and later divorced.

3. What Does Kevin Samuels Do?

Kevin Samuels is a media consultant, lifestyle coach as well as a Youtuber.

4. Did Kevin Samuels Have An Autopsy?

Yes, an autopsy was conducted and it was revealed that he died of hypertension.

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