Best Female Jobs Without A Degree | Top 20 Highest Paying

Looking For A Job You Can Get Without Having A Degree? Check Out Our List Of High Paying Best Female Jobs Without A Degree. 

Best Female Jobs Without A Degree

Best Female Jobs Without A Degree: Do you want to know the best female jobs without a degree there is? There are several jobs you can do as a female without having a degree, in this article we would be talking about these bets female jobs without degree. Keep reading this article to know more.

Many years ago, females were not allowed to do any job except keeping the homes. But as time went by they can now be involved any job they wish to have even from the field of engineering to arts, women can now be whatever they want to be. Women can get a job with or without a degree, a list has been complied of best female jobs without a degree.

Top 20 Highest Paying Female Jobs Without A Degree

Below is a list of the highest paying female jobs you can get without acquiring a degree with their salaries per year included.

1. Post Master

A post master job is one of the highest paid jobs which you can earn about $82,760 per year you do not require a degree but just a high school diploma. The job literally involves anything related to helping the post office branch run smoothly. Also a prior experience with postal services is also required for the job of a post master or a mail superintendent.

2. Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent or broker means you will help people buy and sell their homes. It is not a typical 9 – 5 job, meaning your weekends will be dedicated to house showings. It is one of the highest paying and best female job without a degree with an average yearly pay of $48,770.

3. Property Manager

You can also be a property manager if you like the idea of working in an office setting and also going out frequently to the community. Property managers handles tasks like listing and showing available apartments, meeting with property owners etc. It is one of the best female jobs without a degree you can possible get with a yearly pay of about $59,230.

4. Police Officer/ Detective

Requiring just a high school diploma and a training academy, Police officer another of the best female jobs without a degree. Being a police officer or a detective means you can be able to help and protect people of your community, solving crimes and bringing criminals to justice. A police officer or detective earns about $93,100 per year.

5. Executive Assistant

Being an executive assistant, you are basically a manager’s right hand person, preparing important reports, researches and handling information requests. The position requires High school diploma or in some cases requires diploma, Prior work experience, good people skills and computing skills. The job is a position that can open doors to varieties of opportunities and workers are paid about $65,980 per year.

6. Claims Adjuster

Claims adjusters are the ones responsible for evaluating insurance claims and either approving or denying them, so the basic job of a claim adjuster to inspect damages claims in person before you are able to make your assessment. It is a job with requires as minimum as a high school diploma or any equivalent for entry-level positions with a yearly pay of about $64,710.

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7. Court Reporter

Do have passion for typing? Or have a high speed and accuracy while typing? With a postsecondary non degree certification, you could easily be a court reporter. Though it is a unisex position, it is one of the highest and best female jobs without a degree. You would need to be able to stay focused typing word for word even under pressure. It has an annual pay of about $60,380.

8. Wholesale & Manufacturing Sale Representative

This is another of the best female jobs without a degree, it simply involves closing deals with businesses, organizations and government agencies. To go for this job, you need to make sure that you are a persuasive person that can sell anything to anybody. This has a pay of about $62,890 a year.

9. Insurance Sales Agent

An insurance sales agent is another of the best female jobs without a degree which just requires a High school diploma or equivalent. There are different types of insurance, you can earn hefty commission selling these polices to clients. The jobs relies on you being friendly and open, meeting with clients, finding a coverage that meets their needs and answering their questions. Though you might not need a degree for this job, but training is required. The job has a yearly pay of about $49,840.

10. Hearing Aid Specialist

With a yearly pay of about $59,020 and a requirement of technical knowledge and a High school diploma, Hearing aid Specialist another of the best female jobs without a degree there is. A hearing aid specialist works to select and fit hearing aids for customers.

11. Flight Attendant

This is another of the best female jobs without a degree, you will require a high school diploma and training dealing with a lot of customers during the day. Doing the job, you get a chance to meet a lot of people and go around the world with, a yearly pay of $63,760.

12. Writer/Author

Having deadlines in mind, being a writer means you get to work on your own time, location and schedule. It a job that does not require a degree and may or may not require a High school diploma. This is a job for you if you have a way with words or did well in languages and literature classes. Being a writer or an author could get you an average yearly pay of about $69,510.

13. Make-Up Artist

A make-up artist could earn up to$75,730 a year especially when you choose to work in the theater, you do not need a degree to excel in this job, but some certifications and experience could make the work get exciting for you. Being creative and fashionable could be all you need to do well in this field and once you are great, the sky is just your starting point.

14. Web Developer

A web dev. builds and improve websites which is a pretty useful skill in recent times, you do not necessarily need a degree to get this job but you have to have a good experience with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. You could work easily as a freelancer full tumen ad make money while creating websites for companies. An average web developer earns averagely about $78,300 per year.

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15. Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots are one of the highest paid jobs you can get involved in that do not require any degree even as a woman. Though you might not need a degree for this, you would still have a series of training to pass through and a commercial certificate. It is quite different from an airline pilot, this involves flights such as transporting skydiver passengers or working as an air ambulance pilot. It has a yearly pay of about $99,640.

16. Social Media Manager

Without any schooling you can be a social media manager, which makes it another of the best female jobs without a degree there is. It is a great gig especially if you are creative and great at marketing, an experience in photography, video editing and writing could go a long way for you in this job. An average social manager earns about $72,860 per year.

17. Dental Hygienist

An average Dental Hygienist earns about $77,810 a year, to become a dental hygienist you will need to get an associate degree in dental hygiene, it takes about three years to get though. Being a part-time job with a less amount of weekend shift makes it one of the best female jobs without a degree.

18. Personal Care Aide

Personal care aides provides assistance to people with disabilities or chronic illnesses by helping them with daily living tasks. It do not require a degree but a formal standardized training is required for those looking to join this job. It has an average yearly pay pf $30,000.

19. Licensed Practical Nurse

With an average yearly salary of about $48,070 and a minimum education requirement of postsecondary non-degree award, Licensed practical nurses work with doctors and nurses to assist with patient care, they complete paper works, administer medications etc. To get the necessary training you could attend an accredited program or vocational school.

20. Massage Therapist

Massage therapist undergoes postsecondary education program. The job aids in relieving pain, stress and healing injuries by manipulating joints, muscles and other soft tissues of the body which also aids relaxation. A massage therapist earns averagely $46,910 on an annual basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Most Attractive Job For A Girl?

There are so many attractive jobs for girls of which one is hair dressing.

2. What Is The Fastest Job To Get?

Administrative assistant is one of the fastest jobs you can get even without experience.

3. What Is The Highest Paying Job In Nigeria?

A petroleum engineer in Nigeria, earns the highest out of every other profession.

4. How Can A Woman Make Good Money?

She can get into the writing which is one of the fastest and best jobs you can get if she has a creative mind and good with languages.

5. Which Country Needs Workers The Most?

Canada is considered one of the top countries for job opportunities.


In conclusion, this article has provided a list of highest paid and best female jobs without a degree. Have it at the back of your mind that though you may not need a degree to get certain jobs but an experience and skills could go a long way for you to keep you on top of things on the job.

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