Careers For Females Without College | Top 30 

Need A Good Job Without A Degree? Check Out The Best Careers For Females Without Having A College Degree.    

Careers For Females Without College

Careers For Females Without College:  There are so many careers for females without college out there, do you want to know some of these career paths? Regardless of your education level, these jobs give you the opportunity to learn as you work, emphasizing skills over experience and education.

Are you a high school graduate or college dropout that wish to go into the labor market? Keep reading this article to know the careers for female without college you can get started and pursue right after high school.

Top 30 Careers For Female Without College

The following are career paths that do not require college or college degree to get started:

1. Data Entry Clerk

The primary duties of a data entry clerk is to use computer to add alphanumerical data to a company’s database, processing and use to hire organization. It is a great career for females without college, the basis requirements for the job is basic computer skills, good typing speed and strong work ethic.

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2. Personal Care Aide

The basic job of a personal care aide is to assist people living with disabilities or chronic illness and cannot help themselves by helping them with daily living tasks. The job do not require a degree but a formal standardized training is required for those looking to join this job.

3. Real Estate Agent

This is one of the most popular career for females without college or degree. It is a job which requires your ability to help people buy and sell their homes on a 9-5 basis plus your weekends being dedicated to house showings.

4. Sales Representative

This is another career for females without college which has a relatively high pay per year depending on how much work you put in. The main responsibility of a sales representative is to sell products or services to customers or potential customers, advertising, prospecting the market and persuading people to buy using various sales techniques. The job requires employees to have excellent communication skills, good work ethics and charisma.

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5. Marketing Representative

A marketing representative work closely with the sales and development teams to determine right pricing and strategies to raise customer awareness regarding the products or services sold by the company. The job may not require a degree but requires a sale/marketing experience and soft skills.

6. Hairdressing

Hairdressing is a very exciting career for females without college. They work with variety of clients to improve their hair health and looks. The role requires good customer assistance, artistry, active listening, good team work, endurance, professionalism, honesty, confidence and salon product sales.

7. Event Planner

This is another career for females without college which involves working in events management agencies or independently coordinating events such as weddings, parties or conferences. This role requires workers to have the ability to work perfectly under pressure, having high endurance, professionalism even more than a college degree.

8. Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound technician work in close contact with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and radiologists preparing patients for procedures, maintaining ultrasound equipment, recording patient history and present findings to the medical team.

To excel in this job, it is necessary to have both hard skills and soft skills, hard skills which means technical skills and soft skills meaning interpersonal communication. Without requiring a college degree, an ultrasound technician is required to undergo a 2 years of full time attendance for the Associate of Science Degree in diagnostic medical sonography.

9. Paralegal

Paralegals duties involves preparing legal documents, research, admin, providing quotes to clients, interviewing clients and witnesses, giving clients legal information and going to court and handling a caseload of clients. The requirements of a paralegal is having a good understanding of the law and legal system and good administration skill and a degree from a program approved by the ABA or complete a paralegal certification.

Paralegals use technology and computer software for managing and organizing the increasing amount of documents and data collected during a case.

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10. Restaurant Hostess

This is one of the careers for females without college especially those that may be passionate about cooking or serving customers. This is advantageous in the sense that it offers you opportunity to connect with people daily, to excel in this job, you must have very good customer service skill and ability to work fast and under pressure.

The basic role of a restaurant hostess is to provide guests with menus and answering questions, seating guests at tables or in waiting areas, assigning guests to tables they prefer, responding to complaints and helping to resolve them and providing great customer service.

The requirements of this job are; high school diploma or equivalent, ability to stand for long period of time, positive attitude to work, perform high quality work without supervision, ability to handle money accurately and follow instructions.

Other Careers For Female Without College

  • A Administrative Assistant
  • A Copywriter
  • A Diver
  • A Web Developer
  • A Customer Service Representative
  • A Driver
  • A Commercial Pilot
  • A Dental Hygienist
  • A Travel Agent
  • A Consultant
  • A Database Administrator
  • A Insurance Agent
  • A Detective
  • A Farmer
  • A Phone Interviewer
  • A Courier
  • A Pharmacy Technician
  • A Medical Technician
  • A Business Intelligence Analyst
  • A Dispatcher

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Make More Money If I Don’t Have A Degree?

Ways to make more money includes; investing in stock market, creating online content, renting out a property etc.

2. How Can A Woman Make Good Money?

She can get into writing which is one of the fastest and best jobs she can get if she has a creative mind and good with languages.

3. What Can I Put On A Resume Instead Of A Degree?

You could include certifications, skills and volunteering in the place of your education information.

4. How Much Can I Make Per Year Without A Degree?

It is possible to make over $100,000 yearly without a degree, depending on the job you take on for instance of you take a sales job, you can increase your earnings based on how many units you sell.

5. What Is The Most Attractive Job For A Girl?

There are so many attractive jobs for girls of which one is hair dressing.


There are several careers for females without college and this article has been able to list some of the common ones. Just by getting the necessary requirements for the job and experiences you can excel well in these jobs without having even a college degree.

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