High Paying Jobs Nobody Wants | Top 10

Everybody Hopes To Find A Well Paying Job But There Is An Exception. Find Out High Paying Jobs Nobody Wants. 

High Paying Jobs Nobody Wants

High Paying Jobs Nobody Wants: Do you know that there are a lot of jobs that has a very high pay but nobody would like to do it? This article would be talking about these jobs. While not all of the jobs have a notably high paycheck, several of them require no degree which means that you can jump right in and pay well for not requiring higher education. If you are willing to have a career nobody else wants due to its high pay, then keep reading this article because it has a list for you.

These jobs may or may not require a degree but most require a high school diploma or equivalent to be eligible. The major reasons why people do not want these jobs is due to the fact that it might be a  dirty job, very high risk job or require high physical labor, or it could be all these three factor. Due to the fact that not much people are interested in these jobs could of a high advantage to you in the sense that it could be very easy to get and they pay relatively high.

10 High Paying Jobs Nobody Wants

1. Mortician

The average annual salary of a mortician is $49,000 which actually requires a Bachelor’s degree in Mortuary Science. They have training in embalming, cremating and organizing funerals, helping customers understand their options, selling the products and services of the funeral home.  A mortician is one who prepares the body of the deceased for viewing before loved ones can say their goodbyes.

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The job is quite a difficult one as it brings you face-to-face with the dead on a daily basis which is the top reason why nobody wants this job, but if you feel the pay is worth the job you can go ahead and get into it.

2. Elevator Repairer

The responsibilities of an elevator repairer is basically to use the blueprints of buildings to assemble the moving pieces of a transportation device that buildings are now reliant on. The job is one which requires a lot experience in learning and working on the job, it is also a high responsibility job which people might be scared to be reason for accidents, but I tell you if you do the job well and properly you can expect to make over six figures per year.

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An elevator repairer is one of the high paying jobs nobody wants which has an education requirement of just high school diploma or equivalent plus a good amount of time of training, it has an average annual pay of $77,000.

3. Crab Fisherman

This is another high paying job nobody wants in which workers in this field earn averagely $51,000 per year. The job does not require any formal education to get into but the process of getting the crabs from the Ocean to the plate of customers is a grueling task for the crab fishers.

It requires workers to work for months in the cold, harsh seas, facing some of the most dangerous storms, it also requires high level of physical strength to pack a massive amount of crabs. Having these requirements you will be on the path to make well over $100,000 per year.

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4. Sanitary Landfill Operator

The daily duties of a sanitary landfill operator involves using heavy machinery like bulldozers to tunnel through and transport piles of trash. The job takes place at a landfill site dedicated to the sole purpose of storing waste, it is a very dirty job that requires very high machinery use skill and pays an average of $47,000 per year which makes it one of the high paying jobs nobody wants. A Sanitary Landfill Operator work also requires at least a high school diploma or GED.

5. Plumber

A plumber earns an average annual salary of $55,000. It is another dirty but high paying job nobody wants as plumbers spends a lot of time dealing with dirty water, in crawlspaces, with a mistake causing a lot of damage and making a giant mess. The job does not require a college degree but you get the skills needed for the job through trade school or apprenticeship.

6. Lead Sewage Plant Worker

This is another high paying job nobody wants which also do not require college education but an experience as a sewer plant worker. The average annual salary of a lead sewage plant worker is about $59,000.

7. Hazardous Waste Removal Worker

The majority of a hazardous waste removal workers job is assessing whether an area has hazardous materials and removing them safely if it has. With a n education requirement of a high school diploma or equivalent, the average annual salary of a hazardous waste removal worker is $46,000.

They spend most of their work hours working with hazardous materials such as radioactive waste, lead and asbestos. These waste materials are really harmful to the health which is the reason it is one of the high paying job nobody wants, the job is for those who see themselves as having a strong stomach and the ability to separate yourself from the work you are doing.

8. Truck Driver

With just a high school diploma or GED, a truck driver earns averagely $51,000 per year. The job requires stamina to take on long-haul drives across different states, transporting materials, loading cargo, inspecting trucks before and after driving and drafting relevant paperwork. Most times the job involves sleeping in the vehicle which makes it one of the high paying jobs nobody wants.

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9. Coal Miner

This is one of the riskiest jobs ever which could record over a hundred deaths in a year, plus the health risk involved in the job makes it one of the high paying jobs nobody wants. A coal miner earns about $46,000 averagely in a year, requiring just a high school diploma and past experience to get you set for the job. Though it could be a dark, dirty and clustered job, workers in this field are still needed.

10. Oil Well Rig Driller

Earning an average yearly salary of about $70,000, an oil well rig digger works on shorelines or sea and endured extremely torturous circumstances. Workers in this field work in shifts 12 hours per day on boats, and during these long hours’ workers are expected to clean, maintain pipes and operate the rotary drill. The job involves spending months living uncomfortably on a boat and away from family which makes it one of the high paying jobs nobody wants as it does not provide much work-life balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Are There Jobs Nobody Wants?

There are very few people willing to make a career out of these jobs listed in these article because they are uncomfortable, dangerous or dirty or a combination of all.

2. What Skills Are Needed To Do Jobs Nobody Wants?

The skills required for most of these jobs could be learned on the job, some skills needed is an ability to work heavy machinery, and being in good physical condition.

3. What Jobs Require The Least Hours And Pay Well?

A real estate agent is one of the least hour job which pays well, others could include; acting, dietician etc.

4. What Job Is The Most Demanding?

Fitness trainers have the most demanding job

5. What Jobs Are Most Needed In Future?

Operations analyst, mental health counselors, fire protection engineer are the top most needed jobs in future.


This article has provided a list of the top 10 high paying jobs nobody wants. Know that these jobs as nobody wants to do them it is easier to get into it as they barely require a degree or even formal education.

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