Top 10 Tope Alabi Songs 2024

Discover Inspiring And Mind Blowing Worship Songs From Tope Alabi. 

Tope Alabi Songs

Tope Alabi Songs: Are you a fan of Tope Alabi and want to know her top songs? In this article, we will be talking about the top10 Tope Alabi. Discover some of Tope Alabi’s great songs that tops all of her other works as you keep reading this article.

We will be talking about one of Nigeria’s renowned gospel singer and actress, Top Alabi. She has been a part of the music industry for a quite some years and is seen as a top artist in the gospel music. Keep reading this article as we discuss more on who Tope Alabi is and her top 10 songs.

Who Is Tope Alabi?

Patricia Temitope Alabi popularly known as Tope Alabi is one of the most successful gospel artist in Nigeria. She is popularly known for her sound which is a blend of Yoruba language in a soulful worship song. Tope Alabi was born on the 27th of October 1970 in Lagos State where are talent was nurtured by her parents. Tope Alabi is also talented in the acting world and has written over 300 yoruba movies and still writing.

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Top 10 Tope Alabi Songs

In no particular order, we have curated a list of the top 10 Tope Alabi’s songs which are as follows;

1. You Are Worthy

One of the most popular songs of the singer/actress is “You Are Worthy”. This is a thanksgiving song which shows the singers appreciation for the goodness and faithfulness of God in a highly soulful manner.

2. Logan Ti Ode

Another top Tope Alabi song is “Logan Ti Ode”. This beautiful song was made by TY Bello and George talking about the essence and importance of holding on to your faith in God during hard times in your life. The song title translates to “the moment he steps in” telling a story about God’s power and how he transforms lives when he is welcomed in them. The song is a reminder that we are not alone on our journey and in darkest times in out lives.

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3. Mimo L’Oluwa

Released in 2007 in her Angeli Mi album is another top Tope Alabi song titled Mimo L’Oluwa which has remained as one of her successful songs till date. This beautiful worship song exalts the Holy God giving you a deep sense of reverence with the emotions backed by the singers voice. You should listen to this song when in the mood to reverence God’s holiness.

4. Agbara Nla

Another top and popular song by the singer Tope Alabi is “Agbara Nla” which celebrates the power of God. Its uplifting energy makes the song a popular and one of the favourite of the singers fans.

5. Oruko Tuntun

One of the best songs from the singer is Oruko Tuntun which is a blend of traditional Yoruba rhythms and contemporary gospel sounds. The song talks about the celebration of a new era and the transformation of lives through faith. This is a top song to be on the singers projects.

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6. Yes And Amen

Another song on this list is “Yes And Amen” which is also another power and heartfelt worship song that speaks on agreeing and aligning with the promises of God. Since 2018 which the song was released in her album “Yes And Amen” having the same name with the track, it has been one of fans favourite songs from the gospel singer.

7. Mo Se Ba

One of Tope Alabi’s latest tracks, released in 2023, Mo Se Ba is another of her top songs which praises and honours God. The song is a part of her  ‘Igbowo Eda’ Album in 2023. This track gives a deep connection with God while glorifying him. For a lover of worship songs, this is a top pick for you.

8. Oluwa E Tobi

Another top Tope Alabi’s songs is Oluwa E Tobi, which translates to “The Lord Is great”. It is one of her most passionate songs which encourages listeners to express their love for the Creator.

9. Agbelebu

Agbelebu is another of Tope Alabi’s best songs since its release date in 2012 and till now is still one of her most played songs. The song is a perfect blend of traditional instruments and modern production which elevates your listening experience.

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10. Jesus Reigns

The last song we will be discussing is Jesus Reigns which is a collaboration song with another powerful gospel artist, Nathaniel Bassey. The song speaks on the glory of God through Christ and shows an expression of gratitude towards the goodness of God.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. At What Age Did Tope Alabi Start Singing?

She started singing at the younger age, when she joined the choir in her local Catholic church at the age of seven. Tope has ability to produce different traditional and modern beats.

2. Who Is The First Gospel Singer In Nigeria?

In the year 1925 Revd. Ransome-Kuti recorded and released a 43 songs under Zonophone Records (now Warner Music Group), making him the first Nigerian to have recorded gospel songs.

3. How Much Does Tope Alabi Charge Per Show?

Some of the most popular Nigerian gospel singers, such as Tope Alabi, Nathaniel Bassey, and Sinach, can earn several millions of naira per show. For example, in 2019, it was reported that Tope Alabi charged between 3 to 5 million naira per show, while Nathaniel Bassey charged between 5 to 10 million naira per show.

4. What Year Did Tope Alabi Release Her First Album?

Tope Alabi came to limelight in 2000 after releasing the debut album Oore ti O Common. This album brought her fame and also earned her the moniker Oore ti o Common and Agbo Jesu.

5. How Long Has Tope Alabi Been Singing?

She started singing at the younger age, when she joined the choir in her local Catholic church at the age of seven. Tope has ability to produce different traditional and modern beats.


In this article we have listed and discussed the top 10 songs of the talented gospel artist Tope Alabi. Do well to listen to these songs if you haven’t to have a first hand experience of these anointed songs.

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