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CBA KNEC Portal: Are you looking to gather information on the CBA KNEC portal login? We have got you covered in this article, we will be discussing the registration process, how to access CBA KNEC portal, transferring schools for learners and much more. Keep reading this article to get full information on the CBA KNEC portal login.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has developed a Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) Portal, which is a web-based system for managing the registration of Grade 6 learners for KPSEA. As learners move through the 6-2-3-3 they will have chance to choose a preferred school. To Register learners under KPSEA portal, schools are required to log into the KNEC CBA portal using their Assessment Centre log-in credentials (Username and Password). For accountability, the system is able to track actions performed by users to ensure data integrity.

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CBA KNEC Portal Login

To log into the KNEC CBA portal, follow these steps:

  • Access the link
  • Enter your User name (which is the Knec School code) and password.
  • Click ‘Login’

CBA KNEC Online Grade School Selection And Registration Process

Below are steps select a school choice on KNEC portal:

  • Headteachers representing candidates should log onto the CBA portal using their log in credentials (ie. Username and password).
  • Click on the icon “Grade 6”.
  • Select “register learner”.
  • Click on “select secondary school choices” to key in candidates choice.
  • select two nationals, regional and county and four sub-county.
  • Select two private junior schools and then submit.

How To Access CBA KNEC Portal

To Access the CBA KNEC portal, the portal is accessible using the following links:

  1. CBA Portal URL/weblink:
  2. KNEC Website URL:
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How To Transfer Schools For CBC Learners

To Transfer Schools, learners must provide assessment number which can be searched using learner previous school code or name. The following are steps to transfer learners schools;

  • Access CBA portal through the KNEC website
  • Log in with school username and password to select a grade or level.
  • Click on “register learners” button
  • Click on Add Learner from another school (Transfer) button.
  • Key in student assessment number and select find.
  • Click on transfer button.

A transfer request will then be sent to learners previous school upon accepting the request and learner is transferred automatically.

KNEC Examiners Portal Login

Have you been trained as a KNEC Examiners? To log in to your portal follow the steps given below;

  • Open browser or use the link to get to the portal
  • Then, enter your User Name and Password
  • Click on ‘Login’. In case you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Rest Password’ and it will be sent via sms.

KNEC Examiners Invitation Letters

To download your invitation letters as a trained KNEC Examiners, use the following steps:

  • First, Log onto the portal by clicking on this link;
  • Then, enter your User Name and Password and click on ‘Login’. In case you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Rest Password’ and it will be sent via sms.
  • Once logged in, Select either ‘Accept contract’ or ‘Reject’.
  • If interested, click on ‘Accept Contract’ followed by ‘Download (Year i.e 2021) Marking Invitation Letter’.
  • In case you wish to update your details, then select update profile and edit your data and finally click on Save.
  • In the table below, click on ‘View’ to access your marking invitation letter.

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Easy Tvet Past Papers And Answers

Are you in your last stage of Secondary School Education? To prepare for your KNEC TVET Examination, it is important you use past questions to find out what you already know and at the same time find out what you do not know well enough or at all.

You can now download the KNEC TVET Examination past papers to assist you with your studies.

KNEC Examiners Training

Are you interested in becoming a part of the KNEC, Follow the simple steps below;

  • Access the Knec examiners portal using the link
  • Those with Cp2 accounts and passwords, should log in to the portal using their usernames and passwords.
  • Those without passwords should click on reset password button and enter their mobile number in the format 2547******** and submit to get their usernames and passwords.
  • Those without Cp2 account, click on create account and follow the instructions to create your profile.
  • Upon successful log in, complete your personal profile and save. On the dashboard click on apply for training and all the declared vacancies will be available for the trainees to choose.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Pay For KNEC?

Each applicant will be required to pay training fee of KES. 10,500through KNEC Mpesa pay bill Number: 819313using own registered mobile phone number. For the Account Number, the applicant shall indicate the applicable examination i.e. KCPE; KCSE; PTE; DTE; Business or Technical. The MPESA Reference Number must be captured on the application form in the space provided.

2. How To Reset The CP2 KNEC Account Password?

If you have forgotten the password to your account, send an SMS with the word Password to 22262. A response will be sent to your phone number to help you access your account.

3. How To Apply For Jobs Through The CP2 KNEC Portal?

You can apply for jobs after creating a CP2 KNEC portal login account. Vacancies are grouped by exam type, activity type, designation, duty station, county, and sub-county. To apply for a position, click on each dropdown tab and choose.

4. How To Withdraw An Application On The KNEC CP2 Portal?

You can withdraw a successful application if you made an error like choosing the wrong designation or have changed your mind: Log in to your CP2 KNEC portal account. Go to the Applications tab and click withdraw.

5. How To Log In To The KNEC CP2 Portal?

Existing users require their usernames and passwords to access the portal. Follow this KNEC CP2 portal login guide: Open the browser of your choice on an internet-connected device. Visit the KNEC CP2 homepage that looks like the image below.


In this article, the registration process, how to access CBA KNEC portal, transferring schools for learners and much more about KNEC portal login has been discussed. At the end of reading this article, readers will get in-depth information on how to navigate through the KNEC portal.

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