Is National Society Of High School Scholars Legit? Answered

Joining National Society Of High School Scholars? Find Out If The Association Is Legit Or Not In This Post.

Is National Society Of High School Scholars Legit

Is National Society Of High School Scholars Legit: Are you looking to know if the National Society of School Scholars is legit or not? This article has the answers you need. Are you confused about the National Society of High School Scholars due to the controversy claiming the NSHSS is a scam, keep reading this article to know the truth about the National Society of High School Scholars.

What Is National Society Of High School Scholars (NSHSS)

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) has been supporting the young academics on their journey to college as they are preparing to become future leaders since 2002. It is an Atlanta based organization that is described as a distinguished academic honor society boasting of over 1.7 million members from about 26,000 schools across 170 countries in the world.

The NSHSS being co-founded by Claes Nobel, offers students the opportunity to apply for a range of financial awards and participate in webinars and other events helping them excel and attain access to colleges and scholarships. The NSHSS offers networking opportunities for traveling abroad or into other programs to its members even after graduating high school.

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How To Join The NSHSS

Unlike the NHS or other honour societies which requires students to apply via their local chapters and adhering to all their requirements which are scrutinized as part of application. The National Society Of High School Scholars (NSHSS) sends out offer letters nationally to potential members via email or mail who meets their academic requirements, this is one of the many reasons people claim it is a scam.

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You can get an invitation to the NSHSS in these short steps;

  • Ask a trusted teacher, counselor or high school administrator to nominate you
  • Submit your mailing address to a high school educator to complete the quick online nomination form
  • If you are selected, within a few weeks your exclusive invitation to NSHSS will arrive in your mailbox containing a special code to accept your invitation.

The National Society Of High School Scholars (NSHSS) Membership

The NSHSS membership opens access to several scholarship applications and other opportunities the organization offers collecting students contact information provided by teachers and counsellors, EPCCUA and the College Board Student Search Service. If a student then decides to join, a one-time life payment of about $90 is required from the students though it may be waivered for low income students.

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Student’s membership eligibility is determined by the following criteria;

  • Between 3.5 to 4.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
  • A 1280 SAT score or higher.
  • A 1150 PSAT score or higher.
  • An ACT score of 26 or higher.
  • Being top 10% of the class
  • A total combined IB scores of 36 or higher.
  • IGCSE Grade A or higher.
  • Score of 4 or higher on any AP exam.

Asides these academic criteria listed above, the NSHSS requires students to continue demonstrating their commitment to service, leadership and character. Members are also required to attend local chapter meetings and complete some hours of unpaid service, a meeting attendance is not required neither is service commitments.

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Is National Society Of High School Scholars Legit?

To answer the question “Is National Society Of High School Scholars Legit?” the NSHSS being in existence of over 21 years is a legitimate organization offering financial awards, networking and other opportunities for its members. Though there is some controversy around the honor society, with some claiming it does not provide the benefits it promises to NSHSS members, the NSHS website states that over $2 million in scholarships are provided every year to student members.

Reasons Why The NSHSS Is Seen As Illegitimate

Reasons like the unsolicited invitation email requesting payment for membership is the most believed reason why the National Society of High School Scholars is seen as a scam. The NSHSS is a legitimate organization that offers supports via scholarship and other networking opportunities for members. Many others claim it to be a scam saying the organization tries to impersonate honour societies as it has similar abbreviated named with NHS, some claim to join the NSHSS thinking that is the NHS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Similarities Between The National Society Of High School Scholars (NSHSS) And The National Honor Society (NHS)?

Though the NSHSS and the NHS have crucial differences, they have some similarities such as membership fees, similar levels of academic achievement for entry.

2. What Are The Benefits Of The NSHSS?

The benefit of the NSHSS includes; Networking opportunities, access to scholarships and awards, leadership programs, health insurance discounts, academic advancement assistance and many more.

3. Why Is There A Fee Attached To NSHSS?

A fee is charged to help cover the organizational cost of fulfilling its mission.

4. Who Is In The Leadership Team Of The NSHSS?

Claes Nobel who founded the NSHSS in 2002, James W. Lewis- the current president of NSHSS, and Gregory J. Goff who is the chairman, president and CEO of Andeavor.

5. How Much Does NSHSS Cost?

The membership fee of the NSHSS is currently $90, which is a one-time fee payment.


This article has been able to answer the question “Is National Society of High School Scholars Legit” proving how legit and how it has helped over 2,000,000 members since it was established in 2002. A lifetime membership in NSHSS helps scholars become future leaders through scholarships, internships and more, committed to supporting you on your path to greatness.

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