How To Check NECO Result 2024 Online With Your Phone

The National Examination Council Has Released The Results For The Just Concluded NECO Exams. Find Out How To Check Your Result. 

How To Check NECO Result

How To Check NECO Result: Are you looking for information on how to check your NECO result with your phone? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, we are going to show you how you can easily check and print your NECO results whether you have written the exam recently or in the past. Stay tuned while I take you through this article!

An Overview Of NECO

NECO is the short form for National examination council. National examination council is an examination body which is charge of conduction the senior secondary certificate examination as well as the general certificate in Education.

NECO exams are usually taken on June/July and December/January.

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How To Check NECO Result 2024

If you sat for the NECO exam and you wish to check your result, you would need to get the NECO result checking token. With this token you would be able to check your NECO result online easily. In fact, it is very unique that every candidate have to get their own. To get your own result checking token, you can purchase one at a NECO office, the NECO portal or even any authorized online seller.

Additionally, you would need your NECO registration number as well as the token fee to be able to get one. One you have been able to purchase your own result checking token, you can then go to the website for checking your NECO result. Here are detailed steps on how to check your NECO result:

  • The first thing you need to do is visit the result checking portal
  • Next, fill in the necessary information needed such as: examination year, token number, examination type as well as your registration number
  • Pick the examination year which is the year you wrote your own NECO examination. The examination type signifies if you wrote your NECO exam in your secondary school or not. If you wrote it in your secondary school, pick NECO internal exams.
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  • Enter the result checking token that you previously purchased as well as your exam registration number.
  • Once you have been able to fill all the details, click on “Check result” so that you can have access to what you have scored in the NECO exam. It is advisable that you print out a copy of your NECO result so that you can keep it for future purposes.

Additional Information: You can use your result checking token for up to five times in case you need to print another copy of your NECO result. It is advisable that you keep it safe for the future.

NECO Result Release Date

If you have written the NECO exam, it is only  normal to be very curious about the release date of the results of the exam. Usually, the NECO exams are marked, graded and released forty five days after the last paper of the exam. It takes longer to release these results because of the multi choice questions and theory. Keep calm, your results would be released soon.

NECO Result Portal

The portal for checking your NECO result online is

Original NECO Result

You would need to get your original NECO certificate if you have taken the NECO exam and have passed it. There are two categories of people writing NECO. We have the internal and external. The internal is simply people that have written while in secondary school while external are individuals that have written out of the school system.

If you are an internal candidate, you would need to go to the school where you wrote the exam to get the certificate. Typically, the NECO certificate is ready for collection 3 months after the online results have been released. However, if you are an external candidate, you can collect your original NECO results from any NECO office within your state.

The documents you would be required to bring are: Sworn affidavit, NECO online result print out, one passport sized photograph, NECO photograph, NECO photo card and an identity card. It is not also free, you would need to pay the sum of 1,000 NGN for the certificate.

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My NECO Result Login

To login to check your NECO result, you would need to visit the result checking portal, fill in the necessary information needed such as: examination year, token number, examination type as well as your registration number and that is all you need to be able to login to check your result online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does NECO Pin Expire?

No, you can use your NECO Pin for as long as you like.

2. How Many Times Can I Use My NECO Token?

You can use your NECO token for 5 times

3. Can I Share One NECO Token With My Friend?

No, only one candidate can use one token at a time.

4. Does NECO Cancel Results?

Yes, if an individual is guilty of examination malpractice, his or her result can be cancelled.

5. Is D7 Fail In NECO?

If you get less than a credit in any subject in NECO, it is seen as a fail despite the fact that it is not a F9.

6. What Type Of Exam is NECO?

NECO conducts the senior secondary certificate examination (SSCE)


If you follow the simple steps we have listed in this article, it would be very easy for you to access your NECO result. I hope this article was very useful to you, if you have any challenges on this topic, let us know in the comment section below.

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