JAMB e-PIN, Price, Closing Date 2024/2025 Vend Pin

JAMB e-PIN Is Now Available For 2024/2025 UTME Examination. Discover The Methods For Purchase Of JAMB e-PIN, Price, Closing Date And More. 


JAMB e-PIN: Are you a prospective Jambite? Do you want to find out how to purchase JAMB e-PIN? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. This article covers information on the price of JAMB e-PIN, method of payment and closing date. Keep reading this article if this is the information that you are searching for.

It is no longer news that you cannot register for the UTME exam if you do not purchase an e-PIN. The e-PIN makes it possible to access the JAMB portal as a prospective candidate. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get right into it!

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What Is JAMB e-PIN?

If it is your first time taking the UTME exam, you might probably be wondering what an e-PIN is. JAMB e-PIN is a unique code that has been created by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) which prospective candidates can now use to register for the UTME exams, In past times, candidates were able to enroll for the same exam with the use of a scratch card. However, this has been replaced with an e-PIN.

The whole idea of creating the JAMB e-PIN is to give easy access to anyone who wish to register for the UTME exams as well as reduce the cases of fraud.

How To Get JAMB e-PIN

Many people want to find out how they can purchase the JAMB e-PIN. There are many ways to get one, you can stay at the comfort of your house and get the e-PIN online without stress. There are also several other ways to purchase an e-PIN which we are going to discuss in the next segment.

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Method Of Payment For JAMB e-PIN

There are many ways available for one to be able to purchase JAMB e-PIN. This means that you can now get your JAMB e-PIN without stress. Just before you get your JAMB e-PIN, you would need your profile code so if you do not have a profile code yet, get it first and then you can purchase your JAMB e-PIN through the following methods:

1. Pay Through Banks

The first possible method to pay for your JAMB e-PIN is through commercial and microfinance banks. Follow these steps to get your e-PIN:

  • Walk into any bank with you cash and then ask about JAMB e-PIN
  • Pay and your e-PIN would be sent to the mobile number that you used to register.

2. Pay Through POS

You can also pay for your JAMB e-PIN through POS. There are several POS outlets in the country. All you need to do are detailed below:

  • Walk to any POS outlet of your choice with your cash or your card, ask about JAMB e-PIN
  • Once you pay, your e-PIN would be sent to the mobile number that you used to register.

3. Pay Through Mobile Money Operators

You can choose to get your JAMB e-PIN through mobile money operator which are available at CBT centers and other outlets. Follow these simple steps:

  • Pay with cash and then your e-pin would be sent to the mobile number that you have registered with.

4. Pay Through JAMB Portal

Some people like to do their things in a formal way, if you are this kind of person, then this method is for you. You can pay for your e-PIN through the regular JAMB online portal. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the official JAMB website jamb.gov.ng
  • Click on “purchase of 2023 application document”
  • Input your profile code and then pick your method which is “Interswitch or Remita”
  • Make your payment and your e-PIN would be sent to the mobile number you have registered with.

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5. Pay Using An ATM

Lastly, you can also purchase your e-PIN using an ATM from any ATM outlet of participating banks.  Follow these steps to pay for your e-pin with an ATM:

  • Once you have gotten to an ATM, pick bill payment and then select “JAMB”
  • The next thing you need to do is input your profile code and pay
  • Your e-PIN would then be sent to the mobile number that you have registered with.
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JAMB e-PIN Price

The official price for JAMB e-PIN is 3,500 in the bank and JAMB accredited center. However, some cyber cafes do it for slightly higher than the official price.

JAMB e-PIN Closing Date

The closing date for getting an e-PIN would be the same date that the JAMB registration would end. It is important that you register as soon as possible to avoid stories that touches the heart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many Digits Is JAMB e-PIN?

The JAMB e-PIN is a unique code of ten digits.

2. Can I Get JAMB e-PIN Without Profile Code?

No, it is impossible to get an e-PIN without profile code. If you do not have a profile code. You would need to get your profile code first.

3. Can I Use My Old Profile Code To Get A New e-PIN?

Yes, it is possible for old candidates to use profile code that has been generated the previous year(s) to get a new e-PIN.


The information given in this article would help you generate your e-PIN for easy JAMB registration. However, if you are facing any challenge trying to do this, you can send an email to JAMB filing your complaint or visit any JAMB office close to you.

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