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Discover How To Access Course Materials And Other Learning Resources On KCA  Virtual Campus Portal And More. 

KCA Virtual Campus Portal Login

KCA Virtual Campus Portal Login: Are you a student of the KCA University and  would like to know more about KCA Virtual Campus portal log in? In this article, guide on how to gain access to the KCA University, how to log in to the portal and lots more are given. Keep reading this article to know more about the KCA Virtual Campus log in.

Using this portal, you can be able to access your learning resources such as course materials, note, audio and video contents etc. You can also participate in assessment activities such as assignment, test, quizes etc.

KCA University Moodle LMS Portal – Login

KCAU uses the Virtual campus via LMS to supplement classroom learning. You can now be able to access your learning resources such as course materials, note, audio and video contents etc and also participate in assessment activities

About KCA University (KCAU)

The KCA University is a private chartered non profit institution found in Kenya. It is a private business which is committed to quality service and practices offering competitive courses including Bachelor of Science in IT, Bachelor of commerce, Bachelor of business Information System and Diploma courses.

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KCA Virtual Campus Portal

In most recent times, the computer age keeps transforming the way we access educational resources as technology keeps on advancing. As s student you can easily engage in online learning like the KCAU Virtual Campus Portal. The portal provides wide range of features which offers a better and seamless learning experience.

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How To Access KCA Virtual Campus Login

In other to access the KCA Virtual Campus log in, you must have the following;

  • Have an official student number ie. 21/01234.
  • Have a KCA student email address which is automatically activated within 24 hours of registration.
  • Have registered for the trimester and paid at least 1st fee installment.

Once these are met up with, you can now access the KCA Virtual Campus log in.

How To Login KCA Virtual Campus Moodle Portal

To login to the Elearning Portal;

  • Click
  • Select on moodle on the list.
  • You will type your Student Username or Email Address then,
  • Enter your Password.
  • Click Login.

How To Reset Password For KCA Virtual Campus Moodle Portal

If you have forgotten your KCA University eLearning Portal Login Password follow these steps to reset password;

  • Click
  • Then click on the link ‘Forgotten your username or password?’
  • In the window that has opened, search for your profile using your username or email address.
  • If your profile is found, an email with password reset details will be sent to you

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How To Enroll In KCAU Virtual Campus Online

The following is a guide on how to Enroll in the LMS:

  • Open your internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Go to KCAU E-learning Portal
  • Click ‘Log in’ Feed in your username and password (as shared on email).
  • Upon successful login, Scroll below the welcome image to check all your units are reflecting in the e-learning portal.
  • Click on any of your registered units under My Courses menu to access their content. Material include Course Outlines, Notes module, assignments, CATs, etc.
  • Click on any material to have access to its contents.

Login To KCAU Virtual Campus Portal Online

To login to the Elearning Portal;

  • Click
  • You will type your Student Username or Email Address then
  • Enter your Password
  • Click Login

How To Unenroll KCA Virtual Campus Courses

The following are steps to uneroll KCA Virtual Campus courses;

  • Log in to your KCAU moodle LMS Portal.
  • Navigate to your dashboard.
  • Access search course section.
  • Enter unit code of intended unit.
  • Tap unit you wish to uneroll.
  • Tap the gear icon on the top right corner.
  • Tap Uneroll me.
  • A confirmation will appear, then click continue to successfully uneroll the unit.
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Note: You must be sure you are not offering a particular course before uneroll the course.

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KCA Moodle Contacts | Technical Support

For more information you can easily contact KCA moodle through the following;

Address: P.O Box 56808-00200, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone (+254) 0719034333


Technical Support issues can be addressed to the following emails:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Access The KCA Student Portal From Any Device?

Yes, the KCA portal for new and returning students at is accessible from various devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It has been designed to perfect adapt to different screen sizes and devices.

2. Can I Download Course Materials For Offline Use?

Courses are made available on the portal offline depending on your instructor, some allow the download and some could restrict it to maintain copyright and licensing agreements. You can ask your instructor for more information.

3. How Can Reset My Password Incase I Forget?

Use the “Forgot Password” feature on the portal to recover your password if you forget ir and follow the instructions provided, and a password reset link will be sent to your registered email address.

4. What Is The Full Meaning Of KCA?

KCA in full stands for Kenya College of Accountancy founded in July 1989.

5. Can I Enter KCA with a D Plain?

The following are the basic entry requirements for the KCAU

  • KCSE D Plain;
  • Pass in Artisan Level where applicable;
  • Any other equivalent qualification as approved by KNEC.


This article has provided information on accessing the KCA Virtual Campus portal login. The University’s student portal offers convenient access to information, personalizing the learning experience, facilitating seamless communication, and many more which improves the way students access and engage with their online courses.  Follow the steps mentioned in this article to make the most of your KCA Student Portal experience. If you have any question regarding this, let us know in the comment section.

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