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Leon County School Calendar 2023-2024 Academic Session

Leon County School Has Released Its Academic Calendar For The 2023-2024 Academic Session. Check Out The Latest Calendar Here. 

Leon County School Calendar

Leon County School Calendar: Are you looking for information about Leon county school calendar? worry no more as you are on the right page for this information. In this article, we are going to look at everything you need to know about Leon county school calendar and even more. If this is the information you are looking for, then keep reading this article!

Leon County Schools (LCS) is a school district headquartered in the LCS Admin Complex in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. It is the sole school district of Leon County. Find out more on Leon county school in this post.

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Leon County Schools

Leon county school district has over 30,000 students, 2,400 teachers and a total of 4,300 employees. Here is a list of all Leon county schools:

1. Elementary Schools

  • Apalachee Elementary School (Est. 1969)
  • Astoria Park Elementary School (Est. 1969)
  • Bond Elementary School (Est. 1935, Current Structure Est. 2006)
  • Buck Lake Elementary School (Est. 1989)
  • Canopy Oaks Elementary School (Est. 1998)
  • Chaires Elementary School (Est. 1929, Current structure Est. 1987)
  • J. Michael Conley Elementary School (Est. 2008)
  • DeSoto Trail Elementary School (Est. 1989)
  • Fort Braden K-8 School (Est. 1847, Current Structure Est. 1994)
  • Gilchrist Elementary School (Est. 1966)
  • Hartsfield Elementary School (Est. 1954)
  • Hawks Rise Elementary School (Est. 1995)
  • Kate Sullivan Elementary School (Est. 1948)
  • Killearn Lakes Elementary School (Est. 1985)
  • Oak Ridge Elementary School (Est. 1969)
  • Pineview Elementary School, Est. 1956
  • Riley Elementary School (Est. 1951)
  • Roberts Elementary School (Est. 2001)
  • Ruediger Elementary School (Est. 1955)
  • Sabal Palm Elementary School (Est. 1962)
  • Sealey Elementary School (Est. 1930, Current Structure Est. 1969)
  • Springwood Elementary School (Est. 1987)
  • W T Moore Elementary School (Est. 1968)
  • Woodville K-8 School (Est. 1856, Current Structure Est. 1981)
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2. Middle Schools

  • Elizabeth Cobb Middle School, Est. 1954
  • Deerlake Middle School, Est. 1990
  • Fairview Middle School, Est. 1970
  • Griffin Middle School, Est. 1920, Current Structure Est. 1955
  • William J. Montford Middle School, Est. 2008
  • R. Frank Nims Middle School, Est. 1958
  • Augusta Raa Middle School, Est. 1959
  • Swift Creek Middle School, Est. 1995

3. High Schools

  • Lawton Chiles (Mascot: Timberwolf), Est. 1999
  • Godby (Cougar), Est. 1966
  • Leon (Lion)
  • Lincoln (Trojan), Est. 1975
  • Rickards (Raider)
  • SAIL (Pirate)

Leon County School Calendar 2023-2024 Academic Session

  • 2023 – August 2 Teachers Report
    2-4 Teacher Planning/Inservice Days
    7-9 Teacher Planning/Inservice Days
    10 Students Report
  • September 4 Labor Day Holiday (Districtwide)
    25 Fall Holiday (Districtwide)
  • October 13 End of First Nine Weeks
    16 Teacher Planning/Inservice Day
  • November 10 Veterans Day Holiday (Districtwide)
    20-22 Administrative Days (District Open)
    20-22 Thanksgiving Holidays (Students and Teachers)
    23-24 Thanksgiving Holidays (Districtwide)
  • December 13, 14, 15 Middle and High School Exam Days
    19 End of Second Nine Weeks/End of the First Semester
    20-29 Winter Holidays (Districtwide)
  • 2024 – January 1 Winter Holidays (Districtwide)
    4-5 Teacher Planning/Inservice Day
    8 Students and Staff Return
    15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday (Districtwide)
  • February 19 Presidents Day Holiday (Districtwide)
  • March 8 End of Third Nine Weeks
    11-15 Spring Break (Students and Teachers Out)
    18 Teacher Planning/Inservice Day
    19 Students Return
  • April 1 Spring Holiday (Districtwide)
  • May 22-24 Middle and High School Exam Days/Elementary, Middle and High Early Release
    24 Last Day of School/End of Fourth Nine Weeks/End of Second Semester
    28-29 Teacher Planning/Inservice Day
    27 Memorial Day Holiday (Districtwide)
  • June 3 Four-Day Workweek Begins
    TBD Summer Reading Academy and ESE Summer Services Training
    TBD Summer Reading Academy and ESE Summer Services Planning
    TBD First Day of SRA and ESE Summer Services
    TBD SRA and ESE Summer Services
    19 Juneteenth Holiday (Districtwide)
  • July TBD SRA and ESE Holiday Break
    4 Fourth of July Holiday (Districtwide)
    TBD SRA and ESE Summer Services Resume
    TBD SRA and ESE Summer Services
    29 Last Day of Four-Day Workweek
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Is Leon County School Located?

Leon county school is located in Florida.

2. How Many Students Do Leon County School Have?

Leon county school has over 30,000 students.

3. How Many High Schools Are In Leon County School?

There are 6 high schools in Leon county school

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