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Top 10 Secret Websites To Make Money in 2024 [Easy Earn]

Top 10 Secret Websites To Make Money in 2024 [Easy Earn]. In this article, I will reveal Secret Websites To Make Money [Easy Earn] and How To Make Money With Your Smartphone In Nigeria.

Secret Websites To Make Money

Secret Websites To Make Money: If you have been searching ways or secret websites to make money, easy earn, online jobs, student earn cash, how to make money online for free, how to make money in Nigeria, I have good news because i just discovered some legitimate secrete websites to make money in this 2024 and another good news is that most of these websites can work with your smartphone. Most websites does not necessarily need a computer/laptop before you can start making money with them.

I want to let you know that there are several legitimate websites and platforms that you can consider to make money online. I just discovered these ones that I am about to share with you that is legit and very easy earn platforms. In order not to miss other awesome ways to make money and gain financial freedom, kindly bookmark this blog today.

After thorough research on these platforms with life changing opportunity I decided to share it with you today. That’s why it’s always a good idea to consult with trusted sources before engaging in any online money-making activities and also pay adequate attention. Now let’s get started.

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Top 10 Secret Websites To Make Money in 2024 [Easy Earn]


You can earn upto $35 per hour on BestMark. Do you know that BestMark mystery shopping company is one of the largest customer experience and employee satisfaction platforms out there. As one of their field representatives, you would go to restaurants or other service-based businesses and report back about your experience.

BestMark Payment Method (Cashout)

BestMark pays via direct deposit, PayPal, referral bonuses or gift cards for your services

How To Earn On BestMark

  • Evaluate free meals or services.
  • Help companies improve their customer service through feedback.
  • Try new businesses and services.

2. – Apps Testing

Gigwalk pays you to complete a simple and small task in your local area. Gigwalk is a brand intelligence platform that helps businesses by paying you to perform tasks in your local area. The pay will vary depending on what and how many tasks you can complete but they are usually straightforward and simple.

How To Earn On Gigwalk (Task/Service)

The following are examples of Gigwalk tasks you can get paid for:

  • Testing apps
  • Verifying addresses
  • Taking photos of local businesses

3. – Creating And Selling Your Articles is a wonderful platform where people can publish their articles and get more traffic(views). Medium is a wonderful website if you are looking to make money with your writing. You can write and publish your material on this platform and if a piece you’ve written gets traction, which is measured by reading time and referred membership, you can make some money. You do have to apply, but if your application is accepted you have a chance to make some additional monthly income.

How To Earn On Medium (Task/Service)

  • Freelancing
  • Writing and Publication

4. Rumble – Upload Videos And Earn

Rumble is one of the Secret Websites To Make Money. As a video platform, web hosting and cloud services business, Rumble is a website that operates in a similar way to YouTube. You can upload your videos and make money in addition to getting exposure. Rumble has over 36 million monthly users and your video might even be chosen by partner companies like Xbox or Yahoo.

How To Earn On Rumble (Task/Service)

The following is an example of the pay scale you can expect:

  • $50 in your video is approved by one of Rumble’s partner companies
  • $100 if your video is chosen to go on Rumble’s homepage

5. Side Hustle Database – Teaching English

If you are looking for easy online gigs to make some fast cash, the Side Hustle Database is a great resource to peruse. It contains a multitude of options for you ranging from selling birthday cards to teaching English. The money will vary depending on which side hustle you select. No matter which you choose, there is potential to earn some real money from these gigs all located in a one-stop side-hustle shop.

How To Earn On Side Hustle Database (Task/Service)

  • Teaching English
  • Selling Of Birthday Cards, Etc

6. – Pays To Exercise 

This innovative app can be good for both your wallet and your health as essentially it pays you for your steps. Sweatcoin rewards you for your daily exercise with currency. You can spend your rewards on items from many brands and retailers, or you can even cash out the rewards or donate them. Either way, you’re making money moves.

How To Earn On Sweatcoin (Task/Service)

  • Daily Exercise
  • Walking
  • Daily Movement

7. – Creating Online Courses

If you’re an educator or knowledgeable in a particular subject, you could earn money on Teachable. Opportunities offered are creating and selling online courses, digital downloads or coaching. For example, once you have designed a course and added your content by using Teachable software you then can start selling it.

Teachable even allows you to set your own price, and you don’t have to worry about course delivery or payment processing as it’s all done through the platform.

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How To Earn On Teachable (Task/Service)

  • Coaching
  • Creating Online Courses
  • Selling Online Courses
  • Digital Downloads

8. – Testing Websites and Apps is a website that pays people to test websites and apps. If you sign up for, you can make money by testing websites and apps and providing feedback. Each test takes about 20 minutes, and you can make up to $10 per test. If you’re looking for an easy way to make money online, is an excellent option.

How To Earn On (Task/Service)

  • Testing Websites
  • Testing Apps
  • Providing Feedbacks/Reviews

9. – Making Money Through 3D Designs is another wonderful website on our list that you can make a lot of money from. It’s a website that allows users to make 3D designs of products and homes for free. Previously, people would pay professionals to create 3D designs for them, but with, you can do it for free.

Simply by signing up for a free account, you can get unlimited 1K rendering, free 2K, and video render using Home Styler points. But how does it help you make money? You can use these designs to sell your services on websites like If you type in “3D design” on, you will find thousands of people offering 3D printing designs and technical engineering drawings.

How To Earn On (Task/Service)

  • Making products 3D designs
  • 3D Printing
  • Technical engineering drawings

10. Swagbucks – Rewards for Surveys and More

Swagbucks is a platform that lets you earn money by completing simple tasks, such as watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games. You can earn Swagbucks that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. The website has paid out over $500 million in rewards to its members.

Swagbucks Payment Method (Cashout)

Cash, PayPal or gift cards.

How To Earn On Swagbucks (Task/Service)

Remember that success in earning money online often requires time, effort, and sometimes specific skills or knowledge. Now let’s go further so you can learn how to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria.

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How To Make Money With Your Smartphone In Nigeria

how to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria
how to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria

It’s obvious that making money with a smartphone has become increasingly popular with the rise of mobile technology. Here are some ways you can make money using your smartphone:

  1. Online Surveys and Task Apps: There are numerous apps, such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Google Opinion Rewards, that offer paid surveys and small tasks you can complete on your smartphone in exchange for money, gift cards, or other rewards.
  2. Microjobs and Gig Economy Platforms: Apps like TaskRabbit, Fiverr, and Gigwalk allow you to find short-term gigs or small jobs that you can complete using your smartphone. These can include tasks like grocery shopping, delivering packages, or performing small freelance tasks.
  3. Cashback and Receipt Scanning Apps: Apps like Ibotta, Rakuten, and Receipt Hog allow you to earn cashback or rewards by scanning your receipts after making purchases. These apps often partner with retailers and offer incentives for shopping through their platform.
  4. Selling Items Online: You can use smartphone apps like eBay, Letgo, or Facebook Marketplace to sell items you no longer need. Simply take pictures of the items, write descriptions, and manage the sales process using your smartphone.
  5. Mobile Advertising: If you have a popular social media account or blog, you can monetize it through mobile advertising networks like Google AdSense or by partnering with brands for sponsored posts. You can create content, promote products, and earn money from ad revenue or brand partnerships.
  6. App Testing and Reviews: Some companies and developers pay users to test their mobile apps and provide feedback. Websites and apps like UserTesting and AppNana offer opportunities for users to test and review apps for monetary rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Secret Websites To Make Money

1. How to make $100 day online?

To make $100 per day online, consider freelancing on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, offering in-demand services like writing, graphic design, or programming. Alternatively, you can start a small online business, such as dropshipping or affiliate marketing, and scale it to reach your income goal.

2. What is the best website for earning money?

The best website for earning money depends on your skills and interests. Freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are great for offering services, while e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Amazon can be suitable for selling products. Explore different options and choose the platform that aligns with your strengths and goals. you can also consider the above listed websites.

3. Which link can I make money online?

Reputable websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Swagbucks offer legitimate ways to make money online through freelancing, surveys, and microtasks. You can also check this article from the beginning for more.

4. How to make money ASAP online?

To make money ASAP online, consider options like freelancing, where you can offer your skills and services to clients urgently in need. You can also explore gig economy platforms like BestMark, TaskRabbit or Gigwalk for quick paid tasks. Additionally, you could sell unused items on platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace for fast cash.

5. Are There More Secret Websites To Make Money?

Yes, there are numerous Secret Websites To Make Money, Kindly bookmark this page because I will keep updating this list as soon as i verify other platforms to earn money.

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These are just few out of many other Secret Websites To Make Money. Making money online isn’t that difficult, it requires your dedication, time, effort and consistency. You can simply make a lot of money with a significant mindset. Feel free to ask any question, Kindly drop your comment on the comment box down below and we will reply you asap.


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