Best Countries To Work As A Doctor (With High Salary): Top 15

The Medical Profession Is A Noble One. Find Out The Best Countries To Work As A Doctor With High Paying Salary. 

Best Countries To Work As A Doctor

Best Countries To Work As A Doctor: Are you a doctor? Are you looking for best countries to work in as a doctor or an aspiring doctor? Look no further and read this article below to know top countries that could be advantageous for to work as a doctor.

Doctors are very important members of a society and the health workforce, treating the sick and injured and providing health care. A doctor must have received an education, training and license in the field of medicine. They undergo intense and extensive training of about eight years plus to become a full time doctor, it could be longer for highly specialized medical fields.

Doctors are passionate about their profession but healthcare systems vary greatly between countries meaning some doctors might work in a far comfortable setting with high excellent equipment setups and others might not, having more hours of work, lack of equipment and so on. Some variables have to be considered to determine which country is the best for a doctor to practice in as every country has its unique offers.

The financial benefit is one of the variable that should be put to consideration, money could be enough driving power to make someone consider the possibilities of moving abroad to practice medicine. Having a steady monthly income that not only compensate your effort but also allows you live comfortably could be enough to pass through the work load comfortably.

Another variable that should be put to place is the working conditions. Medical professionals often work under a lot of pressure so having an unfavorable working condition added to this is a recipe for a disaster. Therefore, factors like working hours, state of country’s health care system, availability of excellent equipment and support staff needs to be put into consideration

The last variable to be considered is the availability of work opportunities. Migrating to a country who welcomes doctors are crucial and in most times this is the case in countries with high demand for medical personnel. Securing a medical job in these countries as the work opportunity is readily available will not be an issue.

Best Countries To Work As A Doctor

A detailed list has been provided below of the top 15 best countries to work in as a doctor.

1. United States of America

The United States of America is by far one of the best counties to work as a doctor, paying their doctors with about $223,000 and specialist about $329,000 per year. About 25% of doctors in this country are foreigners and still have a high demand for doctors. The salaries are quiet compensatory as the work load may be one of the highest in the world, doctors get to grow professionally and learn new skills on the job.

2. Australia

Australia is one of the highest paying countries for physicians, with specialist receiving up to $247,000 and general practitioners receiving about $91,000 each year. It is an excellent area to pursue a medical career. Australia readily welcomes physicians from other countries as about 30.5% of its doctors are foreigners. With provision of advanced systems, doctors are not overworked.

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3. United Kingdom

UK is another excellent option to practice medicine having a pay of about $85,250 for general practitioners and $174,068 for specialists per year. It has a pleasant working environment and an ok work load, due to flexible hours, doctors might decide to put in additional hours in private practice. The UK boast of its excellent and functioning healthcare system with tens of thousands opportunities for health workers across all streams.

4. Canada

Canada is really advantageous due to the fact that it’s easier to migrate to the US. Canada currently face a shortage of doctors and is open to welcoming doctors from other countries with benefits like vacations, sick leave, study leave, maternity leave. Canada pays about $107,000 to general practitioners and about $161,000 to specialist per year.

5. Netherlands

The Netherlands, another excellent choice for medical doctors with specialists earning up to $253,000 and general practitioners earning up to $117,000 per year. The Netherlands having a fantastic financial benefits and a world class health care system, with rigorous legislature governing working hours for the general public, doctors have shorter work hours and more vacation time.

6. Luxemburg

Luxemburg is another excellent country to work in as a doctor but due to the small population, has it extremely competitive. Luxembourg is in a desperate need of physicians which pay on an annual basis; specialist earning about $325,300 and general practitioners about $278,900, demonstrating that the government compensates its doctors well and provides them with other benefits like housing and transportation.

7. Switzerland

This is an economically prosperous country having one of the highest salaries in the world. Switzerland pays its specialists about $130,000 and general practitioner about $116,000 per year. It has a comprehensive healthcare system equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies. The country offers them entrepreneurial flexibility due to no policies bounding doctors to their profession. The biggest problem one would have in this country is the language barrier leaving interested practitioners to get fluent in Italian, German and French.

8. Ireland

Ireland is a great country to move to as a medical practitioner, with the facilities, work-life and lifestyle that the Irish government offers, doctors are highly motivated to migrate and stay in the country. The country pays about $143,000 and $90,000 to both specialist and general practitioners per annum respectively.

9. New Zealand

For English speaking doctors, New Zealand is a great place to work and a popular immigration destination because the country supports foreign trained doctors, having about 42.6% of its doctors foreign trained. While providing one of the best working conditions in the world, specialist can expect to receive about $138,000 per year.

10. UAE

UAE healthcare is amongst the finest in world due to heavy investments attracting physicians and other health workers. UAE pays is one of the highest and if financial security is what you are looking for, UAE is just the place for you with major benefit of no income tax. UAE have provided the newest technology and medical equipment in their health care centers to enable physicians to deliver the greatest treatment.

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11. France

France is most known for its culture, history and top ranked healthcare systems. It is one of the greatest nations to work as a doctor because of its high quality and standard health care system and technologies. You might have to learn the French language in order to fit in well in the country which had the resources to deliver the greatest treatment to their patients.

12. Denmark

Denmark is another excellent choice of country to practice medicine as their general practitioners earn about $109,000 and specialist earn about $91,000 per year. In Denmark, general practitioners earn higher than specialist and so therefore is a perfect options for general practitioners. Though it has a low workload, language might be a barrier that would make it difficult for a foreigner to work in Denmark.

13. Norway

Norway is a Scandinavian country, encompassing of Glaciers, Mountains and coastal fjords. In this country, a number of taxes is to be paid as specialist earns about $77,000 yearly and general practitioners earn about $66,000.

14. Germany

In Germany, a starting salary currently lays around $49,000 annually. However medical specialist earn about $77,000 while general practitioners earn about $69,000 yearly. These amounts increase due to professional development.

15. Belgium

Belgium is a country with beautiful cities and medieval towns, it is a cool place to work as a doctor. But it has the highest work time for doctors in the whole of Europe of 51 hours per week. Despite the expensive taxes, healthcare practitioners can still make a decent income. Specialist in this country earn about $188,000 per year, while general practitioners earn about $61,000 yearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Country To Work As A Doctor?

Luxembourg is considered the most lucrative country for doctors all around the world.

2. Which Country Gives Highest Salary To Doctors?

Luxembourg is the country that pays the highest salaries in the world.

3. Which Country Is The Easiest To Immigrate As A Doctor?

Canada is the easiest country to immigrate to as it has several immigration programs for medical professional.

4. Which Country Has The Best Doctors In Africa?

South Africa leads other African countries in terms of quality of healthcare system.

5. What Is The Hardest Country To Become A Doctor In?

Based on the data, Canada is the most competitive.


In this article we given a rundown of 15 top countries to work in as a doctor. Working in these countries is actually worth the schooling, tension and hard work. If you have been looking for options of top best countries to work as a doctor, you would get your answers in this article.

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