Differences Between Jail And Prison

Jail And Prison Are Places That Describe Where Offenders Of A Constitution Are Taken To. Find Out Interesting Differences Between Jail And Prison That You Never Knew.

Differences Between Jail And Prison

Differences Between Jail And Prison: Sometimes, people use the term “jail” and “prison” interchangeably, other times, people argue that they are in fact the same thing. What do you think? Do you think they are the same too? Well, you are going to find the answers to all the questions you have had about jail and prison. I would advise that you pay proper attention to all the details of this article so that you do not miss out any important information.

Jail and prison are places that describe where offenders of a constitution are taken to. This means that, if you have committed an offence, you are taken to any of these places. We are not only going to talk about the difference between jail and prison but also the similarities. If this is the information you are looking for, then, keep reading this article.

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What Is Jail?

Jails are often local facilities that are used for newly arrested individuals that are awaiting trial or offenders of minor crimes. A jail is most times under the jurisdiction of a local government. Offenders are required to served their sentence at a local jail which is much smaller than a prison. It is also important to note that people sentenced to jail serve their sentence in less than a year.

What Is Prison?

Prisons are facilities that are under the jurisdiction of a state or federal government. People are taken to prison when they have been found guilty of committed a grave offence. If one has been sentenced to prison, it is required that they serve their sentence at a federal or state prison. Let us now find out the difference between jail and prison.

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Differences Between Jail And Prison

Even though Jail and prison are two words that are used interchangeably, they mean totally different things. To help highlight the differences between jail and prison, I have listed some important differences below:

1. Sentencing

One of the major differences between jail and prison is that jails are used to detain people that are awaiting a trail or sentencing while people taken to a prison have already been convicted of a crime and they stay in prison to serve their sentences. This means that people are only taken to prisons when they have been found guilty of committing an offence.

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2. Leading Body

Another very important difference between jail and prison is the body that runs it. A jail is usually run by the local law enforcement agency while prisons are strictly under both state and federal governments.

3. Size

Another difference between jail and prison is the size. Most times, prisons have larger populations and more rooms than jails. Jails tend to be smaller than prisons.

4. Time Frame

Another difference between jail and prison is the time frame. Most jail sentences are usually less than a year while prison sentences can take from one year to several years.

Similarities Between Jail And Prison

We have established the major differences between jail and prison, it is only important that we talk about their similarities as well which are in fact, glaring. Let’s find out some of the similarities between jail and prison:

1. Place For Offenders

One of the obvious similarities between jail and prison is the fact that they are both places for offenders. However, people in jail are referred to as detainees while those in prisons are inmates.

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2. Correctional Facilities

It is important to note that both jail and prisons serve as correctional facilities for offenders, the end goal is you teach them a lesson so that they do not repeat such offence again.

3. Visitation Rights

Lastly, both offenders in jail and prisons have visitation rights which allows their loved ones meet and see them from time to time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Old English Word For Prison?


2. What Does Jail Mean?

It is a place of confinement for persons held in lawful custody

3. What Is The UK Word For Jail?


4. What Is The Plural Form Of Jail?


5. What Is A Short Word For Prisoner?



Overall, jail and prison can be used interchangeably but they do not really mean the same thing. On a concluding note, the severity of the crime committed, the duration of one’s sentence highly determines where one eventually goes to.

Crimes that do not really endanger human lives can be served sentence in a jail instead of prison. Prisons sentences are more serious offences. I hope this article was very helpful to you. If you have any question, please leave it down at the comment section below!

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