DSTV Packages & Prices In Nigeria Currently (2023)

DSTV Packages & Prices In Nigeria Currently (2023). Get The Latest Prices For All The DStv Packages Available In Nigeria. 

DSTV Packages & Prices

DSTV Packages & Prices In Nigeria Currently (2023): Are you in need of information that relates to DStv packages and prices? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. In this article, I am going to show you how much DStv package are now in Nigeria as well as reasons you need to own a DStv. Let’s get right into it.

An Overview Of DStv

DStv is the short form for Digital satellite television. It is a sub–Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service that is owned by multi choice. It was launched on 6th October 1995. DStv is available mostly in South Africa, Nigeria as well as Zimbabwe. DStv airs more than 200 television channels as well as radio stations.

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Why Should I Own A DSTV?

1. You Do Not Need An Internet

One of the most obvious benefits of owning a DStv has to be the fact that it does not require an internet to work.  By this, we mean that you can get access to entertainment without having to stream like other streaming sites that needs to have strong internet connection in other to be able to work.

2. Have A Wide Range Of Local Shows

Another benefit of owing a DStv is the fact that you would have access to a wide range of local shows. If you wan to easily have access to local shows, DStv is a great choice for that with a very affordable price. This is easily available at home with just a decoder and a remote.

3. Serves The Whole Family

Next, we have another benefit of serving the whole family. Unlike other sources of entertainment where every one has to do his or her own thing, DStv can serve the whole family as far as viewing is concerned and by this, bond and memories can be created.

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4. Controlled Viewing For Kids

Lastly, we have controlled viewing for kids. With DStv, you children can have good entertainment while you control what they can and what they cannot watch.

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DSTV Packages & Prices In Nigeria

Here are the available DSTV packages in Nigeria as well as their prices:

1. DStv Premium

Price: 24,500 NGN

One of the available DStv packages available in Nigeria is the DStv premium. It was recently increased by 16.7%. The previous price was 21,000 NGN. This package is the best for you if you like watching a variety of station. It has over 160 channels which is a lot to provide all kinds of TV entertainment. This package does not have restrictions on the channels so whether you are a kid or an adult, you can watch you favorite shows on DStv.

2. DStv Compact+

Price: 16,600 NGN

Another available DStv package in Nigeria is DStv Compact+. It was recently increased by 16.5%. The previous price was 14,250 NGN. This package also provides its users with a wide range of TV programmes. With DStv compact+, you would have access to almost all the sport channels on DStv. This package is quite affordable for the level of entertainment it provides. So, if you are a sport lover working on a budget, this should be the best plan for you.

On DStv Compact+, you have access to more than 145 channels, including 30 HD stations.

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3. DStv Compact

Price: 10,500 NGN

Another available DStv package in Nigeria is DStv Compact. It was recently increased by 16.7%. The previous price was 9,000 NGN. This package gives you over 130 channels. These 130 channels include 20 HD channels as well as MTV, super sport 9, super sport 8, super sport 7 and other interesting TV channels.

This plan is for those that still want to have access to more channels on a budget. There are also kids channels available if you are a family person.

4. DStv Confam

Price: 6,200 NGN

Another available DStv package in Nigeria is DStv Confam. It was recently increased by 17%. The previous price was 5,300 NGN. This package gives you access to 105+ channels with 10 HD station. This package is very much affordable and it is great for channels related to music, documentaries and so on. If you are a sports lover, you can also tune into La liga, serial A as well as the Europa league.

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5. DStv Yanga

Price: 3,500 NGN

Another available DStv package in Nigeria is DStv Yanga. It was recently increased by 18.6%. The previous price was 2,950 NGN. This package is one of the most affordable if you are on a budget. With DStv Yanga, you would be able to access some of the most loved channels we have in Nigeria like Africa magic epic, M-net movies and so on. On this package, you would get about 85 channels which includes 7 HD channels. However, if you are a sport lover, this package is not recommended for you.

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6. DSTV Padi

Price: 2,500 NGN

Lastly, another available DStv package in Nigeria is DStv Padi. It was recently increased by 16.3%. The previous price was 2,150 NGN. This is the cheapest DStv package we have in Nigeria currently; it is quite affordable for anyone that wants to have access to DStv. This package gives you about 45 channels as well as one HD channel. You also have access to the Africa Magic networks. This package is great for people that love Nollywood movies so much.

However, I would not recommend this package if you love watching live sport programmes. Kids can also enjoy educative programmes on this package.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Reduce My DStv Bill?

You can downgrade once a month on the day your subscription payment us due.

2. What Happens If I Stop Paying DStv?

Your DStv would be disconnected, this means you would no longer have access to DStv.

3. Why Did DStv Increase Prices?

It is due to the economic challenges in the operating environment.

4. How Many Channels Does Jolli Have?

GOtv Jolli has about 16 channels available for its viewers.

5. Can I Reverse DStv Payment?

Yes, orders can be cancelled within the first 7 days (before delivery/ collection) for a full refund.

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