The Buba Girl: Who Is Esther Raphael? Biography, Age (Photos)

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Esther Raphael

Esther Raphael: One way or the other you might have been strolling tik tok or twitter and come across the buba girl handle or posts. In this article we will be talking about the buba girl, Age, biography and her photos. In the past months or years,  she was a trending topic on social media as a video of her pleasuring herself was leaked to the Internet. Different names regarding the video was trending such as will be seen in this article, keep reading as we go straight to discuss who the buba girl is.

Who Is Esther Raphael?

The popularly known Buba Girl’s real name is Esther Raphael. She is a famous social media influencer, TikTok star and a dancer. She gained popularity as a vibrant and captivating TikTok star within the dynamic realm of social media, dancing on her TikTok account @esther_raphael. After her viral intimate video was leaked, Esther has been given a couple of names such as toto girl, buba girl, big buba and many others.

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Esther Raphael’s Biography

The tiktok star, Esther Raphael was born in Lagos, Nigeria. The famous tiktok star is from Calabar, Cross River state. She had both primary and secondary school education in Lagos before proceeding to a higher institution, which has not been disclosed yet. She is a Nigerian Tiktok influencer, brand influencer, content creator, model and a dancer. She is born into the family of a business man and civil servant Mr. Raphael and Mrs Raphael. She currently has 637.6k followers on TikTok.

Esther Raphael’s Age

The buba girl was Born on the 24th of April, 2000 is currently 23 years old as of this article writing.

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Esther Raphael Net Worth

The famous tiktok dancer is known as of 2024 to have a networth of about $100,000.

Esther Raphael Career

Esther Raphael has carved out a remarkable career through her captivating dance videos on TikTok. Esther Raphael has enthralled audiences with her mesmerizing dance routines, hermr TikTok channel serves as a canvas on which she masterfully translates music into fluid motions, weaving stories through each choreography. Beyond her remarkable dance skills, she is also a relatable model and content creator, and a social media influencer.

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Esther Raphael Boyfriend

Esther Raphael is currently not in any relationship at the moment. After she broke up with her ex, later on in August 28, 2023, a leaked video of Esther Raphael surfaced on social media and caused controversial reactions. However, Esther Raphael claimed her ex-boyfriend was responsible for the leaked video and she has overcome the phase with silence but has now once again resurfaced.

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Frequently  Asked Questions

1. Where Is The Buba Girl From?

The buba girl was Born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria.

2. Where Did The Buba Girl School?

Esther Raphael, widely recognized as “The Buba Girl,” spent her formative years in this vibrant city. While she successfully completed her primary and secondary education within Lagos, her higher education journey remains shrouded in secrecy.

3. Who Is The Buba Girl And Why Is She Trending?

Buba Girl, a well-known TikTok personality, has made a comeback on social media following a recent tape scandal. She seems to have bounced back and returned to creating videos, showcasing her resilience amidst the challenges she faced.

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4. What Is The Buba Girl Doing Now?

After a period of deafening silence, Esther Raphael, widely known as The Buba Girl on TikTok, has broken her social media hiatus.

5. What Made The Buba Girl A Trending Topic?

The influencer became a trending topic after a video of her engaging in explicit self-pleasure, otherwise known as masturbating, went viral on social media. The intimate video was alleged to have been leaked by some individuals who gained access to the video through the reality star boyfriend.


In this article we have talked about the popularly known tik tok influencer and dancer “The Buba Girl”, after reading this article, you should now know her real name, her age, career, biography and many others.

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