Who is Stella Dimoko Korkus And All About Her Blog

Stella Dimoko Korkus Is One Of The Leading Bloggers In Nigeria. Get All Answers To Your Questions About The Blogger’s Life. 

Stella Dimoko Korkus

Stella Dimoko Korkus: One of the most popular bloggers in Nigeria has to be Stella Dimoko. Do you want to find out more about Stella Dimoko and her blog? Then you have made the right choice by checking this platform. This article would expose you to everything you need to know about Stella Dimoko and her blog.

Is Stella Dimoko married? Does she have children? These are some of the interesting questions we are going to answer in this article. Keep reading to find out more!

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Who Is Stella Dimoko Korkus?

Stella Dimoko Korkus is the owner of a popular blog in Nigeria called SDK.

Quick Summary Of Stella Dimoko Korkus Profile

Full Name Stella Dimoko Korkus
Date of birth 22nd August
Marital Status Married
Education University of Benin
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Blogger


All About Blogger Stella

Stella Dimoko Korkus is a well-known Nigerian blogger who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Although she was born on 22nd August, we do not have information of the exact year as her age has always been a secret. Stella Dimoko had her early education in Lagos state and proceeded to Benin city for her higher education. He studied Linguistics and graduated with a 3rd class degree. It was reported that she was a victim of sexual abuse and it quite affected her grades while she was at school.

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Stella mentioned that she had always wanted to become banker but she never did as she became a blogger instead. Stella started her career as a writer and later opened her own blog years after. She later left her writing job and became a full-time blogger after a while.

Stella finally left Nigeria for Germany after she got married to the love of her life “Stefan”. She did not stop her journey as a blogger when she got to Germany, even though it was not very easy for her. Her blog digs into the personal lives of people while she keeps her own life private. She got the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award for Online blog of the year.

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Stella Dimoko Education Background

For her early education, she attended them in Lagos and later moved to University of Benin (UNIBEN) for her tertiary education. In the university, Stella Dimoko studied Linguistics with a concentration in English Language. Although Stella Dimoko graduated with a third class, she did not allow it limit her from achieving her dreams. She was a victim of sexual abuse while she was in school which was one of the reasons for her bad grades.

Blogger Stella’s Career

Stella began her career as when she came across a copy of hints magazine and saw an advert for writers. She got an appointment for an interview while she opened her first blog later. Her first blog didn’t go far. She had to later quit her job to become a full time blogger after her blog started thriving.

Stella has become a well-established blogger, The Name of Stella’s blog Is “SDK”. Her blog carries information on celebrity news, fashion and other very exciting topics. Many blogs stick to a particular topic but hers is very different as there are a lot of interesting topics.

Where Is Stella Dimoko Now?

Stella Dimoko has become very low key for a while now especially after leaving Nigeria. However, she is still very active in the blogging space. She made a decision to stop exposing celebrities like she used to in the past in 2020 after a blogger was severely punished for exposing a celebrity and has publicly apologized to all the celebrities she was has once has a feud with in the past. Her blog now focuses on other topics apart from celebrities personal lives.

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Stella Dimoko Social Media

As a blogger, Stella Dimoko is very active on social media platforms, Her Instagram handle is @officialstelladimokokorkus

Is Blogger Stella Married?

Yes, Stella Dimoko is married to Stefan Korkus. These two love birds got married in 2003 and they are blessed with children. Her husband is very helpful to her as a blogger and gives her all the love and support she needs to thrive.

Stella Dimoko Korkus Children

Stella Dimoko is blessed with children, however, not so much is known about her children and their genders. She has successfully kept a lot of her personal information away from the media.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Name Of Stella Dimoko’s Blog?

Stella Dimoko’s blog is popularly known as SDK

2. How Old Is Stella Dimoko?

Stella Dimoko has kept her age away from the media for reasons best known to her, Therefore, we dot have information on her age.

3. How Many Children Does Stella Dimoko Have?

The number of children the blogger has is unknown to the public space.

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