5 Best And Cheap Hotels In Surulere

Find Out Affordable And Nice Hotels You Can Get In Surulere Including Their Prices And Facilities. 

Hotels In Surulere

Hotels In Surulere: Spending some time in Lagos? Looking for good and affordable hotels within Surulere’s environs? Then you have come to the right platform for this information. This article gives you information on best and cheap hotels in Surulere as well as their prices.

Surulere is a great place with high cost of living, hence, a lot of people believe you cannot find any hotel or housing without breaking the bank. Well, I have complied a list of the 5 best and cheap hotels in Surulere for you if you are on a budget. Without wasting much of your time, let me show you.

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5 Best And Cheap Hotels In Surulere

Here is a list of the cheapest hotels you will be able to find in Surulere, Lagos:

1. Serena Hotel & Suites

This is one of the cheapest hotels you can find in Surulere, Lagos. This hotel is a 3 star hotel that is comfy with nice facilities like refrigerator, air conditioner, free Wi-Fi and so much more. Although Serena is not one of the most beautiful on the outside, wait till you get inside and see how your expectations will be blown away. This hotel even has an elevator for people who do not want to use the stairs.

This hotel charges just 12,000 NGN per night and is located at 48, Asoge street, off cele bustop, by Okota/Itire link bridge, Ijesha Rd, Surulere, Lagos.

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2. Perch Hotel And Suites

Next on our list is Perch hotel and suites. This hotel is also a 3 star hotel that charges just 11,000 NGN per night to give you the comfort you can never imagine for that price. Some of the facilities are flat screen television sets, free Wi-Fi, room fridge and so much more. You can only find out how good it is by visiting the place. Although, there are other expensive rooms available at the hotel, 11,000 seems to be the lowest price for the classic room. All guests are also entitled to free breakfast.

This hotel is located at 27/29 Ikale street, Surulere, Lagos.

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3. Hotel Bel Ani

The third hotel on our list is Hotel Bel Ani. This hotel is very popular and very easy to locate once you are in Surulere. In fact, it is very close to Teslim Balogun stadium. This hotel comes with Wi-Fi, minifridges, free breakfasts and so much more. You should try this hotel if you are looking to explore fun places in the heart of Surulere. It costs just 10,000 NGN per night to stay in this hotel.

It is located at No 54 Agbebi Road By Omilani Street, Surulere.

4. Vintage Suites

Next on our list, we have Vintage suites. There are so many facilities available in this hotel just 10,000 NGN per night including minifridges, desks and so on. One good thing I love about this hotel is the height which allows you get a glimpse of the city. It is also very easy to locate as it is quite close to the National Gallery of Modern Art.

It is located at 15c Akinhanmi street, Surulere.

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5. Aquatic Suites & Lounge

Lastly on our list, we have Aquatic suites & Lounge. This hotel is perfect for people who love to swim as it has an outdoor pool. The room prices start from 10,000 NGN. Quite affordable for the luxury, right? That’s not all, you get free breakfast and Wi-Fi. There is also an in-house bar where you can drink at a very affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Is Surulere Located?

Surulere is located in Lagos.

2. Can I Get Cheap Hotels In Surulere?

Of course, you can get cheap hotels in Surulere.

3. What is The Most Popular Street in Surulere?

The most popular street in Surulere has to be Adeniran Ogunsanya.


Surulere is a very busy environment with high population. However, you can still find affordable hotels in its environs. Do you think these hotels on our list are worth the prices? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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