Iphone 15 (Pro And Pro Max) Price In Nigeria 2024

Want To Stay Updated On The Latest iPhone? Check Out The Specs of The iPhone 15 (Pro And Pro Max). 

Iphone 15

Iphone 15: Are you an Iphone user or fan? Do you want to know more about the Iphone 15 Pro and Pro Max, its details, features and price in Nigeria? You’re in the right place as we have written on the Iphone 15 Pro and Pro Max price in Nigeria and other additional details. If you are a user of the Iphone 14, you no longer own the latest apple phone as te iPhone 15, 15 plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max has been new released as of September 2023. In this article we will discuss in details everything we know about the new models and if an upgrade is worth it.

What’s New In The Iphone 15

A few changes gave been made to the latest Iphone which we will discuss briefly

1. Charging Port

The new iPhone users will have to get a different charger for their new Iphone 15. As apple dropped its proprietary lightning port for the USB-C ports used to charge MacBook and other smartphones, this is because some times in 2023, the European Union gave out a mandate that all smartphone makers should adopt the USB-C  as a standard charging port by 2024 as it would allow for users to acquire fewer cables for charging their devices hence reducing environmental waste.

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2. Camera

The camera of the iPhone 15 is one of the most impressive features of the upgrade which is equivalent to seven pro lenses and delivers remarkable image quality, plus a more advanced 48MP Main Camera System. Other improvements Apple made to the iPhone 15 include small borders around the screen. iPhone 15 Pro, in particular, features a lighter titanium body and processors with a state-of-the-art manufacturing procedure designed to significantly enhance performance.

3. Shortcut Button

The mute switch on past models has also been replaced with a new button you can tap to use the phone’s camera or start an audio recording. This button can also be set to switch on the phones flashlight and perform other activities.

Features Of The iPhone 15 Pro

  • A17 Pro (dedicated AV1 decoder for high-quality video experiences).
  • USB controller for USB 3 speeds.
  • Expansive 3x Telephoto camera.
  • New Smart HDR.
  • Action button – access camera, flashlight, Magnifier, shortcuts or activate Voice Memos, Focus modes, Translate.
  • 3x zoom lens.
  • Wi-Fi 6E Connectivity.
  • Super-fast 5G,6

iPhone 15 Pro Price In Lagos

  • The iPhone 15 Pro price in Lagos 128 GB is $999 – N745,933.
  • The IPhone 15 Pro price in Lagos 256 GB is $1099 – N820,601.
  • The IPhone 15 Pro price in Lagos 512 GB is $1299 – N969,937.

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Features Of The iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • Wi-Fi 6E connectivity.
  • Super Retina XD with Always-On and ProMotion technologies for enhanced viewing experience.
  • Roadside Assistance via Satellite – users can signal for help with car problems.
  • Wireless charging via MagSafe and Qi2.
  • USB-C port that supports USB 3 speeds.
  • Cheaper to repair than previous iPhone models.
  • Customizable Action Button.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Price In Lagos

  • The iPhone 15 Pro Max price in Lagos 256 GB for $1199 – N923,829.
  • The iPhone 15 Pro Max price in Lagos 512gb is $$1399 – N1077,930.
  • The IPhone 15 Pro Max price in Lagos ITB is sold at $1599 – N1,232,030.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Will Be The Newest IPhone In 2024?

The tentpole Apple product of 2024 will be the iPhone 16 lineup, set to be announced in September per usual.

2. Is IPhone 15 Worth Buying In 2024?

As the latest models, the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 and 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus will last for many years to come and will remain part of Apple’s flagship lineup until September 2024, so you can rest assured that something newer and better is not right around the corner.

3. Which iPhone Has The Best Camera?

The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes out on top of the other two models mentioned for two significant reasons: It features a larger sensor at 1/1.18 inches, which provides better images in low lighting, as well as a shallower depth of field for portraiture and macro shots

4. Will iPhone 11 Still Work In 2024?

The iPhone 11 can still be a decent low-end option in 2024 for people who want to use it as a secondary phone or something for their kids – especially for those on a budget.

5. Which iPhone Has The Biggest Screen?

iPhone 13 Pro Max is the largest iPhone ever designed by Apple, with a display size of 6.7 inches. Additionally, this model includes the most cutting-edge features.


In this article we have discussed on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, details and price in Lagos in 2024, after reading this article you can now properly budget for the iPhone upgrade you so long for and know if it is worth it.

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