MTN Recharge Code: Check New MTN Recharge Code with Bonus

MTN recently changed its recharge code and some other essential codes that every MTN customer should know.  Check New MTN Recharge Code with Bonus

MTN Recharge Code

MTN Recharge Code: Over time MTN has changed their recharge code, and this information was conveyed to every MTN user with a constant reminder of the new MTN recharge code. The previous code which was *555* has now been changed to *311*.

This article is going to be exploring different details on the new MTN code and accessing mouth-watering bonuses for you to enjoy.

About MTN

MTN is into telecommunications operations. They provide network information technology services. They serve both locally and internationally in the telecommunication industry. It was founded in 1994. It’s headquarter is situated in Johannesburg South Africa.

MTN was formerly known as M-cell with assistance from the government of South Africa. The full meaning of the acronym MTN is Mobile Telecommunications Network. MTN offers telecommunication services which consist of voice call, data and SMS. They also sell devices and accessories. MTN Nigeria Communications PLC came into Nigeria in 2000 and is based in Lagos State.

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MTN Recharge code

*555* was the first MTN recharge code used for years and was functional until recently where all active code was changed. When you purchase a recharge card and the pin number on the card is either 12 digits,16 digits or 17 digits number to recharge, the old MTN recharge code was normally used by dialing *555*the pin number#. The old MTN recharge code was *555* which has now officially been changed.

New MTN Recharge code

The New MTN Recharge Code is *311*PIN#

There is now a recently introduced MTN recharge Code as well as to check balance and data bundle activation. This was done to give a better customer experience, reducing the number of codes to be learnt for different services and easier access to their various services.

This change of code was formally announced by sending messages to all their customers creating proper awareness on this affected change. *555* which was formerly used as MTN recharge code was officially changed to *311*PIN#.

Now to recharge when you purchase your MTN recharge card you go to your dialer and press *311* the recharge pin# then your recharge would be confirmed successful by a notification popup on your screen.

MTN Recharge Bonus

People always find ways to access cheap and reliable service to get more and spend less. MTN has different bonuses available for their customers both for calls and data, giving customers access to cheaper and best rates. There are different MTN service bonuses and different ways to access it.

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We have the following bonuses:

  • MTN AWUFAU: This offer a 500% airtime bonus on every of your recharge from as low as #100 and more. You get five times your recharge by using a special code which is *888*the pin number#. This offer is open to both prepaid and postpaid customers. Once you dial this code to recharge your MTN line you can start enjoying your call bonus.
  • MTN BetaTalk: This is a tariff plan and you need to transfer to the tariff plan known as BetaTalk to enjoy its bonuses. When you recharge #100 and above you get 250% airtime bonus and 250% for data activities. You have to migrate to the BetaTalk tariff plan if you are not under this tariff plan. To migrate to the BetaTalk tariff plan, you can either dial *123*2*1# or you can text “BT” to 312. After dialing this code or text you are automatically moved to the BetaTalk tariff plan without charges if you haven’t changed a plan for that month, then with charges if you have moved to a new tariff plan in that same month. This bonus works for prepaid customers.
  • MTN YafunYafun: This is a special tariff plan for new MTN customers which benefits are enjoyed after buying,registering and activating your MTN SIM. You will be able to enjoy 700% bonus on every recharge of #100 and above. 350% of the bonus would be for National voice calls as well as 350% as data bonus. This tariff plan will be instantly activated once registration and activation of the new MTN sim has been done.

How To Recharge MTN Airtime And Get Bonus

To recharge your MTN line is very easy and it requires a few easy steps. When you purchase your MTN airtime, you use the MTN recharge code which gives you five times your recharge just by dialing *888* the pin number #.

If you are in the BetaTalk tariff plan all you have to do after buying your airtime is to use the MTN recharge code by dialing *311* the pin number# to enjoy the 250% bonus on all your recharge.

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How To Use MTN 4G Bonus

You may wonder what MTN 4G bonus is. MTN 4G bonus is the bonus given for every customer who newly upgraded their MTN sims to 4G. This bonus is up to 10GB when you successfully upgrade your MTN line. You can check if you are enabled for 4GLTE by sending ‘4G‘ to 312 then you will be sent a response SMS to give you an update on your status.

If your sim is not upgraded you can go to the nearest MTN store for an upgrade. After the upgrade you get upto 10GB data bonus and 25% bonus on all data plan subscription after 4 to 6 months of SIM upgrade. Once you on your data on the phone you start enjoying the 4GLTE upgrade.

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MTN Recharge code for 17- digits PIN

The most familiar and common MTN recharge card is the 17-digits pin and it is very easy to load into your MTN sim. To recharge your MTN airtime you use the MTN recharge code which is *311* the 17-digits pin# which doesn’t give any bonuses except you are on the BetaTalk tariff plan.

You can also use *888*the 17-digits pin# to get 5 times your recharge as airtime bonus.

How Many Digits Is MTN Recharge Card

MTN recharge cards have different numbers of digits which vary from 10,13,15,16 or 17 digits. In case you find an MTN recharge card with this number of digits then it is perfectly normal. To recharge your MTN airtime irrespective of the number digits you can use the MTN recharge code with is:

  • *311* the pin number#
  • *888* the pin number#
  • *3551* the pin number#

You can use any of the above codes to recharge your MTN line successfully.

Specifically for MTN recharge card with 10 digits, *3551*the 10 digits# can be used to load the airtime.

New Code for MTN Recharge

After a long time of using *555* to recharge, MTN changed their recharge code to *311*PIN# which is now the new MTN recharge code.

FAQs Regarding MTN Recharge Code

What is the new code to recharge an MTN card?

The new code for MTN recharge is now *311* and not *555* which was formerly used.

How do I get my Bonus after recharge?

Once you use the code *888*the pin number#, you instantly get 5 times the amount you recharge as your bonus.

Which MTN tariff plan gives airtime and data bonus?

The MTN BetaTalk tariff plan is gives a 250% bonus on every recharge from #100 and above. To enjoy this bonus you have to be a part of the tariff plan.

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As discussed in this article, the new code is now *311* the pin number#. MTN recharge code is easy to use when loading your airtime. MTN offers the best customer experience by giving cheap and reliable services by creating bonuses both for calls and data which can be easily accessed by going through this article.

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